Which Berserk Character Are You?

In humankind’s collective wisdom, they say that the darkest of days brings out the best in people… or the worst. It’s confusing. Life is confusing, and also brutish, nasty, short, horrifying and oftentimes merciless. If you’re a Berserk fan, you’re already painfully aware of this.

Practically everything in the world of Berserk is messed-up, perfectly demonstrating the worst that people have to offer. You probably empathize with at least one specific character, which makes all of the trauma they’ve had to endure much more nauseating.

Despite that, you can’t help rooting for them, praying they could at least get a happy ending. Hopefully. Please. Even dying peacefully would count at this point.

Berserk fans are legendary for their psychological pain tolerance. If we dragged you kicking and screaming to live as one of the series’ main characters, who would you prefer to be?

Which Berserk character are you? Which of your intrepid and long-suffering heroes (or villains) strikes a chord with your own personal strife? Take our quiz and find out!

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Berserk Character Test


How often do you pick fights?

Which of these scenes reflects your inner sadness?

What relieves stress for you?

Do you smile a lot?

You’re at the zoo. Which animals’ enclosure would you spend the most time at?

During a heated conflict, you are most likely to…

Which monster would you be for Halloween?

As a warrior, you would be best known for…

Are you a planner or an improviser?

In battle, which weapon would you arm yourself with?

Which sin do you think you’re most guilty of?

What do you think about being fashion-conscious?

What would be your profession as an outlaw?

You struggle the most with…

Where would you feel the most comfortable at?

Which Berserk Character Are You?
You are Guts!

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The world can be cruel and people might not care – and you likely know all this personally – but still, you keep fighting. This inner resilience and perseverance, combined with a strong, self-sufficient spirit, sets you apart from others. You’re the most likely to ask, “why are we still here? Just to suffer?” at a minor inconvenience. It doesn’t take a lot to make you happy, but some effort is required for you to lower your defenses to others.
You are Griffith!

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Megalomaniacal and ruthless… um, we mean… ambitious and goal-oriented, Griffith is your soulmate as a peerless leader and achiever. Your charisma and humility could easily attract followers if you tried. You’ve also probably viewed said people as “resources” or “assets” a handful of times. You’re rather observant of how people really think about you and act to use them to your advantage. Machiavelli looks at you from heaven with a smile, we imagine.
You are Casca!

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The last person standing against overwhelming odds… now that’s an inspiring sight. And like Casca, you possess the unshakable courage and determination to not only face difficult challenges head-on, but rally other people to fight beside you. You likely form the “heart” of your friend group or team. When there’s a crisis, most people would be glad to have your cool head and steely demeanor leading the counterattack.
You are Zodd!

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Where lesser men see a cruel and unforgiving world, you see a challenge. And that’s the way it’s always been – you encounter adversity, and conquer it. You even actively seek new ways to test your mettle, whether to gain strength, wisdom, power, or anything else you crave. Such a hunt is what keeps your blood running hot; complacency repels you, and if you’re not suffering to get stronger, you’re not living.
You are Skull Night!

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Outside your inner circle, you seem to be more like a force of nature than a human – enigmatic, selective when talking to others, and frighteningly efficient in your own field of expertise. Plus points if you have a penchant for talking cryptically. All these traits make you naturally interesting, and the people who get to know you invariably consider you a cool and formidable person.

About our Berserk Character Personality Test

Among the most popular series in seinen, Berserk occupies a hallowed spot for featuring some of the grittiest stories, darkest character arcs and generally depressing content to ever come into the manga scene.

The late Kentaro Miura, the series’ esteemed creator, produced the first prototypical version of the work in 1988 and began publishing his work the year after, introducing the world to series mainstays like Guts, the forever-beleaguered main character, and Griffith, an ambitious mercenary leader, for the first time.

Miura’s work quickly attracted fans tagging along with Guts on the never-ending trauma conga line, learning of the horrific circumstances which would lead him to become an emotionally-troubled mercenary for the Band of the Hawks.

Guts’ kickass escapades with the Hawks would also later be complemented by his growing relationship to fellow soldier-of-fortune Casca, and his deep bond with Griffith, which would set up one of the most grimdark story arcs in seinen history.

Famed for its bleakness, the series squeezes out as much value as possible from its medieval setting, portraying humanity at its most barbaric or most refined. Guns and other forms of futuristic technology also abound, because there’s only so much gore that melee weapons can make.

There’s a lot of sorrow in this series, but also a lot of displays of how the human spirit can overcome being evil in a terrible and unjust world.

Which Berserk character are you? We recommend reflecting on the results of your personality quiz while alone someplace dark, with Guts’ theme playing somewhere.

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