Who Is Your Fairy Tail Boyfriend?

Fairy Tail has always been full of strapping young lads over whom multitudes of women swoon – in the series, and even in real life. But don’t think these gentlemen would simply fall for anyone.

What would make you fall for one of the guild’s most eligible bachelors? Are you the type that gets drawn easily to raw physicality or athleticism, or would you rather fancy exploring their skills in magic and intellect?

Even casual fans of the show can easily be swayed into stanning at least one of the characters, who all have distinct appeals – from strong and charming personalities and admirable accomplishments to excellent physiques and their sense of fashion.

Additionally, the series has never been shy to treat its viewers to copious amounts of fanservice. Every episode is almost guaranteed to contain multiple heart-stopping scenes of Lucy and Erza, or Natsu or Gray.

Who is your Fairy Tail boyfriend? If you haven’t made up your mind yet, take our personality quiz and find out!

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Fairy Tail Boyfriend Quiz


On your first meeting, you wouldn’t mind a guy who’s…

What is your ideal body type for males?

Do you prefer dating guys a little older or younger than you?

Are facial scars attractive?

Which hair color would you prefer?

Which magic is the most useful to you?

Do you mind if your boyfriend shows a lot of skin in public?

Which of these scents comforts you?

What turns you off to someone?

As a couple, which outdoor activity would excite you the most?

Are you ambitious or laidback?

Which memento would you like your boyfriend to give you?

Who Is Your Fairy Tail Boyfriend?
Your Boyfriend is Natsu Dragneel!

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Wherever he goes, Natsu lights up the crowd with his boisterous and hot-blooded nature. He’s plenty of fun to be around, if you can keep up with his reckless streak. He’s also quite athletic, and the type to openly display his abilities through sparring with others and taking on tough challenges.
Your Boyfriend is Gray Fullbuster!

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Gray is a chill pill given human form. A laidback sort of fellow, almost nothing can make him lose his cool. Beware, though - this iceman has his own spontaneous moments, and be prepared to deal with stuff like him randomly taking off his clothes… unless you’re into that sort of thing.
Your Boyfriend is Jellal Fernandes!

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Jellal is a sensible and mature gentleman, the kind who would become a best bro to your little siblings. He harbors an introspective and sometimes troubled side, but he has a strong instinct to do good deeds for others. In serious situations, his levelheadedness and intelligence will come to the forefront.
Your Boyfriend is Laxus Dreyar!

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Laxus is stern and domineering, expecting the absolute best from himself and everyone around him. While initially too caught up in his ambitions to lead Fairy Tail, he’s since become more sensitive to how others feel. He’s not one to be overtly affectionate, but he’ll protect you until his last breath.

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About our Fairy Tail Boyfriend Personality Test

The fine young men of Fairy Tail have established themselves as some of shonen anime’s most popular male characters in the past decade.

In a series that heavily features duelling and fight scenes, on top of generous helpings of fanservice, lads such as Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster and Jellal Fernandes have had plenty of opportunities to win over fans with their feats of strength and charisma.

Some of the guys with sizable fan followings have been staples from the start; Natsu and Gray practically started getting admirers from its viewers on the very episode they were introduced.

Other stars, however, started off as villains or characters that were simply reviled. Jellal, for instance, was in a pretty rough state mentally and emotionally when he debuted, and had to take a year off in universe for him to regain his sanity and remake himself into the calm and caring individual he is today.

Likewise, Laxus didn’t sit easy with fans during his first few appearances, as his ruthlessness and disdain for weakness simply negated his positive qualities. That changed when he had his redemption arc, which decisively turned him into a badass fan favourite.

Fanservice in Fairy Tail

Back when it was still airing, Fairy Tail had gained a reputation for its frequent inclusion of fanservice in its episodes.

Being a shonen series, much of this fanservice involves the female characters as an added draw for its male audiences to stay hooked. The girl members of the guild habitually wear revealing outfits and boast very shapely figures.

The gentlemen give their equal share of fanservice moments as well. After all, the two main male protagonists are nearly or totally topless for most episodes. A telltale sign that a fight scene is heating up is when one or more characters remove most of their clothing, or switch their attire to something that shows more skin.

FAQ Fairy Tail

Is Jellal and Erza canon?

Jellal and Erza are childhood friends, and Jellal is the guy who actually named Erza “Scarlet” as a way to remember her. Fernandes was later brainwashed to kill her, although Titania continued to harbour feelings for him. 

The status of Jerza is all but confirmed by the ending of the series, as well as the OVAs. The two haven’t been depicted as an official couple yet, but it’s a common fact that the two are mutually romantic with each other. 

Does Natsu ever become an S-class wizard?

The position of S-Class mage marks a magic user as one of the Fairy Tail guild’s elite members. Despite being the leader of his own group and a teammate of Titania, Natsu himself hasn’t attained this illustrious rank.

Promising guild members can become candidates to the annual S-Class Mage Promotion Trials – a series of tests to prove that they are worthy of the S-Class title. Natsu was chosen as one of the candidates for the Year X784 trial, but the event was promptly cancelled due to the invasion of Zeref and the Grimoire Heart. He hasn’t had an opportunity to pass the trials since then.

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