Which Fairy Tail Character Are You?

After days of travelling, you’ve arrived at Magnolia Town – and fortunately for you, the Fairy Tail guild is hiring. With your talents as a mage, could you take the place of Natsu, Erza, Gray or Lucy as a legendary member of the guild?

Fairy Tail has been in a rough patch for a few years. With its founding members missing and its reputation overshadowed by newer and stronger guilds, it’s not exactly the hottest group in town.

Regardless, you’ve decided to hop on board, confident that your future adventures will forge a better reputation for the guild and fulfil some of your own personal goals in the process.

What exactly are your goals, though? Are you out to uncover secrets from your own past? Or gain the power to save a loved one? Or simply break free from your old life? And what kind of mage will you become as you trek across the Kingdom of Fiore and the enigmatic world of Earth Land beyond?

Which Fairy Tail character are you? Take our personality quiz and find out!

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Fairy Tail Character Quiz


Which magic type defines you best?

What interests you most in joining a guild?

Apart from your magic, which weapon do you wield?

What is your favourite mage accessory?

For which trait would you like people to recognize you?

When faced with extreme stress, you’re most likely to…

Your combat philosophy is…

Are you willing to use dark magic to fulfil your personal goals?

What role do you often play in your group?

Which hair color would you prefer?

What do you do if someone wants to fight you?

Are you open about your emotions?

Which Fairy Tail Character Are You?
You are Natsu Dragneel!

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Flamboyant and fiery, Natsu is practically the embodiment of the term “hot-blooded.” He’s a strongly sanguine fellow who likes picking fights to prove his strength, although he isn’t actually one to get mad first or hold grudges. When his friends are in danger, his protective instincts can make him rush recklessly into the heat of a battle.
You are Erza Scarlet!

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Erza’s stern and assertive demeanor has given her a respected - if not fearsome - reputation in the guild. Whatever makes her vulnerable deep down are quickly repressed, but can come to the forefront in times of emotional hurt. She demands much from herself first and her colleagues second, making her a formidable leader to her teammates.
You are Gray Fullbuster!

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While just as competent as his colleagues in Team Natsu, Gray is considerably more chilled out than them. He somewhat disdains formality, easily making light out of tense situations, and finds it very easy to relax. He likewise exhibits caution and patience when situations get really serious.
You are Lucy Heartfilia!

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Lucy exudes girl-next-door energy in spades. As the rookie member of Team Natsu, she is more easily frightened than her teammates. She would rather solve problems peacefully and unconventionally, relying on cleverness rather than pure skill. Her kind and caring demeanor extends to her Celestial Spirits, whom she considers friends rather than weapons.
You are Happy!

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Every gang of misfits needs a mascot, and Happy readily fills that role for Team Natsu. He is quite chipper, never without a witty joke or a quick jab to improve everybody’s mood. Despite being a jokester, he does have a darker and more mischievous side. Coupled with his deceptively extensive knowledge of magic, underestimating Happy could quickly turn into tragedy.

About our Fairy Tail Character Personality Quiz

Like many of its predecessors in the shonen genre, such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Fairy Tail is an oftentimes light-hearted romp about a group of young people exploring a magical world and getting involved in large, centuries-long conflicts.

Magic plays a prominent part in the setting. Those who can wield magic can become trained mages and work in guilds, such as Fairy Tail, to go on adventures and earn a living.

As a shonen series, Fairy Tail regularly features battles between magic users, formidable creatures and villains. Fighting is such a staple that characters can duke it out against each other for the sake of duelling. Many of the greater conflicts in the setting extend to entire kingdoms and nations.

The main cast in Fairy Tail is composed of the quartet of Natsu, Erza, Lucy and Gray, with the Exceed known as Happy tagging along to form Team Natsu. Later additions to this ensemble include Wendy and Carla, with supporting characters such as the guild’s founding master, Mavis, and the S-Class mage Mirajane also appearing regularly.

Magic Types in Fairy Tail

The magic system in the show is based off of the fusion of an organism’s physical spirit with the spiritual essence found in nature, the result of which produces Magic.

Magic is primarily classified into Caster Magic, which is emitted from the body, and Holder Magic, which is reliant on external sources, such as weapons or equipment.

Natsu’s pyromancy, Gray’s power over ice, and Happy’s ability to fly are all examples of Caster Magic. The Spatial Magic that Erza commonly uses often equips her with weapons and armor with innate magical properties, which are instances of Holder Magic.

Other special classifications of magic exist, such as Lost Magic, which refers to substantially powerful spells that have long been lost or forgotten.

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