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Attack on Titan (SNK) Quizzes

Things can get pretty dark in the Attack on Titan series. Villages get wrecked. People are eaten. Children spend each day dreading if it were their last. Naturally, plenty of fans like to imagine themselves trapped in the same situation. 

If you want to immerse yourself more in the show’s beautifully hopeless world, we have a collection of fun Attack on Titan personality tests for you to try out.

Some of us might prefer staying within the walls, tending to uneventful lives as potato farmers or something – maybe even eking out a career in the Garrison or Military Police Regiments. There’s nothing wrong with that; if Titans didn’t threaten his family, Levi Ackerman would likely be perfectly content just spending a day or two cleaning every spot of their home.

A few others, however, would like nothing more than to venture out into the beyond, hunting Titans for game and exploring a post-apocalyptic land as part of the Survey Corps. This, too, is a respectable decision. Training for years to fight the enemies of humanity takes dedication, willpower, and zeal. And courage – especially as said enemies are the size of skyscrapers, can seemingly ambush you at will, possess a variety of frightening abilities, and shoot jets of steam for no good reason like the world’s angriest teapots.

Ever wondered what it’s like to romp around the ruined world as one of those mindless and bloodthirsty Titans, but can’t decide if you want to be as ripped as the Attack Titan or chunky like the Armored Titan? You can take our Titan personality test to see which of the beasts you’re most like!

Do you prefer being a regular human being instead? There’s plenty of flavors of those, too. Ask yourself – which Attack on Titan character are you? A mercurial scientist like Hange? A stalwart commander like Erwin? Or a human vacuum machine like Sasha? And if you’re interested in actually romancing one of these charming characters, go ahead and see which Attack on Titan characters would date you.

We only ask substantial questions in our quizzes – queries that can distinguish the Mikasa Ackermans of the world from the Levis, Armin Arlerts or Erens. Enjoy the world of AOT as you go through our quizzes, and relive the trauma and excitement of the manga and show.

Strap that Vertical Maneuvering Equipment on nice and tight and explore the world of SNK with our Attack on Titan personality quizzes!

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