Which Vinland Saga Character Are You?

Welcome, fellow explorer! Ready to discover your inner Viking? This personality quiz is here to help you find your true North. We've carefully observed the iconic characters of Vinland Saga - their strengths, their flaws, and their quirks - just so we can match you with your Viking alter ego.

Are you a quiet, peace-loving soul wandering through life like our beloved Thorfinn? Or perhaps you're a strong, brave, and slightly overbearing leader like the unshakeable Thors? Maybe you've got an adventurous heart, always ready to sail towards the horizon like the legendary Leif Erikson. Or, just maybe, you're the cunning, witty, and delightfully infuriating mastermind akin to Askeladd.

Prepare yourself to delve into your deepest personality traits - the good, the bad, and the Viking-ugly. Grab your longboat oar, polish your axe, and make sure your horned helmet is on straight. Because, remember, "Valhalla does not discriminate against those whom they will accept. Death comes to us all." But, let's keep it light-hearted, this isn't a war saga, after all.

So, are you ready to embark on this voyage of self-discovery? Strap in and let's set sail – the winds of fate are in your favor, explorer. Find out if you're more peace or war, explorer or conqueror, mead-drinker or... well, who are we kidding, we're all mead-drinkers here! Let's dive in and see which Vinland Saga character is your spirit Viking!

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Vinland Saga Character Quiz


What do you value most in life?

Which aspect of Viking life appeals to you the most?

What is your approach to making difficult decisions?

What would you be most likely to do during a peaceful moment in the Viking era?

How would you describe your relationship with your family?

You come across a magical Norse rune. What power do you wish it grants you?

How do you handle failure?

Choose a weapon for your Viking battles:

Which quality do you value most in others?

What's your favorite kind of food?

How would you describe your leadership style?

Which continent would you most like to conquer?

Which Vinland Saga Character Are You?
You are Thorfinn!

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You have a heart as vast as the Icelandic plains and a passion for peace that rivals Thorfinn's. Quiet, introspective, and somewhat brooding, you've probably been told to "cheer up" more times than you can count. Like Thorfinn, you might find yourself a bit lost in the world, but that's alright. You're not alone in your silent quest for a calm existence, just don't forget to watch your step. The world isn't always as tranquil as an Icelandic fjord!
You are Thors!

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Well, aren't you brave? You're most like Thors, strong, loyal, and protective. You've got a heart so big it could take on a whole Viking fleet. You're often seen as a leader, probably because you possess that unique blend of strength and humility only a true warrior can embody. Your flaws? You sometimes forget to lower your "shield" and show your soft side. We get it, Thors, you're tough. But remember, even the strongest warrior needs to sharpen his axe every once in a while.
You are Leif Erikson!

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Adventure's your middle name, huh? You're most like Leif Erikson. Never one to shy away from a new expedition, you'd probably pack your bags for Vinland right now if you could. Like Leif, you're the kind of person who looks at a map and only sees possibilities, not boundaries. But remember, it's not always about the destination, but the journey... and the mead. Especially the mead.
You are Askeladd!

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Clever as a fox, you are! You're most like Askeladd. You're so cunning, we're slightly worried you've already figured out the outcome of this quiz halfway through. Like Askeladd, you are a master manipulator with a strategic mind that could outwit even the craftiest Viking. However, you might want to check that inflated ego at the door; just because you can outsmart people, doesn't mean you should. Plus, your cunning ways may lead you to trouble. Not everyone appreciates a smart aleck with a pun sharper than a Viking's axe!

About our Vinland Saga Character Personality Quiz

Welcome to the realm of Vinland Saga, an immersive universe that encapsulates the complexities and intrigues of the Viking era. This gritty, captivating tale is deeply rooted in historical events and inspired by medieval sagas, with a fair share of fiction to spice things up.

The saga unfolds in a turbulent age of exploration and conquest, where Viking warriors sail treacherous seas in search of glory, riches, and lands uncharted. The characters in this world are as diverse as they are intriguing, each possessing a unique blend of traits, quirks, and qualities.

Our protagonist, Thorfinn, is a peace-loving Icelandic youth who, despite his reluctant warrior path, dreams of a tranquil life in a land called Vinland. His journey for peace in a world of war is a fascinating study in contrasts.

The powerful Thors, Thorfinn's father, is an ex-warrior turned village chieftain, who values peace and wisdom above all else. His strength is matched only by his wisdom and compassion, making him an imposing figure of Viking leadership.

Leif Erikson, the famous explorer, is adventurous at heart, forever fascinated by the lure of uncharted territories. His optimistic spirit and ceaseless wanderlust inspire those around him to dream of a better world.

Then we have the cunning Askeladd, a charismatic leader with a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue. He's the kind of man who uses his wits as a weapon and sees life as a grand chessboard, where he's always two steps ahead.

This personality quiz aims to map your traits against these compelling characters, offering a unique lens into the Vinland Saga universe. It celebrates their strengths, acknowledges their flaws, and offers a bit of Viking-sized fun along the way. So, prepare to journey into the heart of the Vinland Saga, to discover a piece of yourself in its riveting characters.

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