Which Yandere Simulator Character Are You?

So you’ve finally enrolled at Akademi High School! Congratulations! You’ve made a terrible decision. And by terrible, we mean a grievous, life-threatening mistake. But since it’s too late to refund your tuition fees, you might as well make the most of your time here!

In as little as ten weeks, life here will likely descend into sheer chaos. The campus will be soaked in blood. Students will live in constant fear of being kidnapped, tortured and killed at the hands of a shadowy maniac. But that’s no reason to miss out on all the fun and interesting activities.

Yes, here at Akademi, there’s always a community for you! Do you have the skills of a chef? Try the Cooking Club! Would you like to enrich your passions? We have the Art Club, Photography Club, Drama Club and Light Music Club for you! Are you interested in summoning demons to plague the mortal realm? Go for the Occult club!

One last note – if you fall head over heels for your Senpai, watch out. You might have rivals out for his heart, and some people are just charming enough to die for.

Which Yandere Simulator character are you? We wish you our deepest condolences as you have fun. Enjoy!

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What Yandere Simulator Rival Are You?


It’s the first day of school. Which subject are you most excited about?

Which part of your classroom would you sit at?

What kind of decorations would be found inside your locker?

It’s noon! What are you having for lunch?

How many friends do you want to make?

At which time are you most active?

Which color do you like the most?

Time to decide which club to join! You choose…

Hypothetically, if you saw your classmate murder someone, you’d…

In confessing to your crush, you’re likely to also…

At the end of the year, which goal would you be most proud of?

Which trait best appeals to you?

Which Yandere Simulator Character Are You?
You are Kokona Haruka!

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Kokona’s such a diligent and selfless student. Sure, she can be the butt of all jokes on many occasions, but that doesn’t stop her from persevering for the people she cares for. She’s grown some thick skin to deal with the negativity that usually comes her way.
You are Osana Najimi!

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Osana can be ice cold or as warm as a relaxing tea. To most people, she shows a mature and amicable persona, but this tsundere has a hard time expressing her real emotions when it comes to those she likes.
You are Amai Odayaka!

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Amai’s demeanor is as soft and sweet as a freshly baked pastry. Coincidentally, she happens to be the president of the Cooking Club. She naturally acts as a big sister to her friends and colleagues, and prefers thinking about the good things in life, like food.
You are Oka Ruto!

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The president of the Occult Club is extremely shy and timid. Although she can sometimes creep out other students with her awkwardness and way of speaking, she’s a surprisingly pensive and supportive person who’s passionate about the topics that fascinate her.

About our Yandere Simulator Character Personality Quiz

Yandere Simulator is a delightful game putting the player in the shoes of a typical high-school girl, Ayano Aishi, affectionately nicknamed Yandere-chan.

Ayano has to deal with a lot of the day-to-day concerns that come with high school life – joining a club, getting good grades, disposing a body before the police arrive, and making new friends. Really, all these activities you need to do while studying at such a prestigious academy can make people a little unhinged. But it’s not the schoolwork that really drives Ayano crazy.

No, instead, it’s her dreamy upperclassman Senpai, the only person that has made Ayano’s kokoro skip a beat. Senpai was a splash of bright, vivid colors in Ayano’s grey and emotionless world. It’s only natural that she should keep him forever. Such a goal would be worth obsessing over.

And it wouldn’t be such a problem if other girls minded their own business. But no, they’re out to take away Senpai’s heart, which means she has no choice but to take away their lives.

Ayane’s rivals are all charming and lovely young girls. They’ll all be dead or disposed of in ten weeks. Then Senpai won’t have any other choice. He never had any to begin with.

FAQ Yandere Simulator

How many rivals are currently in Yandere Simulator?

Although Yandere Dev has included ten rivals, only the first one – Osana Najimi, the tsundere childhood friend – has actually been properly implemented as a rival. The rest of the characters, like Amai and Oka, are already in the game, but their rival mechanics haven’t been released yet.

Is Kokona Haruka a rival?

Kokona isn’t part of the ten planned rivals for Senpai’s affection. Instead, she’s used as a “test” rival for Yandere Dev to implement new mechanics, particularly in terms of the methods Ayane can use to eliminate rivals. This is the reason why she’s considered the punching bag/torture dummy of the game. As of now, though, Kokona’s still a legitimate threat to Ayane’s relationship with Senpai.

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