What Anime Should I Watch Next? (2023 Updated)

Lots of fantastic new and continuing anime titles have cropped up in recent seasons, with the popularity of many shows booming with lively, passionate fanbases.

Therefore, it can be a real dilemma to decide which anime shows you should watch, and even harder to choose the ones to really invest in.

Perhaps you crave the action-packed rush of shounen anime, watching your heroes take on horrific monsters and all sorts of villains to protect the people behind them.

Maybe you want to chill in the isekai genre and explore another world, using your newfound powers and 21st century knowledge to have insane adventures and woo your very attractive cast of companions.

Or would you rather enjoy some slice-of-life stories, cheering on a charming bunch of characters as they deal with challenges in the real world?

In this quiz, we’re going to help you match your tastes to some of the most well-loved shows right now and find out which anime you should watch next.

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What Anime Should You Watch?


What kind of anime appeals to you?

What makes a good main character?

How long would you like a show to be?

How much fighting should be in the show?

Who are the best companions to the hero?

Choose your favourite setting

What superpower or ability would you like to have?

What makes a great villain?

If you had your own anime, what would be your ultimate goal?

What fan content do you enjoy?

What’s the best feeling after watching anime?

If you were a main character, which enemies would you face?

Pick your favourite food/beverage

How much do you want to cry?

What’s the best way to start a journey?

Which Anime Should I Watch Next?
You should watch KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!

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This isekai comedy is a gold mine of memes and clips. Kazuma is a loser, a pervert, and a total waste of humanity. When he dies, he is resurrected to another world and manages to lead three cute, but equally hopeless, girls into adventures for booze, food and money.
You should watch Attack on Titan!

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Humanity faces difficult odds with the threat of colossal Titans stalking the land. Childhood friends, Eren, Mikasa and Armin, are looking for revenge against these monsters – but the web of evil seems to stretch wider than they first thought. A popular action hit for any anime lover.
You should watch My Hero Academia!

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In a world where superpowers are commonplace, Deku dreams of being a superhero like his idol, All Might. Filled with a rich cast of young student heroes, villains, and legendary figures, there’s a lot going on in MHA to love.
You should watch Jujutsu Kaisen!

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Yuji studies in one of Japan’s elite schools for new sorcerers. Their mission? Kill powerful spirit-like Curses that threaten humanity – with one major problem. Yuji becomes the host of the Ryomen Sukuna curse. This show will fit right at home with fans of Bleach and Demon Hunter.
You should watch Re:Zero: Starting Life in Another World!

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Join the shut-in NEET, Natsuki Subaru, as he finds himself frolicking in a beautiful fantasy world with a mysterious half-elf girl. Until he dies. And dies. And dies again. This show soon becomes a dark spin on the isekai genre, with amazingly written characters and a suspenseful plot.
You should watch Haikyuu!!

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Pint-sized Shoyo Hinata has a dream – be a volleyball star. Watch as this Little Giant revives his middle school volleyball team to the heights of the country’s athletics scene. This show is a fulfilling slice of life around the lives of underdogs striving to make it big in volleyball.

About our Anime Quiz

We’ve all gone down that road before – sometimes, an anime season could just be so loaded with good shows that we don’t even know where to start.

It gets exhausting to read the summaries and reviews on every single anime on your watch list – it’s much faster to take a quiz on what anime you should watch. Our quizzes are written by real fans who know exactly which titles will click for you.

Some quizzes get sloppy and include old or outdated shows, but not us. This anime quiz features some of the most popular anime series of 2021 and recent seasons. Whether you watch anime to laugh, cry, think, or relax, we’ve made this quiz to match you to something you’ll really love.

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