Which Re:ZERO Character Are You?

With ice magic, oversized morning stars, elemental and spirit-based spells, and multitudes of other powers fashioned by the cruel hands of god-like beings, it’s hard to die without a fight in the mythical world of Re:ZERO. And yet everyone seems to die all the time.

So there you were, looking for a midnight snack at your local convenience store. You walk out into the street with chips and noodles in tow, yawning, and as soon as you open your eyes, you find yourself in the middle of some alien, unrecognizable fantasy city.

Far from hallucinating, you realize you’ve been transported into another world; isekai’d, so to speak. You loiter around town to test if you’ve developed powers or new abilities, exploring every nook and cranny to learn about the locale, and you even find some interesting and friendly people.

Then you explore too far, and find yourself dying in a pool of your own guts.

If you had the chance to go back and start your life over in another world, what sort of life would you live? Which Re:ZERO character are you? Take our quiz and find out!

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Which Re:ZERO Character Are You?


You think your best trait is…

Which Sin do you think you’re most guilty of?

It’s your first day in the new world. You decide to…

While exploring, you realize you’ve gained the power to…

Over time, you decide your goal in this world is…

What tic do you have when you get nervous?

Which hair color would you like to have?

The best partner to accompany you is…

In a fight, your preferred weapon is…

What kind of attire would you wear in an isekai?

Which food do you like most?

Describe how you usually speak

Which Re:ZERO Character Are You?
You are Rem!

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Rem is demure and soft-spoken, never failing to be polite to anyone. She’s a caring figure that tenderly looks after the people she cherishes, even to the point of neglecting her own well-being for their sakes. Even when hard-pressed, her loyalty and commitment to people like Ram never waver.
You are Natsuki Subaru!

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To say that Subaru has been through a lot is an understatement. Although he sometimes lacks self-esteem, he understands the value of hope and tries to instill confidence in his teammates no matter what. He’s determined to find a happy ending for everyone, even if it kills him.
You are Emilia!

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Emilia is good-hearted, selfless, and idealistic, to a degree. She has a strong sense of knowing what’s right, and dislikes people who stir up trouble. While she tries to grow past it, Emilia can also seem a little childish due to her social anxiety and altruism.
You are Beatrice!

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Beatrice doesn’t like talking to strangers who have no business with her, I suppose. She is self-assured, arrogant to a degree, and intolerant of nonsense. This prickly attitude serves to hide her loneliness, and when she learns to open up, she is pretty tender and affectionate, in fact.
You are Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti!

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Petelgeuse is weirdness incarnate. He’s wild, unpredictable, and admittedly appears a little insane. But that’s because he’s devoted to his one true love, Satella, the Witch of Envy. If your personality matches with him, you’re likely three episodes away from descending to madness.

About our Re:ZERO Personality Quiz

Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World isn’t your typically fantasy isekai setting. Nearly every patch of land in the world hides some terrible danger that could kill you in a moment of ignorance. And yet it’s quite a beautiful world with a ton of admirable characters – some are cute like Beatrice or Puck, some are attractive like Rem, Emilia or Crusch, and some, such as Echidna or Satella, are morally reprehensible maniacs that are still undeniably pretty.

A sizable theatre of the weeb wars in recent memory has centered around whether Rem or Emilia is Best Girl, although it’s prudent to remember that Re:ZERO also has many characters to contend for Best Boy. There’s guys like the plucky entrepreneur Otto Suwen, the main man himself, Natsuki Subaru, and Reinhard van Astrea, a knight who is simply built different.

Even a baddie like Petelgeuse has his followers, and with the popularity of Season 2, more fans have come to sympathize with the eyeball-licking, finger-biting nutjob we know and love. Re:ZERO’s ability to characterize its cast through their backstories and arcs is among the series’ greatest strengths.

Who Are The Witches of Sin?

In Re:ZERO, the Witches of Sin are legendary figures who each claim power over one of the Seven Deadly Sins – Envy, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Pride, Lust and Gluttony. Two other individuals exist, lording over the archaic sins of Vainglory and Melancholy.

Little is known about the individuals that became the current Witches of Sin. It is known that the current Witches – Satella, Echidna, Sekhmet, Minerva, Typhon, Carmilla and Daphne – wandered the world some four hundred years before Subaru came about, alternatively trying to help people and causing tragedies in their wake.

The Witches are tied in mysterious ways to the Witch Cult, a shadowy organization that has long become synonymous for terror in the Four Great Nations. The Cult is often led by the Sin Archbishops. These individuals are powerful beings who have gained the Authority over their Witch patron’s power.

FAQ Re:ZERO Characters

Why is Emilia called the Witch’s daughter?

Emilia is a silver-haired half-elf who shares an startling resemblance with Satella, the Witch of Envy, who was responsible for a genocidal rampage that happened 300 years before the setting started. With her species’ long lifespan, Emilia was actually around back then, albeit she was still a child and likely unaware of the Witch at all.
Before being frozen for centuries, Emilia did have a mother figure in the form of her aunt Fortuna, though.

Why did everyone forget Rem?

During the start of Season 2, Rem was aboard the Lugunican forces’ convoy alongside Crusch when they encountered the Sin Archbishops of Greed and Gluttony – respectively Regulus Corneas and Lye Batenkaitos.
As an Archbishop, Lye’s Authority of Gluttony allowed him to devour a person’s identity, stripping them of their memories and wiping away the idea of their existence from anyone who knew about them.
Crusch, Rem and the allied forces couldn’t stand a chance against the power of two Sin Archbishops. Regulus mutilated Crusch, while Lye wiped her memory clean before devouring Rem’s identity whole.

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