What Anime Character Are You?

We enjoy anime more if we can relate to one of the characters – they give us something to root for.

Their strengths and weaknesses become ours, we identify with their backgrounds, and often learn important lessons from the way they handle conflict.

There are quite a lot of memorable anime characters – from fan favorites to overnight hit sensations. People love them because they see a reflection of themselves in another world – just think how you’d fare if you were put in the shoes of a student council member, secret mastermind, or an isekai protagonist.

In this personality quiz, we’ll suss out which anime character you are by matching them to your real-life traits, quirks, and abilities. Enjoy!

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Anime Kin Quiz


What’s the heaviest thing you’ve lifted?

You just gave a speech. What does the audience feel?

You’re in charge of a group for a big project. How do you lead?

How smart do you consider yourself to be?

What’s your favourite accessory?

Which school subject interests you the most?

Where can your friends usually find you by yourself?

Why do you usually raise your voice?

What’s your ultimate goal in life?

What keeps you going in your darkest hour?

Are you sociable?

What are you most conscious about?

How organized are you in doing things?

Which food do you prefer the most?

What Anime Character Are You?
You are Natsuki Subaru!

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Like Subaru, you’ve probably tasted agonizing failure many times over. Once a star student, he was a NEET who had to shape himself up to survive in a deadly fantasy world. You return wiser and more determined after every disaster, and succeed by empowering your allies, to whom you’re unflinchingly loyal.
You are Lelouch Lamperouge!

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You and Lelouch are born leaders. While not the fittest smart guy, you have grand ideas for how the world ought to be, and possess the will and charisma to achieve them. You might have a superiority complex, too – but you likely learned to back that up with countless hours studying and preparing for any contingency.
You are Tanya Degurechaff!

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Cunning, commanding, and maybe even a bit cute – Major Tanya shares your aptitude for navigating chaos and coming out on top. You crave nothing more than success and the perks that come with it. You’re practical and logical, but hide a fiery streak.
You are Yu Ishigami!

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You and Yuu (pun intended) are legendary memelords and are model examples of the doomer culture. People count on you for being tech-savvy and intelligent. With your snarky wit, you can come across as cynical and depressed, but you’re concealing a heroic spirit and sense of justice that your friends secretly count on.
You are Mio Akiyama!

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Mio has a lot in common with you – you’re mature, calm, and intelligent, making you a natural anchor for your friends and loved ones. You prefer not drawing attention to yourself, but you’re actually sensible enough to assert yourself in any situation.
You are Yotsuba Nakano!

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Sunshine and sugary orange juice in human form – you and Yotsuba are high-energy creatures who love life; even when things aren’t particularly bright, you stay optimistic and try to rally everyone else to keep fighting. In your alone time, though, you’re a little more subdued and reflective. Any sorrow inside you only drives you to shine brighter for others.

About our Anime Character Quiz

Anime character personality quizzes have been around since the earliest days of the Internet. Many shows have produced such cool, admirable characters that can be good role models for all types of fans.

We know how much an anime and the characters in it can mean to you – we get inspired by their various traits and achievements and even learn helpful lessons in life. You might like to know which anime character you are to see a reflection of your own personality and how it can develop to help you reach our own goals.

We made this quiz with extra love – from one fan of anime to another, please enjoy!

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