Which Oshi No Ko Character Are You?

To be an idol is to sell deceit in the guise of fantasies: to willingly lie with a dazzling smile to crowds of adoring fans.

Can you keep up the delusion of being the all-spectacular, all-encompassing star that all of the world holds you up to be? Will you accept the burden of burying your true self for the sake of the perfect public image?

You might be chomping at the bit for stardom—but for what? What kind of dream are you chasing? To perfect your craft? To make a comeback to glory? To fill up the hole in your heart where an actual life would be? Perhaps the truly deluded feel it’s truly to be an entertainer and light up the world.

All the world’s a stage, so what role are you going to put on? Which Oshi no Ko character are you? Taking this quiz does not increase the odds that you will ever be scouted by an idol company… but who knows?

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Oshi no Ko Quiz


If you were to die tomorrow, you’d want fans to remember you for…

What are your views on lying?

In which sector would you most naturally thrive?

You have free time to put in extra practice before your next gig. What do you focus on?

How much does the pay influence your decision-making?

Which of these interest you the most?

Have you ever been a child prodigy in any art?

Would you choose a job behind the scenes over one where you have to show your face all the time?

Are you introverted or extroverted?

If you took part in a reality dating show, what persona would you fill?

Would you value your career over your education if you were still studying?

What part of a training session would you hate the most?

What role would you fill in an idol group?

Let’s say your company gives you creative control over your own idol group. What would its atmosphere be like?

If you weren’t in the entertainment industry, what would your career be?

For a performance based on the Seven Deadly Sins, you’d be…

Which of these motivational quotes stays closest to your heart?

What do you fear most?

Friends describe you as…

But if you had detractors, they’d also say you’re…

Which Oshi No Ko Character Are You?
You're Ruby!

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You got the moxie, kid! You have that quintessential superstar energy*—that certain spunkiness, chutzpah, and, dare I say, the je na sais quoi that allows superstars to stupefy anyone with their mere presence. It’s in your full-toothed smile, your effortless wink at the camera, your free-flowing poses and your performance when under the spotlight. No matter what, you give it your all, and this genuine glitz is greater than any glamor lesser stars can put on. *totally not a euphemism for “main character syndrome”
You're Kana!

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On-set, you eclipse your co-stars with graceful professionalism, refined sense of style, and skill, but there’s another quality of yours that becomes apparent face-to-face: having a backbone. When other stars fall silent, you can be counted on to voice out what everyone’s feeling. Intolerant of injustice, you have the heart and presence of a lion, and while this haughtiness might make enemies, it also earns you true allies. Who cares if you run your mouth if you’re sprinting to victory?
You're Akane!

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Within you is the mindset that marries art with science, as you study each role with the thoroughness and dedication that creates masterpieces like Michelangelo or the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel. Anyone can be good at the talents they’re naturally given, or have trained in. A true master at their craft is rare because they keep studying, paying attention, and learning from others. While other stars rest on their laurels and go clubbing, you’re putting in the hours perfecting the repertoire that will push you to the heights of adoration.
You're MEMcho!

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You’d go straight through hell with a smile. There’s no clear-cut path to stardom. If life demands you to break away from your dreams just as you’re at the cusp of reaching them, you’re not the type to give up forever. That light in you has to shine sometime, after all, and by hook or by crook, you’ll be a stellar idol. That sharp sense for opportunity, combined with your decisive nature and awareness of the bigger picture, will see it so.
You're Aqua!

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Yeah, you don’t hold any illusion about being an idol at your core, but you play the part well—oh-so-inhumanely well. If it were up to you, it’d be much better to work in the shadows. But being a celebrity isn’t something you’d shy away from, either—stardom is a tool, and each public appearance is a strategic move to increase your value to useful contacts, earn favors, and bring you closer to your true goal… whether that’s to protect your loved ones or rain vengeance on your foes. Stars shine, yes, but their light may also blind. And while any witnesses are gawking at your brilliance, your enemies will also learn how stars burn.
You're Pieyon!

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Absurdity is the quintessence of contemporary show business, and the entertainer who masters its use will ceaselessly be the hypnotic centrepiece for an ever-swelling tide of fans and admirers. The fact of the matter is that you are prescient enough to harness this Zeitgeist for yourself, and thus rightfully be affixed as the avant-garde to all other stars. You could cement yourself as the inheritor to the legacies of David Bowie, Marcel Duchamp, Franz Kafka, or David Lynch… Or you could be a super-ripped gym trainer in a chicken head mask, streaming heavy-duty workouts in a sing-song falsetto for adoring fans to the tune of a hundred million yen a month. (Look, we had to bring out all the fancy words we know to do Pieyon justice. The guy’s a legend!)
You're Ai!

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Oh. Oh dear. Have you ever told the truth? Has anyone been allowed a glimpse into the true substance of your honest self? Or… have you shed such an identity and let yourself become the mask you wear? The truth is that lies may be a form of love, and who you are to the world can be the most exquisitely-crafted deception—you, so hollow, so twisted and bitter, so hellish, can become the flawless angel everyone admires and emulates... because that is a better reality to believe in. You are kin to Ai Hoshino, a comet incarnate. The flame that burned the brightest.

About our Oshi no Ko Character Personality Quiz

… Okay, that introduction was a little too dark. But for all of its glitzy pop music and picturesque character design, Oshi no Ko is still a seinen, after all.

Namely, a seinen that takes a stab (hahaha) at the unique 21st-century phenomenon of idol culture while also exposing the cutthroat, perilous and merciless shadow-side of the entertainment industry.

People love idols to death these days – sometimes literally. For more fans than you think, sending money just to get their idol/crush/bias/oshi to call their name on stream would constitute the highlight of their day. But how far could this kind of parasocial relationship go?

Would you support your absolute favourite pop idol, Youtube personality or VTuber if they announced their marriage, or pound the ground and yell “THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME” at the uncaring sky? How would you treat a co-star if they accidentally injured your idol?

Make no mistake—idols have to be made of sterner stuff to survive this far. How do they do it? What’s their secret to personal resilience as an ultrahigh-demand entertainer? Grit and a healthy support system? Borderline sociopathy? Dissociative identity disorder? Emotional repression?

How would you stay alive, if not sane? Which Oshi no Ko Character are you?


Who created Oshi no Ko?

The sleeper hit seinen is the brainchild of Aka Akasaka, the mangaka who also gave us Kaguya-sama: Love is War as his gift to the world, and illustrator Mengo Yokoyari.

Idols being married is a big media event in Japan, and a popular joke is about being born as their child—this was Aka’s genesis for the entire story, which he expanded to be an exploration of the entertainment industry in the Internet Age, as well as its dark side. 

Some heavy topics featured in the series are gossip, stalker fans, company politics, toxic audiences, and idols being restricted from things like dating or speaking freely on social media.

While his earlier work Kaguya-sama was a comedy, Aka admits the serious tone of Oshi no Ko is closer to his true writing style.

If you’re a fan of Aka’s other hit series, please check out our Kaguya-sama: Love is War Personality Quiz.

Why does Hoshino Ai have stars in her eyes?

The six-pointed starburst in Ai’s eyes is the most recognizable motif in the series. When she died, her twins Aqua and Ruby both inherited one of these stars.

For a surface-level explanation, her starlit eyes are a visual marker of Ai’s peerless drive and larger-than-life character. This has passed down to her kids, who have frequently been described as having “star power” even without trying.

Upon deeper analysis, these eyes also represent a rare form of ambition that can someday consume a person—this is also seen with Ai and her self-denial due to a traumatic childhood, but it’s most clearly visible with Aqua, who is single-minded in his goal to identify his father and punish his mother’s killer.

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