Which Fairy Tail Guild Are You In?

Calling all magic-wielders, spell-slingers, and adventurers! Have you ever wondered where your true place lies within the mystical realm of Fairy Tail?

Whether you’re igniting flames, summoning celestial spirits, or weaving powerful spells, it’s time to uncover your ultimate guild destiny!

Step into the enchanting world of Fiore, where guilds of all kinds come together to tackle perilous quests, forge unbreakable bonds, and unleash their unique magic.

Will you find your fiery family with Fairy Tail, craft icy strategies with Lamia Scale, adapt like a warrior with Sabertooth, charm your way through challenges with Blue Pegasus, or nurture and heal with Mermaid Heel?

This quiz is more than just a series of questions—it's a magical journey that will reveal where your heart truly belongs. So, gather your courage, embrace your inner wizard, and get ready to discover the guild that aligns with your spirit.

Your Fairy Tail adventure awaits—let’s find out where your magical journey will take you!

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Fairy Tail Guild Quiz


What's Your Magical Specialty?

What’s Your Ideal Mission?

Who's Your Ideal Guild Leader?

What’s Your Biggest Weakness?

Which Creature Would Be Your Ideal Companion?

What’s Your Greatest Fear?

If You Could Have Any Job in the Guild, What Would It Be?

Which Quote Resonates Most With You?

Which Fairy Tail Guild Are You In?
You Belong to the Fairy Tail Guild!

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You're a fiery spirit, bursting with passion and determination. Just like Natsu Dragneel, your heart burns with an intense desire to protect your friends and face challenges head-on. Your impulsiveness can get you into some hot water (quite literally), but it's also what makes you such an unstoppable force. You're the life of the party, always ready to dive into the action without a second thought. But hey, maybe sometimes think before you leap? Your loyalty and fierce protectiveness make you the glue that holds your team together, even if it means occasionally charging in without a plan. Embrace your fiery nature and keep igniting those around you with your unstoppable spirit!
You Belong to the Lamia Scale Guild!

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You've landed in the Lamia Scale Guild, where strategy and composure reign supreme. You're cool as ice under pressure, always thinking several steps ahead. Your aloof demeanor might make you seem distant, but it's just because you're carefully calculating your next move. Your strategic mind is your greatest asset, but don't forget to occasionally let your guard down and let others in. You're the mastermind of any operation, ensuring that every detail is accounted for and every plan is flawless. Just remember, even the best-laid plans can benefit from a little spontaneous magic. Keep balancing your cool-headed tactics with a dash of warmth, and you'll lead your guild to victory time and again.
You Belong to the Sabertooth Guild!

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Adaptable, strong, and always ready for a challenge, you're a force to be reckoned with, much like the formidable Sting Eucliffe. Your ability to change tactics on the fly makes you a valuable asset in any situation. However, your over-preparation can sometimes make you a bit of a perfectionist. Relax! Not every battle needs a meticulous plan. Your strength and adaptability are your greatest weapons, but don't let them make you inflexible. Embrace the unexpected and trust in your ability to handle whatever comes your way. With your balanced approach of readiness and adaptability, there's no challenge too great for you to conquer.
You Belong to the Blue Pegasus Guild!

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You've joined the ranks of the Blue Pegasus Guild! Your charm, friendliness, and diplomatic nature make you a perfect fit for this harmonious group, led by the ever-dashing Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki. You have a knack for bringing people together and creating a positive, supportive environment. Your indecisiveness can sometimes leave you in a bit of a bind, but your charisma usually gets you out of trouble. You're the heart and soul of your guild, always ready to lend a helping hand and spread positivity. Just remember, it's okay to make decisions—even tough ones—every once in a while. Your natural charm and nurturing spirit make you a beloved member of Blue Pegasus, where beauty and strength go hand in hand.
You Belong to the Mermaid Heel Guild!

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Your kind-hearted, caring nature makes you a perfect match for this compassionate guild, much like the gentle and supportive Kagura Mikazuchi. You're always ready to lend a helping hand and heal those in need. However, your tendency to put others before yourself can sometimes lead to self-neglect. Remember, it's okay to take care of yourself too. Your dedication to healing and supporting others is truly admirable, but don't forget to give yourself the same care and compassion. You're the nurturing heart of Mermaid Heel, spreading hope and kindness wherever you go. Embrace your gentle spirit and keep making the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time.

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