Which Attack on Titan Character Would Date You?

Even in a post-apocalyptic world where voracious beasts the size of mountains stalk the land and most humans live in fear, romance can still thrive.

When you’re not too busy fending off the onslaught of the Titans or surviving the brutal war between the Eldians and the Marleyans, you might be planning to use what little remains of your normal life to go on a date with someone from the show.

There are tons of curious and exciting locales and activities to check out in the AOT universe. Ever thought about going on a death-defying but exhilarating tour outside the walls of Paradis with your Survey Corps crush? Or dreamed of going on a potato binge within the walls with a fellow foodie like Sasha Blouse? The possibilities don’t stop there.

If you prefer the comfort and security of the city, why not stay in the northern districts, where you and your date can chill in their hot springs and avoid the threat of the Titans? Or take a ferry and visit the sunny shores of Marley?

Which Attack on Titan character would date you? Find your ideal AOT match by taking our quiz below!

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Attack on Titan Boyfriend Quiz


It’s a peaceful day within the Walls. You…

You prefer travelling…

What’s your idea of a great first date?

As a Survey Corps member, you’d specialize in…

Which is your favourite snack to grab on the go?

Which quality do you value the most?

Both of you are at a bar. How much do you drink?

What’s your biggest hobby?

Your love language tends to be…

Which trait do you find unusually attractive?

What’s your signature dish for a home date?

After a busy night, you two unwind by…

Which Attack on Titan Character Would Date You?
You would date Eren Yeager!

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Eren has a daredevil’s streak. Sitting still might literally kill him. He’d prefer dates that’d get both of your hearts pumping with adrenaline, and likely ones that involve a little bit of danger. He’s fiery, spontaneous, and fiercely passionate, so make sure you can keep up.
You would date Mikasa Ackerman!

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Mikasa loves strongly and cares deeply; it just happens that she prefers keeping quiet about what she really feels. It’s true that it takes a rare breed of person to get through her armor, but her devotion to her loved ones is second to none.
You would date Armin Arlert!

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Bookish and adventurous, Armin always dreamed of exploring the world beyond the Walls. He’ll love nothing more than to visit exotic locales with you and discover all sorts of new ways to have fun. His imaginative and inquisitive mind means there’s never a dull moment with him.
You would date Historia Reiss!

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Historia is unabashedly kind and altruistic, as sweet as the icing on a child’s cupcake. She enjoys doing acts of kindness, taking care of animals, and helping other people feel good about themselves. Coming from an emotionally distant childhood, Historia values genuineness above all else.
You would date Levi Ackerman!

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Levi casually disrespects almost anyone outside of his group of friends. This former thug might look dead inside, but make no mistake. He knows how to live! He might thrive best at the casino, where his poker face and wit can win him big. He’ll also ensure you’ll be safe in your night-out together.

About our Attack on Titan Dating Personality Quiz

The Attack on Titan series is often dour and bleak. Beset by hordes of mindless, carnivorous giants and forced to live within a crumbling walled city, the citizens of Paradis are often too concerned about survival to enjoy much else.

And yet our characters often find moments of lightness – peace, laughter, and even joy – as they go about working to protect humanity from the Titans.

Naturally, love also finds a way into our favourite Survey Corps members’ war-worn hearts. It turns out that such a trying and challenging world can develop the best qualities in many people, even your average street thug, deadbeat, introvert or weirdo.

Based on your own qualities, which Attack on Titan character would date you? Do you think you even have the guts to see someone from the cast? We hope so. Enjoy!

History of the Ackerman Clan

Levi and Mikasa are the last two known surviving members of the Ackerman clan, a distinguished line of warriors.

Once loyal protectors of the Eldian king, they rebelled against the monarch following his abuse of the Founding Titan. For this dereliction of duty, the King ordered their line hunted down and extinguished.

The few surviving Ackermans escaped into the Underground City or to the mountains near Shiganshina District in the south, but most of them descended into relative poverty. Only when Kenny – Levi’s uncle – swore allegiance to the then-king Uri Reiss did the monarchy stop the persecution of the Ackermans.

Levi and Mikasa both possess their family’s “awakened power,” granting them physical strength and the combat experience from every Ackerman ancestor.


Why did Historia become pregnant?

The latter half of Season 4 in the show dropped a baby-sized bombshell as fans discovered that Historia had become pregnant.

The prevailing reason for this surprise twist is that Historia as buying time for herself and her allies’ plans – especially Eren’s quest to find an alternative final strategy. Recall that she was supposed to eat Zeke Yeager and inherit his Beast Titan. This means Zeke dies, Paradis gains another powerful weapon, and Historia gets only thirteen years more to live.

Historia had suffered through a lot of self-hate and emptiness. There’s no doubt she would have chosen the Beast Titan, but for the intervention of those like Ymir, who inspired her to live on.

Why did Kenny want to kill Levi?

Levi’s mother was Kenny’s little sister. Kenny found her dead and Levi all alone. While admitting to the scrawny runt that he wasn’t cut out to be a dad, Kenny decided to take him along. He made sure Levi was fed and clean, and taught him a little of his trade as a gang member, like the art of wielding a knife.

Kenny’s heart wasn’t in raising a child, however. He felt no connection to the Ackerman family and wanted to follow Uri, the king who forgave him. When he discovered Levi beating someone in a street fight, he judged that the boy had learned everything from him and left without another word.

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