Which SNK Titan Are You?

It’s no easy task defending humanity from the onslaught of the Titans. In fact, in the Survey Corps, your days are often dangerous, depressing and downright soul-crushing. Don’t torment yourself with such a life. Leave the walls, seek us out, embrace transformation, and have infinitely more fun as one of the Titans!

Titans - lumbering giants with horrifyingly deformed bodies and powerful abilities – lord over much of the world in Attack on Titan. Life as one, however, might not be as burdensome as it seems.

A Titan’s sole desire, after all, is to find and eat humans. It’s a peaceful and respectable lifestyle. You roam around an empty, beautiful world overrun by Nature and occasionally grab a few screaming beings as a snack. You topple mountains. You destroy kingdoms. You laugh and joke at the folly of Man. And eventually, you die. Not a bad deal.

Of course, there are many Titan types you can become. Before you act on such a life-changing decision to transform into a Titan, it might help you to choose wisely, like a responsible consumer would.

Consider the following question thoroughly. “Which
SNK Titan am I?” Which form would bring you the most enjoyment? Find out with our quiz here!

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Which Titan From "Attack on Titan" Are You?


As a child, which interested you the most?

You really want to travel on...

What do you despise most about humanity?

In an argument, you tend to…

The best way to spend the weekend is…

Which animals do you find the most in common with?

On a bad day, the thing that relaxes you the most is…

You have shed your humanity to become a Titan. What do you do first?

Which trait would you like best in combat?

Would you ever show mercy to humans?

Which character do you like best?

Which trait do you want to fix in yourself?

Which SNK Titan Are You?
You are the Armored Titan!

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This Titan’s very being is tough, like steel. Its hardened skin is impenetrable to all but the strongest weapons, and allows it to charge and devastate fortified positions. To be an Armored Titan is to wear your vulnerabilities like protective plating, so they may never be used to harm you.
You are the Attack Titan!

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Apart from being an offense-focused Titan type, this fellow has the uncanny ability of reach throughout time and gain the memories of its past and future users. Consequently, the Attack Titan is for forward-minded people with long-term goals and a love for planning ahead.
You are the Beast Titan!

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Creative and spontaneous types will enjoy being the Beast Titan, whose animal qualities vary depending on the holder. Want to be a bat? Fancy having rabbit ears or the scales of a crocodile? Do you wish to return to monkeyhood? Let your imagination – and berserker urges – run wild!
You are the Colossal Titan!

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If you like being large and in charge, the Colossal Titan is for you! This thing erupts into a fiery explosion whenever it transforms – perfect for making an entrance. It’s also quite huge and powerful, even compared to other Titans, which is simply a must if you want to stand out.

About our Attack on Titan Personality Quiz

What’s Attack on Titan without the real stars of the show? The Titans! The nigh-unstoppable monsters that constantly make life a living hell for the people of Paradis and beyond. They’re usually only brought down thanks to a lot of human ingenuity, technology, and sheer, foolhardy courage. Otherwise, they’d lead very happy lives. If only humans left them alone, right?

Many Titans look like they were ripped straight out of an anatomy textbook, with their visceral, exposed muscles and exaggerated features. Don’t let their gruesome exteriors make you afraid of them, though. They’re fascinating creatures who act to satisfy their desires at each passing moment. You might find something to admire about that, eh?

Much of the more interesting history behind the Titans counts as spoilers for the later seasons. One can’t really delve into their lore without exposing major plot developments, especially concerning our mercurial star, Eren. In light of this, approach the following segments with caution.

FAQ Titans

Who Are The Nine Titans?

Thousands of years ago, the first Titans originated from a group of ordinary humans called the Subjects of Ymir. An anomalous, insect-like organism bonded with Ymir Fritz to become the first Titan, or the Founding Titan, with their spinal fluid capable of turning other beings into Titans upon injection.
Ymir’s daughters inherited her Titan abilities, splitting them into multiple types. Over several generations, nine of her descendants inherited the powers that would become associated with the Nine Titans.
The full roster of the Nine Titans is composed of the Founding Titan, the Armored Titan, the Attack Titan, the Beast Titan, the Cart Titan, the Colossus Titan, the Female Titan, the Jaw Titan and the War Hammer Titan. The abilities and appearances of each of the nine giants diverged greatly from one another.

Why are Titans always smiling?

Perpetually-smiling monsters and villains can be unsettling to many people. We see an expression people relate to joy and other positive emotions, and then we find it on the face of something out to hurt or kill us. Such a dissonance triggers alarm bells in our heads that something is profoundly wrong.
While there is no official explanation for why Titans smile a lot, it can be seen as a creative choice to better convey the fearsome nature of these gargantuan monsters that take delight in ruining human lives.

Why does the Colossal Titan explode?

Titans generally produce large amounts of heat as they transform. One of the Colossal Titan’s defining features, however, is its ability to produce catastrophic explosions.
We can largely attribute this to the proportional increase of heat it releases upon transformation compared to other, much smaller Titans. It can also eject steam from its body at far hotter temperatures and in much larger quantities, thus causing an explosive release of material that can even appear as the mushroom cloud of a nuclear detonation.

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