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Want to know which character you’d be in your favourite anime, film or TV series? Trying to settle a bet with a friend on who’s the better match for the guys on Boku no Hero Academia or BTS? Just looking for a fun way to pass the time clicking buttons until we tell you something cool about yourself?

If you like answering questions like these, then you’ll feel right at home with our fantastic collection of quizzes. Prove you’re the most attentive fan with our trivia quizzes, take our personality quizzes to find out your soulmate or secret powers, and show off your love for your fandoms with our quizzes on your favourite series!

We do our best to deviate from your average Internet quizzes. Here at GoForQuiz, you can fully envision what kind of character you’ll be in your anime of choice, or how other characters in a TV series would regard you. We’ll ask you seemingly random questions on who you think you are, and we’ll reveal a little glimpse of your hidden life as a young superhero, a wizard, of a K-pop star’s secret lover.
Feel free to browse our steadily-growing collection of quizzes at GoForQuiz. Enjoy!

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