Which K-Pop Group Are You?

It’s hard to resist becoming awestruck by the glamour of K-pop groups, their music, and unique and dazzling aesthetics, so be honest – have you ever daydreamed about becoming the newest member of your favourite K-pop band?

Even if you still haven’t completed your Korean lessons in Duolingo (like us), that’s perfectly fine. Learning how to dance, sing, shoot or direct killer videos, and improve your fashion sense are all great ways to showcase your closeness to your number one group of idols. Now the question is – which band has rubbed off on you the most?

Do you like bands with cutesy costumes and music, or those with more daring outfits and provocative music? Are you someone who places a premium on their songs alone, or are you also particular with their skills in dancing, coordinated choreography or acting? Would you prefer being part of a large group or a smaller one?

Which K-pop group are you? Take this personality quiz and find out for yourself! And remember – if you ever get discovered, tell your record label that GoForQuiz sent you!

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K-Pop Group Test


Which hit song deserves to be remembered for generations?

Apart from K-pop, what kind of genre do you wish to cover?

If you could make a K-pop track about an advocacy, you’d sing about…

Would you prefer to be in a boy group or a girl group?

How many existing members would you like as bandmates?

Which of these songs do you think is the most underrated?

Would you rather be popular in your homeland, or be a big hit in a foreign country?

If you debuted with your own K-pop band, you’d like to sign onto…

What is your everyday fashion style?

Are you more idealistic or realistic as a person?

Which is your signature color?

More often than not, your mood turns…

As a band member, you’d specialize in…

Do you prefer blending in or standing out?

What’s your most important virtue as a superstar?

Which K-Pop Group Are You?
You are BTS!

How Well Do You Know BTS?

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Our favourite poster boys of K-pop! If you’re somebody who’s as devoted to chasing your dreams as they are, then you’re a shoo-in to join these guys! They’re living proof that dedicating each day to your goals turns you into a superstar, and their dazzling choreography, vocals, and conduct on- and off-stage are a testament to that. BTS also makes up one of the most open-hearted bands out there, as they tailor their songs to help adolescents get rid of their anxieties.

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No hotter commodity than BLACKPINK currently dominates the international K-pop girl group scene, and it appears you’ve got the flair and boldness to match them on their level. The girls distinguish themselves with their sensational dances, sizzling lyrical ability and snappy beats, all served up with their signature “bad girl” image – and that’s without mentioning their exquisitely daring fashion choices on stage.
You are Twice!

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Twice is unparalleled when it comes to cheerfulness and cutesy antics. Feeling their vibe and watching them perform can be like sunshine for your soul, and you’re a bit of a happy pill yourself, so you’ll fit right in. They’re not just sweet on stage, either – Twice is pretty empathetic when it comes to their fans’ mental health, and they imbue their music with plenty of feel-good messages. And don’t let that bubblegum aesthetic fool you, or else Twice’s more mature performances can hit you like a brick to the stomach.
You are Red Velvet!

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Does your noggin never seem to run out of weird and unconventional ideas? Then you’ll be right at home with Red Velvet; they harness all sorts of crazy concepts to turn them into masterful, iconic, and one-of-a-kind music videos and songs. These girls can be vibrant and bubbly, or they can be dark and alluring, depending on their mood – and they can pull off both vibes pretty well.
You are Loona!

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Some K-pop groups have lore or backstories… Loona has an entire universe that serves as a setting for their tracks and videos. If you delight in making fantasy worlds or creating fiction, then this band’s peculiar, but uniquely sensational style will suit you perfectly. Just as the girls don’t like limiting themselves to a certain genre, you’re an open-minded person with eclectic tastes yourself.

About our K-Pop Group Personality Test

K-pop groups are as abundant these days as fruits at your local grocery’s produce aisle. It’s a booming industry. New stars are catapulted to fame each year, and the most marketable of them turn into international bestsellers.

While such star power can appear overwhelming, the members of your favourite K-pop groups all had to start from somewhere. They’ve all poured hundreds of hours of hard work to turn their dreams into an inkling of reality, and at one point, they looked up to their own idols as well.

You know what that means? There’s a little bit of superstar DNA hidden in you as well. Whether you’re closeting a talent for songwriting, film-making, storytelling or something else, you may turn out to be a star that’s yet to shine.

Different stars shine in their own way, of course. And the best K-pop groups are all distinct in style and talent.

Which K-pop group are you? This quiz will help you match your star power to the most compatible K-pop band for you.

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