Which Dragon Ball Character Are You?

Have you suddenly regained the memories of your heritage as a Saiyan? Or perhaps learned to reach an ordinary human’s fullest potential? Alternatively, are you from an evil alien race? If you’ve said yes to any of these, then you might have watched too much Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball is a timeless classic, and a series where you’ll always end up with a bunch of good morals after watching a few episodes. But with so many role models and cool characters around, which one resembles your own personality the most?

Do you believe that the power of friendship can triumph over any challenge? Are you the type who never shirks away from a challenge, no matter how painful it is, or would you rather sit back and take the easiest path all the time? Would you like to turn the people who displease you into candy for fun?

Which Dragon Ball character are you? Unlike most training arcs, this personality quiz will wrap up in only a handful of questions, so answer them all and find out!

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Dragon Ball Character Quiz


Which role would be the most fulfilling for you?

What is your signature move?

Anything can be accomplished with…

What would you do in the heated moments before a battle?

What secret weakness could your enemies take advantage of to beat you?

The most important quality for any warrior to have is…

What is your favourite food?

Would you be happy being a full-time warrior?

Would you turn evil to gain unlimited power?

Who would you like to have as a sparring partner?

Which race would you like to be part of?

Do you easily recover after being defeated?

What is your hidden strength?

If you decided to retire from fighting, what would you want to be?

When fighting, you tend to rely on…

Which Dragon Ball Character Are You?
You are Son Gohan!

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Gohan is a more tempered fighter than his father. One could even call him a warrior-scholar, just as enamored with the study of ki and nature as he is with indulging in his more bloodthirsty side. Gohan doesn’t want to enter into a conflict senselessly, only to defend his loved ones. He is amazingly studious and observant; given time, he can find ways to outwit any enemy.
You are Vegeta!

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Vegeta is almost an archetype at this point for people with a haughty, competitive, and relentless spirit. He is naturally arrogant, but matures later on. Despising weakness, Vegeta always strives to be the strongest version of himself. His attitude, combined with his intelligence, makes him cynical, although he does tend to make light of tense situations with sarcasm. He prefers showing his affections non-verbally.
You are Krillin!

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Krillin is just a baseline human in a playing field dominated by super-powered alien races, demons, mutants and god-like beings, but he punches way above his weight. Don’t let his casually selfish or easy-going tendencies fool you, the “Strongest Human in the World” has achieved his power by embracing his underdog status, training very hard, and being extremely resourceful.
You are Frieza!

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Highly intelligent, a refined and affable fellow, polite even to his enemies… what’s not to like about Frieza? Well, yes, there’s the matter of his sheer ruthlessness and power-hungry nature, but you probably don’t have that either, right? … Right? At any rate, Frieza revels in perfection and control, being a natural leader, although it’s hard to pierce him personally as he mostly avoids affection.
You are Son Goku!

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Goku is among the purest of hearts – idealistic, carefree and constantly seeing the best in people; while these qualities mark him as naïve on occasion, they have successfully molded even many of Goku’s once-opponents for the better, especially Vegeta. He isn’t any fool, either; Goku knows that he can achieve nearly anything if he thoroughly applies himself, and has a keen instinct for who’s right or wrong.

About our Dragon Ball Character Personality Test

If we could place a wager, we’d bet that you weren’t even alive back when Dragon Ball originally aired. It’s one of the earliest series that still enjoys a loyal following to this day, influencing possibly thousands of other battle-themed franchises – including the ‘Big Three’ of Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach.

Part of Dragon Ball’s staying power comes from its characters, many of which are all but timeless: from Goku’s all-too-relatable naïveté, humility and perseverance as a main hero, to Vegeta, who has typified the trope of an arrogant badass who later becomes one of the hero’s fondest friends.

And apart from those two, you still have dozens of memorable figures. Nobody comes close to matching the underdog/comic-relief role that Krillin fulfilled, or the coolly-competent demeanor of Android 18. Even now, new viewers can find themselves easily latching onto other characters like Piccolo, Frieza, Trunks or Goten thanks to how relatable and distinguishable they are.

Which Dragon Ball character are you? Our personality test will help you find out – all without the help of any Dragon Balls or Senzu Beans!


How does Goku earn money?

Goku isn’t the best at adapting to society; despite being a nigh-unbeatable warrior, he keeps procrastinating on finding a job, and prefers training to working. In fact, the only times he’s shown bringing in the bacon are when he won a couple of the Martial Arts championships.

To provide for their family, Chi-Chi and Goku have started farming radishes on Son land, which seems to have been a lucrative livelihood for the two, especially since Chi-Chi’s father, the Ox-King, can no longer afford to support his daughter financially.

Why does Krillin have dots on his forehead?

Those aren’t some type of odd skin rashes or warts; the dots on Krillin’s foreheads are intentional scars made from burns.

Recall that Krillin trained as a monk for eight years, joining the Orin Temple’s order that resembles real-life Shaolin or Buddhist monastic orders. In these orders, lighting dried incense sticks on the forehead was part of a ritual for new monks to profess loyalty to Buddhist vows. These would later scarify, turning into dots.

Additionally, a similar practice in traditional Chinese medicine, moxibustion, also leads to the same type of dots made from burns.

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