Which K-Pop Star Are You?

Who’s your K-pop counterpart? The kind of star that you see performing on stage or handling an interview and think, “wow, that person is literally me. We’re totally the same two people who share the same soul,” and everything?

When you feel that sort of connection with a K-pop celebrity, whether through their personality, fashion sense, artistic tastes, or general interests, it’s a rare enough feeling, and nobody should chide you for having it!

On the other hand, what if you haven’t found a K-pop star that you feel you could be bosom buddies with? All of the other fangirls seem to have their own favourite idol – are you someone who’s still trying to find out who your bias is? That’s okay, we’ve made this quiz with you in mind as well.

Which K-pop star are you? Take our soul-searching personality quiz and discover who your K-pop soulmate really is.

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K-Pop Personality Test


What do you do when you don’t know how to do something?

How often do you argue with people?

Do you stress about the little details?

Which of these seems most peaceful to you?

How competitive are you normally?

What kind of superpower would you have?

How do you respond to feeling tired while working on something important?

You sometimes find it hard to deal with people who are…

What makes you the most excited?

Which of these terms best describes your self-image?

What kind of role do you tend to play among your friends?

Which of these do you usually struggle with?

What is your favourite Korean ethnic food?

What defines your wardrobe?

Which place in Korea would you like to visit the most?

Which K-Pop Star Are You?
You are Jungkook!

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You’re an intensely curious individual. You find the whole world generally interesting, and nurse a fascination for knowing how things work. You must also habitually quiet, observing whatever you focus on and processing the information to fuel your ultra-high creativity. Close friends appreciate you for your independence and originality, and few people can match the breadth of your imagination.
You are Lisa!

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If there’s a professional at spreading the good vibes around, it’s you! You’re empathetic, kind and caring, and you’re often the first to reach out to a loved one if you ever catch them sad or sulking. Because of your warm spirit and infectious optimism, you might regularly be the bright spot in someone’s day without your knowledge.
You are Jennie!

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Diligence defines you – you’re a confident, individualistic soul who knows the value of expending effort to become a true expert in whichever things capture your interest. You pride yourself in self-sufficiency and finding solutions to complex challenges. You’re a person of action to your core, preferring to be moving about; you also try to be deliberate, so that all of your actions have a purpose.
You are Baekhyun!

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While you might have a social and congenial persona in public, your real essence is more low-key, peaceful and sensitive. You value tranquillity and simply savouring the present moment, preferring not to get entangled in pointless arguments or competitions. Your attention is valuable; you’re actually quite observant, but likely hide it, and you tend to be non-judgemental and even easy-going in a situation where others might be shooting steam from their ears.
You are Eun-woo!

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What a complex character you must be – interesting and multi-layered, with a somehow different persona for close friends, family members, or the public. Like Eun-woo, you might affect a demure, polite and cordial personality in public, winning admirers with your attentiveness and charm. In closer circles, though, you’re likely more upfront, assertive and competitive, showing how strong-minded and goal-oriented you actually are.

About our K-Pop Star Quiz

The path to stardom is steep, capricious and – oftentimes – unforgiving. If you’ve ever had idolized a particular K-pop star so much, you must’ve considered how special it is for them to get past all of the obstacles along their way so far to reach their level of celebrity.

Some people think that K-pop idols are naturally a cut above the rest from “ordinary” humans. Others take it a little further, elevating them on pedestals. Many, though, consider them regular people like everybody else, distinguishing themselves with tons of hard work, or even simply being at the right place at the right time.

There’s an inspiring idea in that, too – knowing that someone whose personality, interests or tastes closely resembles yours, flaws and all, is finding success. It suggests you have what it takes to make it to the top as well.

Which K-pop star are you? We hope you’ve found your ideal soulmate in one of these world-class entertainers. And don’t forget, you’re made of that same world-class stuff too!

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