Which KonoSuba Character Are You?

A fantasy world, a party of talented companions, and the threat of the Demon King looming on the horizon… Time to ditch your dull life and get hit by a slow-moving tractor, for adventure calls to you at last!

In Konosuba, even a shut-in NEET loser like Kazuma Sato can become a beloved hero, so don’t lose hope. There’s bound to be a prospecting band of adventurers who’ll be looking for your skills and talents to take on difficult quests and earn some sweet eris.

This isekai is full of opportunities to live out your dream RPG career. Now you could train towards becoming Belzerg’s best underwear-stealing thief, or a professional cabbage hunter, or even a lich entrepreneur.

Pledge an oath to protect the helpless by day, and waste your hard-earned money on drinks and bar snacks by night! Sleep in a stable! Purify lakes! Detonate other people’s homes with magic! The possibilities are endless!

Which Konosuba character are you? Spend your stat points, learn those skills, and find out for yourself!

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KonoSuba Character Quiz


Pick your character class

Which stat is your highest?

Your main goal in the new world is to…

You’re out of funds. What job will you choose to earn money?

How smart do you consider yourself to be?

For an adventuring quest, you’d like to…

What’s your combat philosophy?

You finally found the evil boss in their lair. You…

What is your greatest hidden flaw?

After a day of adventuring, you unwind by…

What do you usually dream about?

You’re the first one to wake up at dawn. You…

Which KonoSuba Character Are You?
You are Kazuma Sato!

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The crafty and cynical Kazuma used to be an antisocial NEET. Now, as an adventurer, he’s become far more outgoing. In his team of idiots, he’s usually the most level-headed, and he can reliably hatch unexpected schemes with his high intelligence and luck.
You are Megumin!

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Megumin is the size of a large firecracker, although she wields the power of a nuclear bomb. She’s a haughty wizard with a voracious appetite. Megumin is far advanced in Explosion magic for her age, but can turn incredibly childish when flustered, and her obsession with detonating things leads her to getting a tad psychotic.
You are Aqua!

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Although her elemental domain is water, this beautiful goddess is a total airhead. She’s impulsive, a tad gullible, and self-absorbed. However, Aqua is also a sociable and upbeat individual, and she regularly does helpful things for people without a second thought.
You are Darkness!

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The crusader of Kazuma’s party is a gorgeous knight, a selfless fighter bound by duty to defend others and preserve the realm. She’s quite kind, nurturing and mature. Darkness represents nobility and chivalry… and degeneracy; for all her knightliness, she’s secretly the lewdest freak in the gang.
You are Wiz!

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Despite her formidable ice powers as a lich, Wiz is refreshingly gentle and altruistic, sometimes acting like a caring older sister to Kazuma’s party. She’s clumsy and has an innocent mind, but can turn chillingly scary when she gets mad.

About our KonoSuba Character Personality Quiz

KonoSuba – a shortcut for Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo! – is a series about an antisocial deadbeat’s second chance in life as an adventurer in a new world that feels like the setting of a fantasy RPG, with stat systems, skill trees, boss battles, dungeons, and guilds for adventurers to receive quests.

Before landing in the new world, Kazuma had the chance to choose any powerful weapon or item to take with him as a perk. He chose Aqua, the goddess that had been teasing him about his embarrassing death in our world. Lacking money, weapons, and a place to stay, they find themselves living in a stable and doing blue-collar jobs for cash.

Their fate eventually turns around as they meet Megumin and Darkness, respectively a dangerous wizard and a noble knight, but it soon dawns on Kazuma that his three companions are all delusional wackos in different ways. Now, this mismatched party of four goes on crazy quests to gain money and experience, and eventually become strong enough to defeat the Demon King that has risen to terrorize the land.

The City of Axel – a Newbie’s Haven

At the outskirts of the Kingdom of Belzerg sits the city of Axel, a well-defended community that has retained its peace and prosperity from the Demon King’s rampage. It has come to be known as a starting city for new adventurers attracted to its quality of life. The abundance of low-tier monsters surrounding the settlement makes it quite easy for beginners to earn levels and cash easily.

Axel serves as KonoSuba’s primary setting – it is where Kazuma, Megumin, Aqua and Darkness reside. Some notable locations in Axel include the Adventurer Guild building, the gang’s stable, churches for Eris and Aqua, Wiz’s shop, a haunted mansion which they exorcise to use as their new home, and the Succubus café.

FAQ KonoSuba

Why is Megumin’s family poor?

Our favorite Crimson Demon can often be seen hankering for hot meals and snacks at every opportunity. For the most part, this is a behaviour she’s adopted after being constantly malnourished throughout her childhood, when she would steal bread crusts and roast cicadas and “river lobsters” to feed herself and her sister Komekko.

Megumin’s family is revealed to be quite poor, explaining why the sisters had to scavenge so often for food. This is because their father, Hyoizaburoo, is a financial disaster. While he has a magic item shop, he makes items that are too expensive to make, too dangerous to sell, or simply useless. This means he sells everything at a discount, draining the family’s finances.

How useless is Aqua?

As an Arch-Healer who can neutralize undead threats in seconds, resurrect party members, and conjure forth floods, our brainless goddess does have her uses.

When Kazuma and others call her useless, their main issue is that Aqua tends to create more problems than she solves due to her short-sighted and impulsive nature. She is frequently blinded by easy money, not understanding the danger she encounters until she’s halfway through a monster’s digestive system.

With some foresight and restraint, Aqua can be a formidable party member, but as far as Kazuma is concerned, this is an unrealistic dream.

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