Which BTS Member is Your Soulmate?

What MBTI personalities do the BTS members have?

The Myers-Briggs test is a popular personality test to match someone to one of 16 personalities. Jin and Suga are known to be INTPs, or Logicians. J-Hope is an ESFJ, a Consul, while RM and V are ENFPs, which are called Campaigners. The ENFJ, or Protagonist, is Jimin, and Jungkook is an ISFJ, or a Defender.

Which BTS members have girlfriends?

Some of the members, like RM, have talked about their old girlfriends in songs and interviews. Aside from rumors, however, all seven Bangtan Boys have no official girlfriends.

What zodiac signs does BTS belong to?

RM and Jungkook are Virgos, Suga is a Pisces, Jimin is a Libra, J-Hope is an Aquarius, V is a Capricorn, and Jin is a Sagittarius.

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Who is the oldest BTS member?

While RM is the boys’ leader figure, it’s actually Jin (born 4 December 1992) and Suga (born 9 March 1993) who are the group’s real Hyung (older sibling) line, together with Hoseok (18 February 1994) and Namjoon (12 September 1994). It’s adorable how they usually keep quiet about their age. The Maknae (younger sibling) line is occupied by the likes of Jimin (13 October 1995), V (30 December 1995) and the little toddler, Jungkook (1 September 1997).

Which BTS member is fluent in English?

Namjoon has the strongest command of the English language among the group, which he attributes to watching Friends a lot when he was younger. It’s true that he has a natural tone and delivery while talking in English, and he’s usually the one translating and speaking for the group on foreign interviews.

Why is Namjoon called the God of Destruction?

Because he keeps breaking things, like his sunglasses. He clearly doesn’t know his own strength.