Which Death Note Character Are You?

A notebook from the land of the Gods of Death falls down to the human realm, bequeathing any human who picks it up with the terrible power to kill anybody whose name they write on its pages.

Would you be the one to bear the curse of the Shinigami and take the Death Note for yourself? Who would you strike down first? Will you target the unjust and the sinful to create a better world, or sow terror and ascend as a new god among men?

Do you even have what it takes to keep the Death Note in your possession, lying and bargaining and killing those who would threaten your great scheme?

Contrastingly, if the Death Note fell to other hands, would you be courageous enough to seek out and apprehend its owner at the risk of being a mistake away from imminent death?

Which Death Note character are you? Jot down your answers to this Death Note Kin Quiz and find out!

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Death Note Kin Quiz


What would your first instinct be if you saw the Death Note lying on the ground?

After reading about what the notebook can do, what comes to your mind?

Whose name would you write first?

What do you hate the most?

Which pair of traits defines you best?

Which snack is the best pick-me-up when you’re tired?

Who is your favourite supporting character?

How would you primarily use the Death Note?

Would you trade half of your remaining lifespan for Shinigami Eyes?

Which career appeals to you the most?

What do you do on your days off?

Which of these do you despise most?

Which Death Note Character Are You?
You are L (Lawliet)!

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This top-notch analytical mind is the living definition of an enigma, with stark, searching eyes that can scrutinize the deepest parts of a person’s psyche. Like him, you prefer being the mastermind in the shadows. You like backing up all of your plans with solid logic and being a step ahead of your competition at all times. Plus points if you also like sweet foods and walking barefoot.
You are Light Yagami!

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If the phrase “I don’t care if I’m a heartless bastard as long as I’m an efficient bastard” assumed a human form, that human would be Light, the college student with strong morals that becomes the megalomaniacal, justice-driven owner of the Death Note. If you’re like Light, you’re creative and productive, always moving towards the next step of your master plan. You’re also not one to easily let emotions or sentimentality affect your decisions.
You are Ryuk!

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The plus side of being a neutral force means that you can have fun at everybody else’s expense. That’s certainly how Ryuk would think as he scarfed down apples and played Mario Kart while Light and L play their mind games. You might not have his Shinigami Eyes, but always know something that others don’t, and can adapt to changing scenarios quickly. You’re an expert in dealing with secrets – keeping some and trading the rest to others… for a price.
You are Touta Matsuda!

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Touta is the untested but enthusiastic junior officer that seems to act as the show’s comic relief. He sometimes feels useless next to his colleagues, but that doesn’t inhibit him from trying to help in any way he can. He is a strong believer in what’s right, and loyal to his ideals – uncompromising even if his closest friends or colleagues try to lead him astray. While he forgives easily, his feelings can burn brightly and lead to truly amazing actions.
You are Misa Amane!

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Most fans consider the Second Kira as a brat, but her bubbly exterior conceals a layered character. She has been the exemplar of loyalty and dedication to Kira ever since his crusades avenged the deaths of her parents. Even while being tortured, she remained largely fearless. Her actions during the Yotsuba arc also prove that Misa can take the initiative when she is able, and use her charms to disarm the people who underestimate her.

About our Death Note Character Personality Quiz

Death Note comes up frequently whenever anime fans think of a psychological thriller – a series that revolves around the cerebral mind games played by conflicting geniuses, L and Light.

The central premise is that Light, a popular and academically exemplary student, comes across a mystical notebook that claims to kill anybody whose name is written on its pages. Motivated by his hidden boredom and discontent with the ills of society, Light begins to jot down the names of criminals in this Death Note, taking on the persona of Kira.

The slew of deaths he leaves in the following weeks attracts the attention of the world’s foremost analytical mind, the anonymous detective L. Matching Light in wit, logic and psychological warfare, L ends up befriending Light, and the two enter a highly convoluted game of deceit and manipulation to out each other.

Things only get more complicated with the addition of Ryuk – a Shinigami (God of Death) – who owns Kira’s Death Note, and Misa, an orphaned girl who also receives a Death Note and uses it to repay Kira for killing her parents’ murderers.

Rules of the Death Note

Part of why Kira was so successful as the owner of the accursed notebook was his clever use and manipulation of the Death Note.

The Death Note has plenty of rules written by the Shinigami to outline its powers, although they themselves are unaware of every rule.

The primary rules on how to use the Death Note indicate that writing a human’s name on a page while keeping their face in mind causes them to die within 40 seconds – either from a heart attack or whatever death the writer specifies.

Several other rules exist, with a couple being shown during each episode in the anime, covering topics such as the causes and conditions of death, ownership, the Shinigami eyes, and the Shinigami themselves.

The full list of the Death Note’s rules can be found in the book – Death Note 13: How to Read.

Frequently Asked Questions About Death Note

Why does L like sweets so much?

L is the poster child of anime characters with a sweet tooth. Most scenes find him munching on everything from cakes and pudding to strawberries.

The series’ writer, Tsugumi Ohba, was responsible for conceptualizing L’s love for sweets. It’s been stated that his diet is entirely made of sweet foods. 

The reason behind L’s sweet tooth apparently stems from the fact that sugary foods contain a ton of calories, which he needs to keep his brain running at full capacity throughout the day. While it’s likely played for laughs, the series also implies that L’s brain uses so much energy that he remains underweight despite eating only sweets.

Why does Ryuk love apples so much?

The love that the Shinigami Ryuk has for apples is often used for comedy, and plays a part in humanizing him. 

After being fed an apple by Light, Ryuk develops a craving for the fruit and likens it to alcohol and cigarettes to a Shinigami – so much so that he experiences withdrawal symptoms if he doesn’t eat them.

Ohba reasons that he created Ryuk’s affinity for apples because the fruit’s red color contrasted nicely with the Shinigami’s black, and he wanted to depict the idea that Shinigami only ate apples. 

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