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How’s your Pokémon journey going, Ace Trainer? You must’ve had an adventure of a lifetime, encountering strange creatures, meeting interesting people, discovering all sorts of places and the stories that dwell in them. It’s time to take a little break and see how much you’ve learned as a Trainer with our collection of Pokémon quizzes.

Being a Trainer is cool and all, but what if you could explore the world as your own Pokémon? Which Pokémon do you think you are, and what Pokémon type might your personality belong to?

Perhaps you’d like simply chilling as a Totodile or a Krabby on a hot summer day, or maybe you want to be a little more active, training to your heart’s content as a Hitmonchan or a Grapploct. Or it’s also likely that you want to achieve more as a Pokémon – fighting as a formidable Greninja or Cinderace and making it all the way to the Pokémon League.

You might even have the personality to assume the forms of Legendary Pokémon, such as Zekrom and Reshiram, or Yveltal and Xerneas. Certainly, you have something in you worthy of being passed into myth – charisma, intellect, perseverance, or even your instinct to protect those dear to you.

So pack up your potions and Poke Balls, and make sure you have a Revive or ten ready – it’s time to show you’re the very best with these quizzes about Pokémon. Enjoy!


Welcome to our collection of Pokémon quizzes! The Pokémon franchise is among the most beloved classics in fandom history, making games, TV shows and trading cards that are praised by many generations of fans.

With the meme-tastic debut of Sword and Shield in 2019, the series has expanded to Generation VIII. That means there’s a lot to cover – especially if you haven’t played the entire catalog of Pokémon games.

We’ve created these quizzes to appeal to every type of Pokémon fan – whether you fell in love with newer locales like posh, proper Galar and Unova, or hail from the older games like the original Ruby, Sapphire, Red and Green. The series has a big story, after all, and these quizzes can help you witness how Pokémon has evolved (ha-ha) over the years.

So take a detour to your favourite Route, put on your preferred weather with Sunny Day or Rain Dance, and enjoy our growing collection of quizzes about Pokémon. Have fun, Ace Trainer!

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