Which Red Velvet Member Are You?

Step right up, K-Pop fans, and get ready to dive into the world of Red Velvet, where there's more variety than in a box of your favorite assorted chocolates!

Ever wondered if you're more of a dignified diva like Irene, organizing your life with the precision of a master conductor? Or perhaps you're a creative chameleon like Seulgi, always ready to paint your way out of a problem - though you might forget what time you started!

Maybe you're a Wendy at heart, a comforting presence in the chaos, with a love for cozy blankets that rivals a hibernating bear's. If you find yourself bringing a ray of sunshine into every room, then you might be Joy personified, but remember - it's entirely possible to have too many houseplants!

And last but not least, our vibrant spark, Yeri. If you're always up-to-date on the latest trends and your zest for life is contagious, you may just be the youngest member of the group. Just remember, spontaneous adventures are fun, but maybe check the calendar first!

So whether you're "Psycho" for Red Velvet or you just can't resist the "Red Flavor", take a bite out of this quiz and see which member you're most like. After all, it's not just about being a part of the "Bad Boy" club or saying you're a "Really Bad Boy", it's about finding the perfect slice of Red Velvet that matches your personality!

Come on, let's jump in - you never know, you might just find your match made in K-pop heaven!

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Red Velvet Member Quiz


Which of the following best describes your stage presence?

What type of role do you typically play in your friend group?

What's your favorite type of music?

If you were to write a song, what would it be about?

If you were to host a themed party, what theme would you choose?

If you were a vegetable, what would you be?

How would your friends describe your personality?

You have a free day all to yourself. What creative project would you take up?

If you were in a K-pop group, what role would you want to play?

How do you handle criticism?

What's your favorite food among these 4?

What is your dream concert destination?

Which Red Velvet Member Are You?
You're Irene!

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You're Irene, the elegant and thoughtful leader of Red Velvet. You're often found sipping tea while deeply engrossed in a book or classic film. Just like Irene, you prefer strategy over impulse and lead with a quiet, dignified charm. But beware, you're known to be a bit of a perfectionist - you could probably spend an entire day organizing your bookshelf alphabetically and by color! And remember, it's not "being picky", it's just "having a good eye for aesthetics", right?
You're Seulgi!

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Hello there, Seulgi! You're the artistic soul of the group, always ready to paint the town (literally). Whether it's a blank canvas or a tough problem, your creative approach always brings about unique solutions. But, let's admit it, your sense of time can be a bit abstract. Your friends might tease you for being late, but in your defense, who can put a time limit on creativity?
You're Wendy!

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You are Wendy, the voice of Red Velvet with a heart as warm as freshly baked cookies. Just like her, your caring nature and comforting aura can turn a bad day around like a soothing ballad. But you might need to hold off on adding "5 more minutes" to your alarm. Although your love for comfort is endearing, your relationship with the snooze button could make even a tortoise impatient.
You're Joy!

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Joy, is that you? With your bright and trendy style, you're the life of any party, spreading joy (no pun intended) wherever you go. You've never met a challenge you didn't tackle with a radiant smile. Just remember, not everyone can keep up with your boundless energy, so maybe cool it with the spontaneous midnight karaoke sessions. Plus, your ever-growing plant collection might soon need its own zip code.
You're Yeri!

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Look at you, Yeri! Young and full of spirit, you add a dash of playfulness to every situation, just like Yeri. You're all about the latest trends, from music to fashion, keeping everyone around you on their toes. You might be accused of being a bit too spontaneous (Who thought a surprise trip to the amusement park in the middle of a weeknight was a good idea? You, apparently.), but hey, someone's gotta keep things interesting!

About our Red Velvet Member Personality Quiz

Welcome to our personality quiz that takes you on a journey into the vibrant world of Red Velvet - one of the leading K-pop girl groups. Red Velvet, under the label SM Entertainment, has captured the hearts of millions with their unique blend of music, distinctive concepts, and, of course, their dynamic personalities.

Each member of Red Velvet brings a unique color to the group's overall palette:

  1. Irene (Bae Joo-Hyun): Known as the leader of the group, Irene is admired for her elegance and thoughtful nature. She often exhibits a quiet charm and a penchant for strategy and perfection. But beware, her obsession with order and precision can sometimes verge on the picky side!
  2. Seulgi (Kang Seul-Gi): The main dancer and lead vocalist, Seulgi, shines with her artistic talent and creativity. She has a knack for seeing the world through a different lens, though this can often make her lose track of time!
  3. Wendy (Shon Seung-wan): Wendy, the main vocalist, is often described as the warm heart of Red Velvet. Her comforting presence and love for cozy moments can turn any frown upside down. However, her coziness might extend a bit too far into her morning routine, making the snooze button her best friend.
  4. Joy (Park Soo-Young): As her name suggests, Joy is the embodiment of radiant energy and positivity. She loves spreading happiness and is often seen as the life of the party. But this energetic soul's fascination with houseplants and spontaneous plans could keep her friends on their toes!
  5. Yeri (Kim Ye-Rim): The youngest member, Yeri, brings a youthful and vibrant energy to the group. Always updated on the latest trends, she's never short of fun and spontaneous ideas - sometimes, a bit too spontaneous!

This quiz has been designed to match you with the Red Velvet member whose personality traits most align with yours. Whether you're the leader of your group like Irene, the creative soul like Seulgi, a comforting spirit like Wendy, an embodiment of joy like Joy, or the vivacious and vibrant like Yeri, you'll find a bit of yourself in this quiz. Let's find out who your Red Velvet match is!


What is the meaning of the band's name "Red Velvet"?

The group's name refers to their dual concept, which reflects their versatility in incorporating various music genres. The "Red" half symbolizes their bright, bold, and energetic side, which can be seen in songs like "Red Flavor" and "Power Up". The "Velvet" side represents their softer, mature, and sophisticated style, which can be seen in songs like "Automatic" and "Bad Boy".

What is the name of the Red Velvet fandom?

The fandom of Red Velvet is called "ReVeluv", a combination of the words "Red Velvet" and "love". The name was officially announced by SM Entertainment in April 2017, nearly three years after the group's debut. It signifies the love between Red Velvet and their fans. The fans are said to 'luv' Red Velvet, hence the name 'ReVeluv'.

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