Which Komi-san Can’t Communicate Character Are You?

Striking up a conversation on a whim isn’t everyone’s strong suit. For people with social anxiety, mustering up the courage to talk – much less befriend people – can be crushingly difficult.

Komi Shouko has a tremendous fear of talking to others, even if her lifelong dream is to make friends with a hundred people. While talented and attractive, she is misunderstood as a cold and intimidating person by her schoolmates due to her inability to interact with them. After Tadano befriends her, however, she gradually learns how to befriend the people in her class.

Of course, many of her schoolmates aren’t exactly great at socializing either – Itan Private High School, for some reason, accepts students solely on a personality test that has led to its halls being filled with “freaks, weirdos, miscreants, losers and eccentrics.”

With Komi and her classmates’ various social tics, quirks and fears, it’s hard not to find a character whose oddities are relatable to the challenges you might be facing in your own social life.

Which Komi-san Can’t Communicate character are you? Take this quiz and find out!

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Which Komi Can’t Communicate Character Are You?


What stresses you out the most?

Do you prefer writing or speaking out loud?

Which of these skills are you good at?

How would you deal with somebody who is giving you problems?

Are you studious?

Which activity at the pool is your favourite?

What is the best part of going to karaoke with friends?

Where would you like to work for the summer?

If you’re going on a long vacation, which item would you never forget to bring?

What animal suits your personality the most?

How would you get closer to the person you like?

Do you feel like you’re usually misunderstood by others?

Which Komi-san Can’t Communicate Character Are You?
You are Komi Shouko!

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Komi is shy but well-meaning. She is graceful, intuitive and surprisingly competent in a lot of things, as long as they have nothing to do with speaking. Despite being introverted, she places a lot of trust and affection in her friends and has no compunction about leaving her comfort zone as long as she has them by her side.
You are Tadano Hitohito!

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Tadano had both the common sense to figure out Komi’s social anxiety first, as well as the good nature to treat her as his equal when everybody else either worshipped or feared her. Described as shockingly average – from his looks and height, to his academic performance, he nevertheless has sensible social skills thanks to his ability to “read the room.”
You are Najimi Osana!

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There are social butterflies, and then there’s Najimi – a student with nearly 500 childhood friends – Komi and Tadano included – and supermutant social skills, being able to read, charm, convince and even manipulate others to help in their mischievous deeds. While their cleverness can be downright scary at times, Najimi covers it up with a lazy and crass persona.
You are Yamai Ren!

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Yamai’s cute demeanor, trendy fashion sense and general friendliness make her quite popular in her class. Matching with her means that your have great aesthetic taste. You also likely have an impressive skill in blending in with other people. You’re hard to please, but when it comes to someone you’re devoted to – like Komi, in Yamai’s case – you’re staunch and loyal. Please don’t kidnap or threaten to kill anyone, though. We beg you.
You are Himiko Agari!

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Himiko’s klutzy and easily flustered, which sometimes hides her sweetness and attractiveness from her classmates. Like Komi, she is terrified of social interaction to the point of holing up in the bathroom to avoid meeting people. She’s most comfortable when food is around, and is skilled in giving advice – particularly about ramen.

About our Komi-san Can’t Communicate Character Personality Quiz

When a person has extreme social anxiety, they struggle to communicate with others. Bear in mind, they only struggle to form connections. It doesn’t mean that they don’t want to.

The central message of Komi-san Can’t Communicate, stated above, bears repeating. The show, revolving around Komi Shouko, Tadano Hitohito and the rest of Itan Private High’s oddball cast, tackles a variety of common scenarios that people with social anxiety find troubling, such as ordering food at a restaurant or participating in school events.

The show, for the most part, is comedic and light-hearted, although it is also appealing due to the premise being relatable to virtually anybody who has had trouble interacting with others or going outside. It handles its subject matter quite poignantly and features an inspiring plot about Komi – with Tadano’s help – gradually stepping out of her comfort zone.

This personality quiz attempts to match you with one of the lovable characters from Komi-san Can’t Communicate’s first season. Who knows? The results might tell you something new about yourself.

The Komi Family – Shoko’s Mom, Dad, Younger Brother and Grandma

Shoko isn’t the only member of her immediate family who rarely speaks. Later in the anime’s first season, it’s revealed that Komi lives with her mom, dad and younger brother – the latter two being just as quiet as Shoko, even at home.

Shoko’s dad, Masayoshi, appears stern and strict, although he is actually just as socially flustered as his daughter. The two can even understand each other non-verbally. Shousuke, Shoko’s little brother, on the other hand, simply doesn’t enjoy talking.

The sole exception in their family is Shuuko, Shoko’s mom, who is lively and talkative, earning almost as much adoration from Shoko’s classmates as Shoko herself.

Yuiko, her grandmother, is also quite stern. However, she reveals her warm and gentle side after hearing that Shoko finally made friends at school.

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