Which BTS Member Are You?

Let’s say you find yourself backstage at one of the Bangtan Boys’ concerts. All of a sudden, you’re told that one of them fell ill and couldn’t make the show. If BTS asked you to perform for their bandmate’s behalf, would you take them on?

You’ve got all their dance moves memorized. You can recite their parts to each song. You have intimate knowledge of their style, their fashion sense, and possibly even their way of speaking. As a result, the rest of BTS thinks you’re the best bet to represent their fallen teammate.

If you were anyone in the BTS member, who would you be? Do you have the height or the physical fitness to match Namjoon? Do you possess the high voice register owned by Jungkook? Could you dance as well as J-Hope or Jimin, or spit out rap bars as hot as Suga? Or maybe you’re someone with premium artistic vision, just like Taehyung?

Which of the boys could you theoretically fill in for? Which BTS member are you? Take our quiz to find your match.

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Which Member Of BTS Are You?


Which talent is your strongest suit?

What’s your number one hobby?

Are you okay with being the center of attention?

Which solo song do you dig best?

What’s your favourite music genre?

In your friend group, you’re usually…

Your preferred color is…

If you were an animal, you’d be a…

Time to eat! Which dish do you like best?

Your favourite school subject is…

Are you introverted or extroverted?

Which quality do you appreciate most?

Which BTS Member Are You?
You are Jin!

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You have charisma on par with Mr. Worldwide Handsome himself! Somehow you can project that stage presence and casually graceful air that Jin commands with ease. Plus points if you have a stash of dad jokes ready for any occasion.
You are Suga!

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Ever felt like an old soul in a young body? Then you’re a shoe-in for Suga, the boys’ beloved grandfather. This grouchy old man is ironically their best rapper. He lives for two things: throwing shade and sleeping 18 hours a day.
You are J-Hope!

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Seems like you’re someone who can keep up with J-Hope’s mad moves on the dance floor. He’s a serial optimist, almost a ball of actual sunshine, unless he’s teaching choreography to the boys. We just hope (ha-ha) that you aren’t as much of a scaredy-cat.
You are RM!

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As a match for RM, you’re fit to take over as the leader of the boys yourself. Don’t get mad with power just yet, though. Being at Namjoon’s level means being a smartypants – speaking perfect English, excelling at school, and repeatedly losing your passport.
You are Jimin!

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You’re a good double for Jimin, pure warmth and energy in a guy-shaped container. Being near him is said to relieve stress better than a day off. While his specialty lies in killer dance moves, he showed serious grit throughout the years in improving his vocals as well.
You are V!

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Looks like you can fill in for Taehyung anytime. As BTS’ princely visual, he knows how to wield his magnetic personality to charm anyone he meets. He also owns a uniquely rich and dulcet deep voice that always makes his part in a song stand out.
You are Jungkook!

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You have to be good at a lot of things to stand in for Jungkook, but you seem to fit the bill. Bursting with talent, Jungkook strives to be good at vocals, rapping, dancing, and being the group’s center. He also has a cinematic eye, producing videos for the boys.

About our BTS Member Quiz

The Bangtan Boys are a crowning achievement in Korean culture. These seven talented young lads are admired worldwide for their talents in music and beyond. The group frequently delves into several fields of entertainment. They have songs that are plain magnificent, featuring genres like rap and hip-hop, R&B, and house. With their impeccable choreography and coordination as a dance group, they also give off a magnetic stage presence in their shows.

The boys have been working hard throughout the previous decade to develop their talents and gain international acclaim. A significant part of this success can be owed to their brotherhood, their strongest bond. Borrowing a profound statement by Dominic “Dom” Toretto from the Fast and Furious franchise, “there’s nothing stronger than family.” And the boys of Bangtan are certainly part of one tight-knit family.

With such a close connection weaving through each member, BTS approaches every new goal with passion and commitment, and dedicate themselves fully to entertaining their hordes of screaming, adoring ARMY fans.

Each BTS Member’s Role Models

Even our boys look up to someone to be inspired and motivated, especially when the anxiety hits.

For Jin, it’s TOP, the main rapper of the classic boy band, Big Bang. Likewise, Grampa Rapper Suga looks up to rappers Lil Wayne and Lupe Fiasco.

J-Hope and Jungkook get inspired by another Big Bang member, G-Dragon, as well as the rapper Beenzino. On the other hand, RM draws on the talent and passion from stars like Kanye West, as well as artist A$AP Rocky.

Due to his silky, smooth vocals, Jimin relates a lot to his fellow K-Pop star, Taeyang, who also happens to come from BigBang.

And lastly, V’s role model is none other than his own dad. Now that’s heartwarming.

FAQ BTS Members

Why is BTS color purple?

For a long time, the boys have been represented by their very own color – purple. It’s the color found in their heart emojis, their merchandise, and their lighting in shows.

During a fan meeting in 2016, ARMY fans decided to give the boys a surprise and thought of changing the official white light sticks to purple with vinyl. They unveiled the newly-recolored lights as the band came back for the encore, stunning the boys and leading to Taehyung giving a tender speech of thanks, in which he said:

“Purple means 'let's trust each other and love each other for a long time.’ Yes, I just made it up myself. I wish we will be able to see each other forever like this meaning.”

From that point on, BTS took up purple as their official color.

What are the BTS members’ zodiac signs?

The boys aren’t septuplets sharing the same birthday. Most of them were born in different birth months – to wit: Suga is a Pisces, Taehyung is a Capricorn, J-Hope is an Aquarius, Jimin is a Libra, and Jin is a Sagittarius.
That leaves the oldest and youngest members of the group – respectively RM and Jungkook – who are both Virgos, being born in the early half of September.

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