What Pokémon Type Are You?

Forget catching 'em all—this is about understanding the 'one' that you are!

Ever wondered why you're so electrifyingly witty, or perhaps why you're the root of all things calm and nurturing? It's time to find out which Pokémon type matches your unique blend of quirks, qualities, and yes, even those flaws you try to Double Team away from.

Will you be a Fire type—adventurous, passionate, and always running the risk of burning too bright? Or perhaps you're a Water type—intuitive yet as moody as a Gyarados missing its Dragon Rage. Maybe you're a Steel type, with a resolve harder than a Metagross but emotions as accessible as a hidden Ability. From the intuitive psychic to the grounded rock, each type offers a blend of intriguing traits that make you as unique as a shiny Pikachu in a sea of Pidgeys.

And when you've discovered your inner Pokémon, why not cuddle up with the perfect embodiment of your newfound identity? Imagine snuggling up to the best Squirtle Pokémon plush, in case the playful spirit of the water type matches your personality. So grab your Poké Balls and your sense of humor, because we're about to venture deep into the tall grass of your personality. Trust us, it'll be more fun than a barrel of Mankeys and less confusing than trying to navigate Rock Tunnel without Flash.

Ready to evolve into your true self? Let's find out which Pokémon type you really are!

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Pokémon Type Quiz


Choose a city or town in the Pokémon world you'd love to live in:

What's your go-to way to spend a free afternoon?

What kind of Pokémon Trainer would you be?

What's your favorite kind of movie?

Which animal do you identify with the most?

Which Eeveelution are you most drawn to?

What do you value most in a friendship?

What’s your go-to comfort food?

If you had to choose a partner for a Tag Team Battle, what would their strongest quality be?

How do you usually get around?

What Pokémon Type Are You?
You're the Grass Type!

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Ah, the Grass type, ever so nurturing and dependable. You're the Bulbasaur in a world full of Charmanders—always there with a Vine Whip to help out in a pinch. Like a true Grass type, you're deeply connected to nature, always seeking to grow and nurture others. But let's be real: your down-to-earth demeanor can sometimes become so grounded that you're practically photosynthesizing. Yes, you're the life of the garden party, but maybe ease up on the 'green' lectures. You're so earthy, you're essentially a walking compost pile, and nobody really wants to be around a compost pile all day.
You're the Rock Type!

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You're the Onix in your group—strong, sturdy, and the epitome of rock-solid reliability. People trust that you'll be there when they need you most, whether it's a shoulder to lean on or a literal boulder to block out life's problems. But, come on, your hard-headed nature is only rivaled by your Rock-type counterparts in the Pokémon world. You're stubborn as a Geodude and sometimes you just need to roll with the changes. So solid you're practically a fossil, remember, even rocks erode over time.
You're the Water Type!

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As a Water type, you're the Squirtle of your squad—cool, adaptable, and easy to get along with. Your emotional intelligence is like the soothing water that heals Pokémon in battle, and you're adept at navigating the seas of life. However, let's not kid ourselves: you're as moody as a Gyarados that just got its tail stepped on. You can shift from tranquil lakes to raging whirlpools before anyone can say "Water Gun." So go ahead, wear your watery emotions on your sleeve, but remember, not every situation calls for a Hydro Pump.
You're the Fire Type!

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Flamboyant, passionate, and adventurous, you're a Charmander on a quest to become a Charizard. The fire within you lights up every room you enter, whether it's the burst of energy you bring or the literal Flamethrower you use to destroy obstacles in your path. But hold on, hotshot! Your passion can also be your downfall, just like a Fire type’s weakness to Water moves. You run the risk of blazing too bright, too fast, turning you into a pile of smoldering ashes. Being a living BBQ is fun, but don't forget to control your internal combustion.
You're the Steel Type!

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You're the Metagross of your peer group: logical, cool, and collected. With the emotional armor of a Steelix, you're almost impossible to crack. Your analytical nature allows you to solve complex problems with ease, and you don't let emotions sway your judgment. However, beware of rusting, my friend. Your cold, steel exterior can come off as aloof or emotionally stunted. Sometimes showing a chink in your steel armor isn't a weakness, but rather a sign of being human—or at least, a warm-blooded Pokémon.
You're the Psychic Type!

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You're the Alakazam of human society—mysteriously intelligent and intriguingly complex. Your intuition is so developed, one might think you've got a pair of spoons always ready for a Psychic attack. While you excel at diving deep into the mysteries of the universe and reading people like an open book, be careful not to get lost in your own mind. Your complexity can turn into overthinking faster than a Jynx can blow a kiss. Being the Mariana Trench of personalities is fascinating, but even psychic minds need a break from their own depth.
You're the Fairy Type!

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Enchanting, magical, and a tad whimsical—you're the Clefairy that everyone wants to catch. Your zest for life and natural charm is as infectious as a Fairy Wind move. Whether it's helping friends or sprinkling a little magic into someone's life, you're always ready with your Moonblast. But be careful, not everyone deserves your magical touch. Your optimistic outlook can sometimes lead you into trusting the wrong people. You're so full of whimsy, you make Togepi look like a grizzled war veteran. Remember, not every situation can be solved with Fairy Dust.
You're the Electric Type!

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Zap! You're the Pikachu everyone's been searching for: electrifying, intelligent, and shockingly quick-witted. Like an Electric Pokémon charging up for a Thunderbolt, you're always ready for action, jolting through life with unparalleled enthusiasm. Your energy can light up a room, but don't forget, even Electric types need to recharge. You're so energetic that if you were any more electrified, you'd be a walking hazard. Remember to occasionally switch off; it's okay to save some energy for later.

About our Pokémon Type Personality Quiz

Welcome to a world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon! But wait—before you set out on your journey to become the next Pokémon Champion, wouldn't you like to know which Pokémon Type aligns with your personality? This quiz isn't just a bunch of fun and games; it's a dive into the core of what makes the Pokémon universe tick—Types!

While the Pokémon universe boasts a rich tapestry of 18 unique Types, this quiz narrows it down to eight primary ones for a focused exploration of your personality. Each Type represents a unique set of characteristics, skills, and philosophies. Ever wonder why Electric-types like Pikachu are often depicted as quick and energetic? Or why Psychic-types such as Alakazam are known for their profound intelligence? It's not just coincidence; it's the very DNA of the Pokémon universe.

Fire-types, often brimming with passion and a sense of adventure, are known for their strong will and, occasionally, their hot tempers. They embody the spirit of unquenchable curiosity and the desire to take action.

Water-types are generally adaptive and fluid. They can be as calm as a placid lake or as tumultuous as a raging storm, demonstrating the incredible range of personalities within this Type.

Electric-types are quick thinkers and quicker movers. They're the life of the party, energetic and filled with electrifying personality traits that make them unforgettable.

Grass-types are often down-to-earth and nurturing. They care deeply about the environment and those around them. Their peaceful and caring nature often makes them the mediators in any group.

Psychic-types are typically introspective and intelligent, often lost in deep thought or captivated by complex puzzles. Their love for knowledge and wisdom is unparalleled.

Steel-types are known for their resilience and practicality. These are Pokémon (and people!) who value tradition, structure, and have a knack for logical reasoning.

Rock-types are as reliable as they come. Solid and grounded, they offer a stable presence, but can sometimes be perceived as stubborn or inflexible.

Fairy-types bring a touch of magic and whimsy wherever they go. They're often drawn to beauty and have a whimsical, somewhat unpredictable nature.

So, are you ready to find out your true Type? The answers might surprise you and offer you a new perspective on your journey through life—and the Pokémon universe!


How Many Types Are There in the Pokémon Universe?

Currently, there are 18 recognized Types in the Pokémon universe, each with its own set of characteristics and elemental properties. These range from the traditional elements like Fire, Water, and Grass to more specialized categories like Psychic, Steel, and Fairy.

Can a Pokémon Belong to More Than One Type?

Yes, many Pokémon are dual-typed, which means they inherit the properties of two different Types. For example, Gyarados is both a Water and Flying-type, making it vulnerable to Electric moves but giving it a range of abilities that single-typed Pokémon may not possess.

How Does Weather Affect Pokémon Types?

In some games and regions, weather conditions can have an impact on Type effectiveness. For example, Rain will boost the power of Water-type moves, while Sunny Weather will enhance Fire-type moves. It adds an extra layer of strategy to battles.

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