Who Is Your My Hero Academia Best Friend?

Even with plenty of humans possessing Quirks, perhaps the strongest superpower of all is friendship.

Superheroes are strong on their own, but it’s when they work with a team that their heroic character really shines. Powers combine, creating devastating synergies that can more quickly defeat evil-doers, and through some good, old-fashioned motivation, each team member can push their fellow heroes on to new heights of glory and valiance.

Abilities aside, our superheroes from My Hero Academia at still people – and loneliness isn’t something that a cyborg body or heat vision can easily fix. Having friends and close companions is a healthy way for budding heroes to heal and handle their emotional sides, helping them maintain the right state of mind to stay on the path of good.

Think about it. If only good people were around Dabi or Toga, they might not have gone down the dark path of being a villain in the first place. It’s evident that friendship is a powerful Quirk unto itself.

Who is your My Hero Academia best friend? Find out by taking this personality test.

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BNHA Best Friend Quiz


Do you smile often?

Which of these traits do you admire most in your friends?

Where would your secret hideout be?

During rest days, where do you guys like to de-stress?

Would you consider yourself a hero or a villain?

How loud are you?

Do you openly display your affection to your loved ones in public?

Which emotion are you guilty of having often?

If you could have a favourite sibling, it would be…

You feel like strangers sometimes see you as…

What music do you vibe with the most?

What would be your ultimate goal in studying to be a hero?

Who Is Your My Hero Academia Best Friend?
Your Best Friend is Katsuki Bakugo!

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You’re the type of person who’s skilled in handling explosives – even if said explosive is in the form of one Katsuki Bakugo. Coarse, aggressive and competitive, time spent with this living volcano is rarely dull. You two don’t mind getting a little burnt so long as you’re having fun, and you’ll both gladly set people on fire if they somehow get on your nerves.
Your Best Friend is Izuku Midoriya!

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They say even introverts turn into avid extroverts when they’re with the right person – and Deku fits the bill perfectly for you. Polite, restrained and a little insecure at times, he nevertheless gets pretty excited should you guys have something in common. He’ll step out of his comfort zone to protect you, and you might even find his courage infectious.
Your Best Friend is Shoto Todoroki!

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You and Mr. Ice King aren’t the type to be all fuzzy-wuzzy about your friendship, especially around other people. Maintaining an aloof and mysterious persona, who knows what kind of wacky or shocking secrets both of you guys keep to yourselves. Both of you are introspective and self-confident, but it won’t be a surprise if you two enjoyed snickering at others in private.
Your Best Friend is Ochako Uraraka!

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You and Ochako are on the same spectrum, constantly buzzing on good vibes like a bubbly cola. Paradoxically, Miss Ditz is both down-to-earth and an airhead. Her laidback and outgoing attitude would probably lead you two to enjoy going out, whether it’s for shopping or hiding in the bushes to stalk your latest crush.
Your Best Friend is Himiko Toga!

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Toga is sanguine and serially unpredictable - both of you are a little unhinged, to say the least. You guys could act normally, but when you’re around each other, your eccentricities click so quickly that it’s like the two of you have entered into your own secret world. You guys find a lot of comedy in the world, and neither of you seem to have lost your childlike spark.

About our My Hero Academia Best Friend Personality Quiz

My Hero Academia is set in an alternate future Japan in the 2030s, where a sizable portion of humanity has spontaneously developed superpowers called Quirks, giving rise to a tide of new heroes and villains.

In the show, society has adapted to the point that children dream of developing their own Quirks and becoming heroes themselves. In fact, Quirkless children – like Deku, initially – are occasionally bullied for lacking powers, while gifted children go on to hone their Quirks at U.A. High School.

There’s a lot of combat, physical training, and mind games involved in learning to become the next top hero in Japan – and also a fair amount of danger involved, as evildoers like Dabi and groups like the Paranormal Liberation Front constantly threaten the next generation of heroes at every turn.

Even with these burdens, however, the students at U.A. High School have stuck together through thick and thin. Our personality quiz on who is your My Hero Academia best friend takes a close look at you to determine which of our beloved characters would be your closest companion.

What is the Paranormal Liberation Front?

The Paranormal Liberation Front is the latest incarnation of a large group of villains banding together to wreak havoc on heroes and society at large, reborn from the ashes of the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army.

Their overall strength, numbers, and inclusion of high-profile villains such as Dabi, Re-Destro and Twice have unnerved even the No. 1 Hero, Endeavor, into believing that they could overpower all of the world’s heroes.

Several formidable villains are found at the top of the front’s hierarchy, with the twisted Tomura Shigaraki leading as the Grand Commander. It contains several regiments, helmed by the likes of Dabi, Toga, Geten and Twice. Its most powerful warriors, on the other hand, include Gigantomachia and Slidin’ Go.

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