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  • Which 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Character Are You?
  • What Bender Are You In 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'?
  • Which Upper Moon Are You?
  • Which Demon from "Demon Slayer" Are You?
  • Which Demon Slayer Girl Are You?
  • What Would Be Your Nichirin Sword's Color?
  • Which Demon Slayer Hashira Are You?
  • A Demon Slayer Trivia Quiz That’ll Leave You Out Of Breath
  • Who Is Your Demon Slayer Boyfriend?
  • Which Demon Slayer Breathing Style Do You Have?
  • Which Demon Slayer Character Are You?
  • Dare to Challenge Levi? The Ultimate SNK Expert Quiz
  • Which Attack on Titan Character Would Date You?
  • Which SNK Titan Are You?
  • Which Attack on Titan (SNK) Character Are You?
  • Which Haikyuu Team Are You On?
  • Who Is Your Haikyuu Boyfriend?
  • Which Haikyuu Character Are You?
  • The Series is Crazy, but this Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Trivia Quiz is Just Absurd
  • Which JoJo Villain Are You?
  • JoJo Stand Test: What Stand Do You Have?
  • Which JoJo Character Are You?
  • My Hero Academia Quirk Generator
  • Who is Your My Hero Academia Boyfriend?
  • Can You Ace this Boku no Hero Academia Trivia Quiz?
  • Who Is Your My Hero Academia Best Friend?
  • Which My Hero Academia Villain Are You?
  • Which My Hero Academia Character Are You?

Anime sparks joy. This is a fact of life. Nothing beats spending the glory years of your youth watching your favourite anime shows at three in the morning, and having your anxious and sleep-deprived thoughts drowned out by the reassuring sound of “Ara ara~”. 

You might be a casual fan of the latest action/drama shounen, or a consummate weeaboo who listens to AMVs, takes anime personality tests and plays osu! on a daily basis. Perhaps you’ve only started following anime recently thanks to modern hits like Demon Slayer and Attack on Titan, or you might be a long-time fan who has fond memories of being charmed by Sailor Moon or traumatized by Evangelion. 

In any case, anime is a great and diverse source of entertainment. Each show often comes with its own songs for their opening and ending credits – and many are absolute bangers, if you’re a music fan, too – and many series are adapted for manga for people who enjoy reading as well. Anime has its own unique variety of art styles for budding artists. And for those who want to go beyond Plus Ultra, they can even learn Japanese (and not mangle it as most foreigners do.)

And that’s not even mentioning the real stars of a show – its characters. Everyone has a favourite or two or ten. Anime has developed quite a reputation for producing some of the coolest, most iconic characters in popular culture. You got your plucky, determined protagonists like Tanjiro, or Izuku from My Hero Academia; action heroines Mikasa, Ryuko or kind, sweet Rem; and legends like Lelouch, Sasuke and Eren.

Even the villains in most shows are well-developed and popular. Most of us who grew up watching anime had “that” phase, ignoring the heroes and daydreaming of being Itachi Uchiha or idolizing Dio. 

Anime simply has a way of making a ton of timeless characters. After all, our favorites act as reflections of our own personalities. Which anime character are you most like? Which waifu is your ideal match? Who would be your best friend? For all of these questions and more, we’re making these anime quizzes for you!

Now, you and your weeb friends won’t have to fight over who is the most compatible with your favourite waifus, or who gets to play the villain for your next cosplay. 

Here at GoForQuiz, we have an abundance of anime personality quizzes for you to enjoy. 

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