Can You Ace this Boku no Hero Academia Trivia Quiz?

Do you hate cramming? Finals could be coming in two weeks and you’d have hardly touched the syllabus. Well, what do you when you’re supposed to be studying, anyways? Watch MHA? Yes, we understand.

If it cheers you up a little, here’s an exam you likely don’t have to study for. I mean, if you’ve clicked on this quiz, you’ve probably spent a couple hundred hours on watching or reading BNHA, so chances are that you’d actually ace our test.

Wouldn’t it feel rewarding knowing the answer to each question for once, instead of sweating nervously for 45 minutes and frantically trying to remember the half-read notes you made that one time you felt somewhat productive?

Ha-ha, of course, this is all meant in jest; we believe plenty of BNHA and GoForQuiz fans are smart, responsible and intellectually-gifted individuals who totally have their lives together. But if you’re looking for a real major, why not get your diploma* in BNHA knowledge from this quiz?

Finished reviewing? Excellent! Take our Boku no Hero Academia trivia quiz and try to pass with flying colors!

* Diploma, certificate or graduation gown not actually available

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My Hero Academia Trivia Quiz


Instead of her Zero Gravity Quirk, Ochaco was originally going to be…

Correct! Wrong!

How did doctors explain why Deku was Quirkless?

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Who is the shortest character among these four?

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What kind of instrument would Bakugo play in a band?

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Who is Himiko Toga’s original Japanese voice actor?

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The UA motto, “Plus Ultra,” is Latin for…

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Which film inspired the design for Mina?

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Which food would Tenya appreciate the most from you?

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Which of these is one of Dabi’s secrets?

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How long did All Might wield One for All?

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Which Quirk does Shigaraki no longer possess?

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Todoroki’s different-colored eyes are an example of…

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When was the first official BNHA game released?

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Momo’s Quirk utilizes which tissues in her body?

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What does Fumikage’s ultimate move, Black Abyss, do?

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Can You Ace this Boku no Hero Academia Trivia Quiz?
No. 1 Valedictorian

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What a BNHA top-notcher you are! Your accumulated knowledge about the series goes to show how much you love it, and you can certainly consider yourself among the highest ranks of fans. We bet you’d be among All Might’s first picks for rising new heroes. Shoto or Bakugo probably have to clock in extra hours of study just to stand on equal ground with you, and you can likely match Momo or Deku for a fight. Keep soaring high, and you’ll be a famous (and highly-paid) hero someday!
Top 10 Honor Student

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Welcome to the special cadre of students who can accomplish any challenge handed to them with sheer grace and competence. It takes diligence to reach this rank… diligence in consuming BNHA content, of course, but that still counts for something. Other BNHA fans should look to you as a role model or upperclassman when it comes to the series’ lore and finer details. You’re good enough that you can likely make Ochako or Momo consider peeking at your papers during a test, or outpace Tenya in the field!

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Now here’s an up-and-coming rookie hero! You’re quite possibly a casual fan, or someone who hasn’t caught up with the lore in a while, but that doesn’t mean you’re not cut out to be a heroic-level fan someday – far from it. The more you pay attention, the more it pays off, after all – and that’s something you can apply both to BNHA and anywhere else!

About our BNHA Trivia Quiz

School can feel like being chained to a wrought-iron ball and force-fed information until your brain collapses, implodes, or leaks out from your ears like a thin, pink slurry. It is exhausting, demanding, and almost relentless in how many things the curriculum can throw at you before you lose your mind.

But if you had a Quirk and lived in the rich and dynamic setting of Boku no Hero Academia, school would be a little more bearable… who are we kidding, it would be leagues better! Instead of wasting away learning about the Krebs cycle or the mystical nature of bloody triangles, you’ll learn to fight and think as a true warrior, all to help protect the Earth from a growing tide of vicious (and usually highly attractive) villains.

Can you ace our Boku no Hero Academia trivia quiz? Just think of it as an entrance exam to see if you deserve the title of being a My Hero Academia scholar*. Take a crack at it and see how much of a whiz kid you actually are!

* Scholarships not actually available, either. We’re sorry, it’s not that easy.


Why is Bakugo called Kacchan?

Bakugo isn’t the most congenial student in the series, and even his old-time pal Deku feels like he’s being pushed away whenever Bakugo isn’t in an agreeable mood. 

Even with his prickly nature, however, Bakugo still tolerates being called by his childhood nickname, Kacchan. This name stems from Katsuki, his first name, with the honorific suffix “-chan” added at the end. 

This particular suffix is more common among young kids, especially girls, but can also imply a particularly close and trusting bond with a friend, which Izuku visibly exemplifies in his interactions with his old buddy. 

How are Ochaco and her family poor?

Ochaco’s modesty, frugality and easily excitable nature are hallmarks of her character, making her sympathetic and relatable. These traits are attributed to her low-income upbringing.

Her family isn’t totally destitute; her parents actually run their own construction crew, although a major reason it isn’t doing so well is that they haven’t picked up many contracts for a while and the income has had been drying up for a while. Her mom and dad work to the bone to make ends meet, and their relative scarcity has ingrained itself well in the young hero’s mind.

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