Which Anime World Would You Live In?

Anime can bring its viewers into any number of quirky and fantastical worlds. We’ll be acting as your travel agent today to find out which of anime’s bizarre but breath-taking worlds would you be a natural part in.

The setting of an anime provides a platform for its character’s stories and actions. Some settings resemble our own – only with the addition of magic, supernatural forces, and superpowers.

These worlds can be inhabited by strange but fascinating creatures. Many of these creatures can be harmful, seeking out humans to feed or simply kill, prompting courageous people to fight them. But in other shows, they can be helpful companions to humans. Genres such as action, adventure, and isekai are almost always set in these fantasy worlds.

Most of our favourite anime take place in worlds threatened by evil forces. However, the real world is also an attractive setting for many other series, especially those categorized as slice-of-life and romantic comedy anime.

Which Anime world would you live in? Fill up this personality quiz so we could match you to your ideal setting. Have fun!

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Which Anime World Do You Belong In?


What gives you motivation in life?

Choose a real-life destination that you want to visit

How much danger can you handle each day?

Which concept fascinates you the most?

Which of these characters do you want as your mentor?

You find yourself in combat. What will be your ideal weapon?

Which literary setting appeals to you the most?

What combination of anime genres do you like best?

What do you think about pets?

Which cool skill would you like to learn?

Would you live in an anime world if it meant you were enrolled in a school there?

Which of these would you enjoy eating the most?

Choose your ideal home

Which Anime World Would You Live In?
You Would Live in the World of Jujutsu Kaisen!

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In the show, negative energy from humans causes predatory supernatural entities called Curses to emerge. The order of Jujutsu sorcerers rose to combat these spirits with sick ninja moves, mystical techniques and enchanted weapons. If you’re not afraid of the dark, and actually like the idea of fighting your fears and protecting society from the shadows, you might be a shoe-in for the Jujutsu Kaisen universe.
You Would Live in the World of Attack on Titan!

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Ever wanted to stay in a walled city? Excited to explore the untamed wilderness beyond with the help of your Vertical Maneuvering Equipment? Are you okay with eating nothing but potatoes for months on end? If this sounds like you, you’re the right fit for the Attack on Titan universe, where humans are fighting a desperate battle against giant Titans using nothing but their tools, quick thinking and determination.
You Would Live in the World of Boku no Hero Academia!

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You appear to be someone who would find a lot of utility out of having superpowers. Almost everybody in BNHA has them, but only a few can truly call themselves superheroes. People respond differently to having Quirks, after all – while many try to help society by responding to natural disasters and crime, others use their power for more selfish ends. Will you be able to stand out among the likes of All Might and Deku?
You Would Live in the World of KonoSuba!

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So you want to live in a video game isekai, huh? A world like Konosuba does sound appealing: imagine going on adventures for a living, earning gold and experience to level up and gain new skills, and having enough cash to party almost every night at your local tavern. If you meet Aqua, you can even get her to tag along with you – if you can stand her brainless personality. Kazuma sure has it good.
You Would Live in the World of Nichijou!

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Nichijou is set in the real world, but it’s one of the most legendary slice-of-life shows of all time because it proves that the real world is already a hilariously surreal place to live in. Your friends, attitude towards life, and your own potent power of imagination are all you need to make every day as memorable as any shonen fight scene or Mr. Bean routine.
You Would Live in the World of Pokemon!

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The Pokemon world is lighter and friendlier than most other settings in anime, but wouldn’t that be great anyways? You can go exploring a vibrant and mysterious world full of peculiar creatures to catch, battle and befriend. If you’re really good at battling, you can make a decent living or even become a Gym Leader or Pokemon Champion.

About our Anime World Personality Test

Like many other works of fiction, anime can provide its viewers with an escape into all kinds of fantasies, from oddball scenarios with your friends in the real world to full-blown fictional universes rife with magic, technology or supernatural energies.

An anime’s setting can be the source of many charming details and reflect real-life desires and attitudes. The isekai genre, for instance, can include a lot of “wish fulfilment;” its protagonists are usually deadbeat NEET failures that become much more capable and admired in the alternate world thanks to their abilities and insights, maturing as people in the process.

Tropes can mesh and mix to create different layers to an anime’s setting. Code Geass is ostensibly a mecha anime, with a futuristic setting and science fiction influences, although its storyline is driven by fantasy and philosophical elements.

Other fan favorites, such as Assassination Classroom and Tokyo Ghoul, depict the real world with the addition of fictional elements – Korosensei’s mutations for the former, and vampiric Ghouls for the latter. More anime with these settings include My Hero Academia and One-Punch Man.

A great deal of popular anime are set in alternate realities altogether – Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail and Pokemon readily come to mind.

This personality quiz evaluates your likes, inclinations and various odd tidbits of your attitude and behaviour to see which of these anime worlds would appeal to you the most.

What is Slice of Life in Anime?

Slice-of-life is a beloved genre in anime. While it isn’t a general rule, most slice-of-life series either have little to no fantastical elements – or only use them as secondary details to the plot or setting. Much of the action in the story takes place in commonplace locations, such as schools, shops and restaurants.

Slice-of-life shows put focus on entertaining, everyday situations. The main plot may involve romantic conflicts between the protagonist and several rivals, running a business, attending school, befriending people or winning competitions. The various dynamics and relationships among characters provide much of the comedy, drama or horror in these shows.

Classic slice-of-life comedy anime include K-On!, Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh and Nichijou. Shows in this genre that are more geared towards drama are Clannad and Anohana.

Recent staples to the slice-of-life genre are Food Wars; Uzaki-Chan Wants to Hang Out; Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro; Kaguya-sama: Love is War; and Komi Can’t Communicate.

FAQ Anime

What does Isekai mean in anime?

The literal translation of Isekai (異世界) means “different world”, which can also have connotations like “another world” or a “parallel universe.” However, in Japan, this term is usually only used to refer to the Isekai genre.

Three kanji characters make up this word. The first character, 異, stands for “different.” When used together, the latter two kanji, 世界, are used to say “the world.”

The first recorded use of異世界in Japanese literature can be found in “Brave Warrior of Another World”, an 80’s-era sci-fi novel by Haruka Takachiho.

What city inspired Shiganshina from Attack on Titan?

The fortress city of Shiganshina from AoT is surrounded by sturdy, towering walls to ward off Titan attacks, although it also creates a sense of isolation for its residents.

Series creator Hajime Isayama once stated in an interview that such a feeling of being cut off from the world beyond stems from his childhood in the Oita Prefecture of Kyushu, Japan. 

Oita is surrounded by several high mountain ranges and forests, which Isayama said had contributed to the idea of gigantic monsters roaming the land beyond his hometown’s barrier-like mountains.

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