Which Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Character Are You?

Shuchiin Academy! One of Japan’s most prestigious cradles for young minds! Home of the studious, the naturally brilliant, the artistic, and the clinically depressed! Its students are all but destined to be the next leaders of the world!

And standing above all other students are the members of the Student Council. These brilliant young men and women ensure that the entire student body runs efficiently at all times. As students in such high positions of power, they are often the subject of admiration and respect… and rumors.

These rumors ask questions that range from the sensible to the utterly insane. How did a loser NEET get into the Council? Who is that sentient pink blob? Is it actually legal to have an angry Chihuahua as an officer?

While it’s true that the Council members are gifted and competent beyond all doubt, that doesn’t ignore the fact that they each have a couple screws loose inside their head. From crippling anxiety to the inability to communicate feelings like normal people, the five Council members that make up the main cast of Kaguya-sama certainly have much work to do.

Oya oya, ready to take the quiz? Which Love is War character are you? Find out here!

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Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Character Quiz


What makes confessing your love difficult?

In life, the greatest trait to have is…

Election time! You aim to be part of the Council as…

The best way to recharge from work is…

You find it hard to…

It’s the night before the exams. You…

For lunch, you’re having…

School’s done for the day. You head off to…

What’s usually on your face?

The best school club to join is about…

Who is the best side character?

Your signature color is…

Which Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Character Are You?
You are Kaguya Shinomiya!

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The dignified daughter of the elite Shinomiya family, Kaguya is naturally gifted in many things and has studied extensively to master several arts and skills. She is graceful and refined, albeit liable to not knowing how the real world works.
You are Miyuki Shirogane!

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Miyuki is a hard worker; he drinks coffee every three hours to stave off prolonged sleep deprivation while studying and working to provide for his family. He is both book-smart and street-smart. As the President, he’s also quite an effective and supportive leader.
You are Yuu Ishigami!

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Ishigami believes that life is pain, and laments about how he lives in a society. And yet, he’s quietly industrious as the Council Treasurer, never neglecting a duty he’s chosen to believe in. Although pessimistic, he sticks to his beliefs and morals.
You are Chika Fujiwara!

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Chaos personified. The pink terror. Chika is frequently the most upbeat and optimistic in the Council. A gifted artist and pianist, she has an almost motherly instinct to teach her fellow members the skills they lack. She’s a playful and unpredictable being that can nonetheless be a truly loyal friend.
You are Miko Iino!

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Miko abides by the rules. She is Justice in the form of a height-challenged and constantly hungry young girl. Intolerant of any form of deviancy in the School, she actually hides quite a lewd and weird imagination. She keeps up a professional demeanor, but can be pretty naïve.

About our Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Character Personality Quiz

Kaguya-sama is a tale of mind games masquerading as a romantic comedy. At its heart, it focuses on the mutual frustration that Kaguya and Miyuki have in trying to get each other to confess their feelings first.

Mind you, these are two of Japan’s top-level geniuses, and so they frequently resort to all sorts of schemes to coax that sweet confession out.

As readers delve deeper into their story, it becomes clear that their reluctance to admit they like each other stems from their equally troubled backgrounds.

Their insecurities are a reflection of what they lacked in their lives. Kaguya craves genuine human affection, while Miyuki has to struggle with impostor syndrome and the difficulty of providing for his father and sister while attending a prestigious school. All the while, they also continue to put up an admirable front as the most brilliant students at Shuchiin.

A similarly dark past plagues both Miko and Ishigami. The two go way back, although they’ve never been close. The later chapters of the manga bring their stories to the forefront.

What about Chika, you ask? Chika is constant and unchanging, like the force of nature or entropy. We’ll leave it at that.

Kei and Papa Shirogane – the Shirogane Family

The Shirogane family consists of Miyuki, Kei, and Papa Shirogane, as well as Miyuki’s estranged mother. They’ve fallen on hard times with the closure of their factory, which ended with them accruing a debt of over 500 million yen.

Kaguya visibly bubbled over the first time Kei, Miyuki’s little sister, walked into the Council room. As Shuchiin’s middle school treasurer, Kei shares Miyuki’s aptitude for hard work and financial responsibility.

Papa Shirogane is more of an enigma. His history suggests he was just as industrious and consummate as Miyuki, especially to win the affections of his wife. Not much has been said about Miyuki and Kei’s mother, but their dad has mentioned that he hasn’t abandoned his feelings for her yet.


Is Chika Fujiwara actually smart?

Do not let the bowtie weirdo’s cute and childish antics deceive you – Subject F is implied to be much more intelligent than she lets on. While she doesn’t exert much effort in her academics (she ranked 99th in her class by Vol. 21), Chika displays high emotional intelligence on top of her mastery of piano and music theory. She’s also a serious polyglot that could carry complex discussions in French with native speakers.

Does Kaguya Shinomiya have siblings?

Shinomiya has no real siblings, although she has a number of older half-siblings seen in the manga. Two of her half-brothers, Un’yo and Oko, are locked in a bitter competition for the right to lead the Shinomiya clan, with either side coercing Kaguya to support their claim.
There’s no question that the closest family members that Kaguya actually cherishes are Ai Hayasaka, her personal servant; and her second cousin Maki Shijo.

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