What Legendary Pokémon Are You?

You aren’t just a Pokémon! You’re a beast of legend, a mythological marvel! How will your personality decide which Legendary Pokémon you’ll become? Take this quiz and find out!

The world of Pokémon is brimming with mysteries. In long-forgotten tombs and caverns, in mystical lakes and fields and forests, soaring in the planet’s atmosphere or scheming in strange, alternate dimensions, Pokémon of the rarest and most powerful kinds abound.

Legendary Pokémon are responsible for building up much of the background and setting of the series. Stories are told of the early continents being moved by hard-working, but quiet beings of steel, stone and ice, of gargantuan creatures shaping the lands and seas, of the elusive spirits of consciousness and life residing in three sacred lakes. Humans in the Pokémon world regard these forces in awe, just as we remember the godly pantheon of Ancient Greece or Scandinavia.

The essence of these legendary beings can be found in ordinary people as well. Do you possess the cold, calculating intellect of Mewtwo, the protective instincts of Lugia, the independent mindset of Giratina, or the pure serenity of Cresselia?

Are you as aggressive as Groudon, as insistent as Kyogre, or are you a more level-headed Rayquaza, acting as a mediator to your friends? Will you prefer roaming the countryside like the Legendary Beasts, Suicune, Raikou and Entei, or would you like to stay cooped up somewhere cozy, like the Legendary Birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres?

If you’re taking this personality quiz, that means you want to discover which Legendary Pokémon you have a part of inside you. Please enjoy as you start answering!

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Which Legendary Pokémon Am I?


How do you deal with conflicts with others?

Pokémon abilities are very important when it comes to fighting. Which one do you prefer?

What type of Pokémon do you prefer?

Where do you prefer to go?

If you had to have a job in the Pokémon universe, what would it be?

You can't live without...

How do you show someone you care?

What is your biggest talent?

How many Pokémon would you take with you if you were a trainer?

Within your group of friends, what role do you play?

What Legendary Pokémon Are You?
You are Mewtwo!

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You are a quiet person when it comes to showing your feelings. You are not afraid of the unknown, as you want to learn as much as possible. You may be intimidating and cold at first, but you open up over time.
You are Rayquaza!

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Of a quiet nature, you don't like people penetrating your intimacy. You spend a lot of time and effort making sure that no one is bothering you. You are a busy person when it comes to making decisions. Because of this, many of your loved ones come to you when they are in a period of uncertainty.
You are Arceus!

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You are a very thoughtful person when it comes to making a choice. You want the best for yourself and for the people you care about. Being a very modest person, you don't like to be praised when you don't deserve it.
You are Lugia!

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You tend to be a calm and serene person. When you get noticed, it's for something important. You like to keep everything to yourself. Power is not something important to you, but you know how to use it. You are an honest person and you would do anything in your power for your loved ones.
You are Zapdos!

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What is certain is that you are someone who has a special talent for livening up parties and events. You bring your own positive energy, and others see it. When you decide to get into something, you're the kind of person who goes all out, learning all you can about it.
You are Zekrom!

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You know that progression is the most important thing. Improvement must be constant. Your expectations are not always realistic, but it helps you stay focused on your goals. You are someone you can count on, that's for sure. You know how to stay calm, even in the most extreme situations.

About Our Legendary Pokémon Quiz

Legendary Pokémon are a big challenge in every Pokémon game – finding them can be difficult, and that’s not even mentioning how punishing it is trying to catch one without a Master Ball or some complicated strategy. But finally getting a Pokeball to tick three times on a Legendary makes it all worthwhile.

Some of the most overwhelmingly powerful Pokémon have Legendary status, due to a high starting level and very high base stats, as well as having excellent starting movesets.

From Mewtwo and Deoxys to Zekrom and Heatran, these Pokémon represent the forces of nature themselves. We’re talking about wielding the force of endless blizzards or summer droughts, raging infernos and volatile thunderstorms, and going so far as to reach the powers of time, space, energy, evolution, and the very Universe.

Needless to say, it seems overpowered to grant such power to the hands of a ten-year old Pokémon Trainer, but if they can handle such a challenge in their lives, so could you.

This personality quiz will help you discern which Legendary Pokémon suits you the best, as well as discover the legendary qualities that you have inside you.

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