Which My Hero Academia Villain Are You?

Being evil can be easy to learn, but difficult to master. It takes guts, commitment, and mastery to become a truly sinister villain. Unlike with BNHA’s annoying, young heroes, there isn’t really a place to study the art of villainy – you simply have to master it over time… or die trying.

Good villains raise questions with their agenda – great villains sow doubt into the most heroic of hearts. To begin your descent into darkness, you’ll need a valid agenda. Do you have a personal vendetta like All For One? Do you despise society like Shigaraki? Are you simply insane like Toga? Consider this wisely when you’re not busy killing random people in an alleyway.

You don’t have to personally enjoy your evil deeds to be a good villain, although it helps if you’re a bit messed up in the head. The key, however, is that you learn to be resourceful. Not everyone can get a Quirk as directly powerful as Bakugo’s or One For All’s. And as a wanted criminal, you’ll have to pick your battles carefully, lest all the heroes band together to beat you with the sickening power of friendship.

So, you think you have the stomach to be evil? Then prove it with this test – which My Hero Academia villain are you? Have fun!

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MHA Villain Kin Quiz


What is wrong with society nowadays?

Which Quirk would help you change the world?

What would you do after capturing a hero?

Upon the success of your evil plan, you laugh…

Is there a secret reason you’re this evil?

Do you like making friends?

What is the signature part of your villainous attire?

Every villain has a symbolic motif. Yours is…

When you’re not in villain mode, you’re…

Among your villain buddies, you’re usually the…

If villainy doesn’t work out for you, you’d like to be a…

Is there ever a chance you can turn good?

Which My Hero Academia Villain Are You?
You are Tomura Shigaraki!

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Shigaraki revels in causing destruction for its own sake. He wishes to kill every last hero to rid society of its strongest symbols of hope and justice, and to teach the world the meaning of genuine fear under his own society. Pretty much a great guy with admirable ambitions.
You are Himiko Toga!

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Toga considers leeching blood from others as a sign of friendship. That’s how twisted to the core she is. Extremely giddy, even when slaughtering people, she dreams to help create a world where unstable sociopaths like her are the new normal. Such a beautiful dream, isn’t it?
You are Dabi!

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Dabi enjoys burning people – literally and figuratively. While he usually conceals his emotions, in a heated fight, he doesn’t shirk away from taunting and insulting heroes until they crumble to ash. This living flame runs on the best fuel of all – pure spite and the thirst to exact his revenge.
You are Kai Chisaki!

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Kai is old-school; he views Quirks as a plague on the human race, and wants to remove everyone’s superpowers so he can go back to being a killer member of the Yakuza. In a world where delusional people play heroes and villains, Kai is the only level-headed and sane sociopath left.

About our BNHA Villain Personality Quiz

My Hero Academia is only half as fun without its villains. There’s a certain honesty to them – with everyone having superpowers, many people tend to perceive being a Hero as a career and means to make money. Due to that, some Heroes appear to be motivated by greed and lust for power rather than pure altruism. This smacks of delusion and hypocrisy. Villains do away with this – they’re honest about who they are. And that’s respectable.

It’s tough being a villain, though. All of the death and trickery in pursuit of your goals can take their toll on your mind. To make up for this, evildoers either develop profound and oftentimes tragic ways to justify their deeds as necessary, or they can accept their true nature and enjoy themselves. Usually to the point of madness, no less.

The villains of BNHA come with different motivations, backgrounds, skills and character arcs over the series. Which one stands as a dark reflection of your own life? Which My Hero Academia villain are you? We hope you enjoy our quiz!

FAQ My Hero Academia Villains

Why is Himiko Toga always blushing?

Because all that extra blood from her Quirk has to go somewhere.
Not really, but in all seriousness, Toga is an extremely upbeat and excitable person. She tends to get a rush out of the most mundane or horrifying things, and adrenaline causes blood vessels near the surface of the cheeks to widen, causing them to turn red from the increased blood flow.
This blushing also serves to portray Himiko as a sanguine character, as blushing can be used in visual terms to represent liveliness.

Why does Dabi have purple skin?

The purple skin on Dabi is scarred tissue from a catastrophic childhood injury when the poor lad lost control of his pyrokinetic Quirk and burned himself. Bear in mind that his body cannot resist the heat of the flames he generates, and he often burns himself in combat.
The skin constantly threatens to peel away, so he staples it to healthy portions of himself to keep it in place.

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  1. i got Tomura Shigaraki my family does not love me at all so all that is in my heart is hatered and hey if you want to talk my email is 19475@garfieldre2.net

  2. YAASSSS, FINALLY AN ACCURATE RESULT! I've been taking these quizzes as one of my characters (Zinak), and he is TOTALLY Shigaraki-

    (They even look similar lol-)

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