Which Attack on Titan (SNK) Character Are You?

As humanity endures the onslaught of huge and terrible Titans, it’s only natural for truly special and heroic characters to rise up.

Attack on Titan is about to reach its final crescendo with the second cour of Season 4 likely arriving in 2022. The epic series has brought us to the forefront of the battle against the Titan menace, including the morally-grey conflict between the forces of the Eldians and Marleyans.

The Survey Corps has lost a lot of good folks since the start of the show, and there’s a pervading feeling that virtually anyone could die in the last episodes. Before they do, however, why don’t you take a look at which AOT character you resemble the most.

How would you change as a person in the post-apocalyptic world of the Titans? Which Attack on Titan character are you? Let’s find out!

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SNK Character Quiz


Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Do you mind getting dirty?

Which trait would you prefer?

Which expression is usually on your face?

Do you enjoy fighting?

Does science fascinate you?

What do you think of Titans?

How often do you release your anger?

What do you think is your biggest flaw?

Which is more important? Your friends in the Corps or Paradis itself?

Do you enjoy being the center of attention?

How often do you make jokes?

Which Attack on Titan Character Are You?
You are Levi Ackerman!

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Most of the time, Levi’s sarcasm and poker face can drive away a lot of people. Although both of you seem careless, it’s because you prefer laying low and letting your actions speak for you. To your friends, you’re known to be extremely empathetic, loyal, and just.
You are Mikasa Ackerman!

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Like you, Mikasa is calm, strong-willed and intolerant of nonsense. She keeps her emotions behind a mask and usually comes across as cold and sullen to all but her loved ones, whom she would protect up till her last breath.
You are Hange Zoë!

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Zoe has a bubbly and sanguine personality, something quite at odds with many of her colleagues in war-torn Paradis. She is keen, observant, and free-spirited. Both of you also derive great joy from studying and learning about the things and people around you.
You are Eren Yeager!

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Eren is hot-blooded, impulsive, and highly passionate about the things he believes in. He shares your curious and adventurous nature, which usually leads both of you right into pretty interesting situations – but since you both are adaptable and intuitive, that’s not a problem at all.
You are Erwin Smith!

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Erwin is among the best commanders in Survey Corps history. He is a reasonable, serious individual, quite comfortable at being a leader. In the darkest of times, allies and subordinates both look to him for assurance and plotting their next move forward.

About our Attack on Titan Personality Quiz

The world of Attack on Titan is fraught with danger in the form of the titular Titans, hungering, gargantuan beasts that could flatten entire settlements.

It’s no small miracle that humanity continues to persist in spite of these threats, forming a bastion of relative peace in the safe haven of Paradis. Its populace is kept safe from any Titan incursion by three immense walls.

These walls, themselves, are protected by the nation’s military forces, with the Garrison and Military Police Brigade forming their defensive bastion, and the Survey Corps taking the fight to the Titans to reclaim lost territory and resources.

Paradis’ situation is precarious, constantly being besieged by Titans of many nightmarish forms and abilities. But it is in such an environment that our beloved characters are forged – Levi, Mikasa, Erwin, Armin, and the rest of our heroes have all invariably lost many of their loved ones to Titan invasions. Grief, trauma, paranoia and regret have all shaped them in different ways, creating a cast of characters so equally relatable and tragic to behold.

In this regard, Attack on Titan can act as a reflection of how people in real life face and adapt to ever-increasing hostility and danger.

Do they develop callous and impenetrable personas or let their rage burn proudly, inspiring them to be bloodthirsty and brash? Will the mental toll of losing so many good men push them to the brink of insanity? Or are they already a little insane to begin with?

Although the setting is often grim and traumatic, the series has provided some exceptional stories of character development in its runtime, showing exactly how hope and love could be used to defy the darkness of the future. Take it from Mikasa – that “this is a cruel world – and yet, so beautiful.”

FAQ Attack on Titan Characters

Why is Levi obsessed with cleaning?

Due to his family residing in the dirt-poor environment of the Underground, Levi lived in squalor as a child. The people living in such a place were naturally inclined to be sick, starving and crawling with diseases. Levi resolved that when they got out of such a grimy slum, he would do his best to make their new home as clean as possible. The privilege of proper sanitation is something he cherishes to this day.

Why is Mikasa emotionless?

To call Mikasa emotionless is quite misleading. In many times throughout the series, she is seen as intensely emotional, especially when her loved ones are hurt or return after being presumed dead. Mikasa is simply used to concealing her emotions most of the time, treating them as unnecessary burdens to her work in the Survey Corps. She used to be more carefree and cheerful as a child, although the death of her parents had led to her being more emotionally distant.

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