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The hit manga series, Boku no Hero Academia, is an action-packed saga of realizing how one can become a true hero in a world where almost everyone has superpowers. Heroes and villains battle it out for the future of society; what will happen to you if you suddenly live in such a world and develop your own Quirk?

Welcome to our collection of quizzes about Boku no Hero Academia. In here, we can show you a glimpse into what your life might be like as one of the characters in the series. Do you have the right personality to take on the role as Deku, the next One for All, or his evil counterpart, Shigaraki?

A Quirk is only as strong as its owner. In this category, you can also discover the Quirk that’s most suited to your traits and abilities. And we also have a quiz about My Hero Academia matching you to the BNHA guy you’re most likely to strike up a romance with.

Will you use your powers to perform miracles or monstrosities? Would the people see you as a protector or a pillager? Go try one of our Boku no Hero Academia quizzes now and discover the truth!


Boku no Hero Academia presents a world where Quirks have given much of the population with superhuman powers that come in so many forms, no two are said to be fully alike.

Some Quirk users see themselves responsible for using their powers to help people. These are Heroes, going into disasters to save lives and thwart evildoers. Schools like U.A. High School help children with Quirks develop their powers to a level where they can become Pro Heroes like All Might, Japan’s greatest hero.

Our protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, is given a chance by his idol, All Might, to possess the hero’s own Quirk and learn how to become a better hero at U.A. High School.

But even with an academy full of talented young heroes like Shoto, Bakugo, Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Tenya, there are Villains making moves in Hosu City, with several arcs focused on evil Quirk users invading the academy’s many activities.

Chief among the League of Villains are figures like One for All, a mysterious and powerful being who seems to have a connection to All Might. His protégé, Shigaraki, is a young man bent on killing All Might and destroying what he calls an unworthy society.

In the world of Boku no Hero Academia, people with Quirks can use their powers to help people, or harm them.

These Quirks can cause people to erupt into flame, get caught in an explosion, transform into half-machine or half-beast beings, erase memories, distort gravity, and collect other Quirks to strengthen one’s powers, among many others.

Our Boku no Hero Academia quizzes can help you find the Quirk worthy for your personality and dreams, as well as find out which character you’re likely to become if 80% of the world population suddenly gained Quirks overnight. And we can help pinpoint which BNHA character will be your perfect super-powered boyfriend.

Take a step into the series’ exhilarating storyline with these quizzes about Boku no Hero Academia!

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