Who is Your My Hero Academia Boyfriend?

If Quirks exist, destiny does, too. Whether they’re heroes or villains, the guys of Boku no Hero Academia are all sorts of charming.

There’s a guy in the series for every preference. Would you like a guy who’d put the moves on you and aggressively declare their love? We have a fiery hothead for that. Do you want someone selfless, who would put you ahead of themselves? Or someone who’s aloof at first but shows his soft side when you two are alone? We got you covered.

Are you crushing on someone in Boku no Hero? Take the quiz to find out if they’re truly a great match for you, or if somebody else is more compatible for your type.

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BNHA Boyfriend Quiz


What should your boyfriend be like?

Which villain scares you the most?

What type of quirk would you like to have?

What's your biggest weakness ?

An exam is coming up fast, you're more like

What do you decide to wear for a date?

When someone irritates you, you...

What makes you fall for a guy?

What's your favorite food?

In the class, which female character do you prefer?

What's your favorite color?

Finally, if a boy asks you to come to his house, what do you say?

Who is Your BNHA Boyfriend?
Your boyfriend is Shoto!

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Shoto originally had a cold and distant personality that was the result of his abusive education. Focused and emotionless, Shoto preferred to be alone rather than hanging out with other people. However, Shoto became noticeably more sociable, he even gained a sense of humor and sometimes smiles, although retaining the remnants of a distant attitude.
Your boyfriend is Tenya!

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Although he may seem extremely severe at first, Tenya turns out to be only a serious student who wants to keep order as much as possible. He has a very great sense of responsibility, preferring to stay at the side of his class as a delegate in spite of the danger they are in. In spite of his benevolence, a feeling of revenge was born in him when he learned that his older brother was wounded by Stain, the Hero Killer, and that he had to stop his profession because of the serious injuries inflicted on him by the Hero Killer.
Your boyfriend is Bakugo!

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Katsuki is a rude, arrogant, angry and aggressive person, especially at the beginning of the series. Katsuki tends to look like an anti-hero, and downright mean to those who don't know him. This problematic behavior goes back to his childhood when he was known to bully a youngster, Izuku Midoriya.
Your boyfriend is Izuku!

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Izuku is a very shy, helpful and polite boy, often overreacting to abnormal situations with exaggerated expressions. Due to bullying for lack of a quirk, he is initially portrayed as insecure, more reserved and non-expressive. These traits are particularly present with Katsuki, who constantly harassed him for his aspirations to be a hero.
Your boyfriend is All Might!

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The All Might hero character seems to be derived from the stereotypes of comic book superheroes: colorful and full of dramatic flair. Always wearing a giant smile, All Might shows a brilliant, charismatic and welcoming attitude, capable of inspiring others and helping them feel safe and hopeful. He is extremely friendly due to his popularity and years in the spotlight, always taking his time to interact with fans.

About Our My Hero Academia Boyfriend Personality Quiz

In Boku no Hero Academia, the majority of people are born with mutations called Quirks, which give them special abilities such as healing, controlling gravity, and creating explosions.

The story of Boku no Hero is centered on the students of U.A. High School, a prestigious academy for young heroes to develop their quirks and learn what It takes to be heroes.

There are a lot of popular characters attending the academy, such as the main character, Izuku Midoriya, who is following the footsteps of his idol, the musclebound All Might. Izuku might seem weak and amateur at first, but he possesses a great deal of courage and belief in doing what’s right, inspiring even All Might to take him as his apprentice.

Katsuki Bakugo serves as Izuku’s foil and principal rival. Though they were once childhood friends, Katsuki has become a cocky, ambitious over-achiever who enjoys bullying Izuku at school. Despite this, Katsuki is shown to have a strong heart and a determination not to let others down, as well as the humility to befriend those who beat him in combat.

If you’re crushing on Shoto Todoroki, you’ll need to earn his trust to get past that ice-cold barrier. He’ll usually be sulking by himself. It’ll be hard healing the scars left by his past emotional trauma, but he’s pure treasure once he warms up to you.

Overseeing Class 1-A is the class representative, Tenya Ida, who acts as the group’s big brother figure. A responsible, hyperactive, but strict leader, he is an odd mix of physical prowess and nerdiness. He enjoys studying and acting, and wants nothing more than to protect his classmates. Although he’s a little out of touch owing to his wealthy upbringing, Tenya tries his best to be approachable to everyone.

The other male characters in U.A. High School include the resident emo, Fumikage Tokoyami, who wouldn’t be out of place in an Edgar Allan Poe collection; the sweet-talking Denki Kaminari and his sarcastic companion, Minoru Mineta; and a smoking hot professor, Shota Aizawa, whose quirk literally requires him to make lingering eye contact with you.


Is Izuku Midoriya in love with Ochaco Uraraka?

Izuku and Ochaco are close friends, although Ochaco seems to have fallen head over heels for Izuku. The feelings don’t seem to be mutual as of now, though, as Izuku hasn’t shown much romantic interest due to his social anxiety. However, it’s clear that the two care deeply for one another. You might have some competition if you’re in love with All Might’s plucky apprentice.

Are Denki Kaminari and Kyoka Jiro dating?

For a pair of characters usually relegated to the background, the self-proclaimed sweet-talker seems to have a lot of cute interactions with the snarky musician. Kaminari can easily annoy a lot of people, but Jiro doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, Jiro seems to enjoy teasing Kaminari. The two have a playful relationship with each other, and Kaminari has been shown to bring out Jiro’s secret, sensitive side on multiple occasions.

Who does Eijiro Kirishima like?

Eijiro gets along with all of the other male students due to his respectful, encouraging attitude and outgoing nature. He hasn’t really mentioned if he likes anyone romantically. Fans, however, put him in a colossal ship with the cheery, pink-hued Mina Ashido. If Eijiro says you’re manly, take it as a compliment. That means he likes you.

30 comments on “Who is Your My Hero Academia Boyfriend?”

  1. The first time, I didn’t really put too much answers that are actually ME and they gave me All Might. Then when I actually did the answers that resemble me, I got the Boom Boom Boi Angry Pomeranian Bakugou:)

  2. THe first time I got shoto and then I gave up and starting to put random answer and GOT KATSUKI BAKUGOU

  3. I GOT DEKU THANK YOU SO MUCH...but i don't think bakugo is gunna be happy but its ok ;-;

  4. Tenya: I love you
    Me:When is our wedding
    Tenya:Why do you want it so soon

  5. I got Iida. Cute funny and well I honestly kinda simp for him and people always say me and him are so alike soooo..?? Thank Ya!

  6. I wanted Shoto and I got Shoto! But honestly, I love them all collectively, so I really was surprised on who I actually got. Rarely do I ever get who I simp over on first try.

    Bakugou: Holy sh*t you like blowing things up, huh
    Me:Yes, now get in the car, we're going to be menaces

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