Which Quintessential Quintuplet Are You?

Five identical airheads, five wildly different personalities. It’s a small wonder that Fuutaro can remain sane while handling the Nakano Sisters and their shenanigans.

Try having Miku as your study buddy, for instance. After brushing up for a quiz at the library, you run into her in the hall and ask her for some notes, only it’s actually Nino, and she tears you a new one for daring to speak to her. You pull out a phone to catch up on your favourite talk show and find Ichika as one of the guests live, except she’s outside in the sports track, juggling a soccer ball and basketball at the same time.

Although the quintuplets are practically each other’s mirror images, it’s clear that each girl has her own style. From their choice of beverage to their favourite school subjects, Ichika, Nino, Miko, Yotsuba and Itsuki all have their personal flairs.

So then, which of the Nakano quints matches your style the closest? Which Quintessential Quintuplet are you? Find out for yourself with this quiz. Enjoy!

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Which Quintuplet Are You?


How do you prefer to start your day?

Your favourite school subject is…

You dream of landing a job as…

What sort of drink would you like from a vending machine?

Which type of show do you usually watch?

Your signature color is…

At a carnival, you decide to snack on…

If you were to pick an animal to pet, you’d choose…

Pick your favourite breakfast food

What’s something you secretly can’t do?

Do you have good handwriting?

Are you soft-spoken or loudmouthed?

Which Quintessential Quintuplet Are You?
You are Ichika!

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Ichika has an older sister complex and feels that it’s her responsibility to look after the rest of the Quints. As disorganized as she can be with her personal life, she’s calm and collected, and acts as the crutch that her sisters can lean on. She tends to keep a smug and playful demeanor in public.
You are Nino!

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Nino is the most socially adept sibling, highly conscious of how she appears to other people. However, she’s also the haughtiest and most outspoken sister. She tends to act rude, and sometimes even rebellious, but she hides a more caring side. Out of the girls, Nino is the most fixated with romance.
You are Miku!

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Miku is quiet and introspective. She’s usually content with tucking into a comfy corner with her headphones and a dusty book on the famous battles of the Sengoku Period. Her mannerisms can sometimes match an old lady’s, especially due to her love for hot matcha, or green tea. Although she’s mostly reserved, she’s not afraid to cut into the heart of a difficult conversation.
You are Yotsuba!

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Yotsuba is an overactive carrot, brimming with energy and vitality. She’s the most athletic Quint. She’s also altruistic, carefree and quite comfortable with acting like an idiot. Her cheerfulness conceals her true depths, however. When nobody’s looking, she tends to be self-critical and feel inferior compared to her siblings.
You are Itsuki!

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Stubborn and strait-laced, Itsuki can come across as the boring Quint. She’s a diligent and pragmatic girl, responsible to a fault, and the one who prefers sticking to the rules, often acting as the most mature out of her sisters. For all her seriousness, however, she happens to possess a voracious appetite.

About our Quintessential Quintuplet Personality Quiz

The Quintessential Quintuplets is a psychological battle series in which five rich and equally beautiful quintuplets – the Nakano sisters - lie, swindle and sabotage each other to gain the affections of their impoverished tutor, Fuutarou Uesugi.

Alright, it’s actually a wholesome romantic comedy. Ichika, Nino, Miku, Yotsuba and Itsuki are all lovely and kind-hearted girls. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be pretty bright in school, so they end up getting tutored by one of the highest-ranking students in Japan, who is himself hooked to the job to help his father pay off the family debt.

Fuutarou must contend with a five-hit combo of smugness, tsundere sociopathy, introversion, hyperactivity and stubbornness to help the Quints get good grades and pass their exams. As the series goes on, however, the Quints each gradually end up falling for Fuutarou in their own ways.

Unbeknownst to anyone but a few secretive souls, however, the Quints’ relationship with Fuutarou seems to go many years back to when Fuu befriended one of the girls on a trip to Kyoto. The show also frequently does a flash-forward in which one of the Quints becomes his bride – and so the show’s main mystery is set. Who does Fuutarou marry? And who is the mysterious girl from Kyoto?

Can Fuutarou Tell The Quints Apart?

The Nakano sisters are each illustrated with different hair colors and are voiced by different actresses so that anime and manga fans can easily distinguish the five apart.

In-universe, however, the sisters are mirror images of each other, to the point that they commonly dress up as each other to trick people and get away from awkward situations.

Even after spending about six months studying with the girls, Fuutarou couldn’t identify the girls if they wore identical clothes and did their hair in the same way. Neither could he tell, say, Miku apart from Yotsuba if they wore each other’s clothing.

Fuutarou’s inability to identify the Quints becomes a significant plot point later in the series.


Is Nakano Miku a kuudere?

A kuudere is quiet and reserved, rarely showing affection. Miku definitely appears to act like a kuudere early in the series, although as she falls for Fuutarou, she quickly melts into a dandere. Instead of being too cold and timid to speak up, danderes are simply too shy to express their feelings openly to their love interests.

Miku still tends to be subdued around Fuutarou, but don’t let that distract you from the things she’s willing to commit to preserve her claim for Fuutarou’s love in the manga.

Why does Itsuki eat so much?

Itsuki devours food like a starving beast. She is often called “Eatsuki” among the series’ fans for her tendency to have second, third, or even fourth helpings to a meal. Negi Haruba, the series’ author, has not given an explicit reason for why she eats so much, and it doesn’t appear to be caused by stress. Itsuki simply enjoys the taste of food much more than her sisters.

Surprisingly, this omake page reveals that the girls have a combined weight of 250 kg. The series’ official Twitter also places Itsuki’s weight at 55.6 kg. By running some simple math, Itsuki is revealed to be roughly 7 kg heavier than her sisters, so all that food is going somewhere. Despite the added weight, Itsuki is well within the healthy range for her age.

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