What Anime Power Do You Have?

Anime powers are as diverse and exciting as a platter full of sushi and sashimi – they’re basically the spice that keeps different shows fresh and fun.

You’ve got your magic systems overflowing with mana or sorcery, you’ve got powers based on science fiction and biology, and you’ve even got techniques fuelled by some good, old-fashioned chakra, ki or cursed energy – no matter where an anime draws its powers and abilities from, it always makes for an interesting part of the series.

Heroes, villains, and comedic side characters all own various kinds of powers. These powers often complement their skills, attitudes and personal preferences, and often grow stronger as a character makes some kind of progress during a story arc or big event.

Do you have what it takes to wield one of anime’s most formidable and awesome powers? Which anime power do you have? Take the test and find out for yourself!

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What Anime Power Do You Have?


You prefer finishing tasks through…

The most useful personality trait is…

You would rather encounter…

The greatest weapon in your arsenal is…

On a journey, you prefer being accompanied by…

Would you like to scream your power’s name while you use it?

Should your power be used for combat?

What would you never get tired of?

Would you like to travel to other worlds?

What would motivate you to go on an adventure?

Your biggest fear is…

You would rather spend a day with…

What Anime Power Do You Have?

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This violently spinning ball of pure chakra is a forbidden technique, used only by ninja prodigies like Naruto Uzumaki and dynamic people with personalities that are larger than life. The Rasengan is a decisive weapon that’s perfect for people who want to get things done quickly.
Super Saiyan

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You have the force of will and fierce, fighting nature worthy of unleashing your own Super Saiyan form. A powerful transformation, users who reach this form learn to harness their rage and desire into superhuman strength and energy, allowing them to assert themselves in conflict ruthlessly.
Total Concentration Breathing

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By mastering yourself and honing your focus to a razor’s edge, you have unlocked Total Concentration Breathing. Just as there are several Breathing Styles based on water, wind, and other aspects of nature, your iron discipline allows you to succeed in many areas of life.
Return by Death

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A grimdark power for an unshakeable soul - you have the mental fortitude and emotional intelligence to endure endless pain and suffering. No matter what happens, you’re determined to find the best solution to your problems and reach your happy ending!

About Our Anime Power Personality Quiz

Over the decades, anime has produced some memorable powers and abilities, filling the public’s imagination with spectacles such as concentrated Kamehameha waves and crackling Chidori orbs. These powers usually propel the action and tension in a fight scene, whether it’s a gut-wrenching clash between fighters or a more cerebral battle between minds.

Far from being your typical superpowers, anime has certainly made a name for itself in conjuring some very wacky abilities – things like a spell to steal underwear like Kazuma from Konosuba, or a mutation that lets you rip off sticky spheres from your head like BNHA’s Mineta both come to mind.

All anime abilities have to come from somewhere. Lelouch got his Geass from a weird lady in the sewers, Itadori ate a grody-looking finger to strike a pact with Sukuna, and Tanya was simply resurrected into a world of magic.

The merit of an anime’s worldbuilding and universe can be measured through how it depicts its powers and abilities in all sorts of creative, refreshing, and interesting ways. The Saiyans’ powers in Dragon Ball, for instance, basically boil down to getting stronger through screaming, and yet the show has developed countless ways to transcend their abilities beyond that. Inventiveness and a mindset of growth are both important to harnessing any anime power.

Power Systems in Shounen Anime

“Power systems” refer to the in-universe mechanics that explain how and why anime powers like mind reading, energy beams, and transformations work. Shounen anime – being the action-driven genre catering to young males – often makes use of power systems to measure how characters use and develop their skills.

Among the most well-known shounen power systems include the one from Naruto, which relies on spiritual energy called Chakra, and the fabulous Stands from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure that are fuelled by their users’ life energy. Other notable power systems include the mutational abilities of Quirks from Boku no Hero Academia, the transaction-based dynamics of Alchemy from FMA, and Cursed Energy from Jujutsu Kaisen.

FAQ Anime Powers

How does Chakra work in Naruto?

Chakra is a real-life concept in Hinduism tied to spinning points of energy in the body. Chakra in Naruto shares the same idea – as the Seventh Hokage himself explains, it is a type of energy innately present in all beings. It acts as a connective presence, like the flow of life energy throughout humanity, and the power and harmony it brings is why chakra is revered by the ninja – individuals who can harness and use chakra to empower their ninjutsu.

Is Super Saiyan 4 canon?

After making its debut in the controversial instalment, Dragon Ball GT, Super Saiyan 4 continues to shake up the series’ power system. By asserting self-control in their Golden Great Ape form, a Saiyan can attain an unusual and powerful new form.

As GT was not directly supervised by series creator Akira Toriyama, the canonicity of SS4 is uncertain at best. It remains fairly popular among many fans, which has seen it feature in several video games and spin-offs.

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