Which NANA Character Are You?

Attention all NANA fans, it's time to find your inner punk rock star, hopeless romantic, or voice of reason! Are you ready to discover which character from the beloved manga and anime series, NANA, you truly embody? This personality quiz will dive deep into the realms of love, friendship, and rock 'n' roll to reveal which character's unique traits and (endearing) quirks align with your own.

With a cast of unforgettable characters like the rebellious and passionate Nana Osaki, the ever-optimistic Hachi, the cool-headed Yasu, and the creative soul Nobu, there's no shortage of personalities to connect with. So, whether you're a vocalist in search of your very own Ren or a Hachi looking for love, this quiz will have you singing the BLAST anthem and embracing your NANA persona in no time!

Get ready to (trap)nestle in and embark on a journey to find your NANA alter ego! Just answer the following questions, and we'll reveal which character's style, attitude, and life motto resonate with you the most. Are you prepared to find out if you're the "strawberry glass" of your friend group or the one who's always "saving the day"?

Share your results with your fellow NANA enthusiasts, and get ready for some fun discussions about which character you got, and if you agree with the "harmony" between your personalities!

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NANA Character Quiz


What's your go-to fashion style?

What role would you have in a band?

How would you handle living with a roommate?

Which NANA location would you most like to visit?

What is your ideal romantic relationship like?

How would your friends describe you?

What is your favorite type of food?

What kind of environment do you thrive in?

How do you handle your emotions?

What's your approach to life?

How would you describe your social life?

How do you handle conflict?

Which NANA Character Are You?
You're Nana Osaki!

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Rock on, rebel! You're a passionate, strong-willed individual with a love for music and an edgy style. You value loyalty and friendship above all else, making you the "BLAST" from the past that keeps your squad together. Whether you're crooning a punk rock ballad or standing up for what you believe in, you've got the heart of a true Black Stones frontwoman. Stay true to yourself, and you'll continue to "rock out" through life!
You're Nana Komatsu!

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Oh, Hachi, sweet Hachi! You're a social butterfly with a love for fashion and all things cute. You're optimistic and dream of finding true love, even if it means boarding the heartbreak express now and then. As a true "Hachikō," you're always eager to please and be there for your friends, just don't forget to stand up for yourself too. So, wear that strawberry glass with pride, and keep spreading joy wherever you go!
You're Yasushi Takagi!

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Cool as a cucumber, you're the Yasu in your friend group! You're calm, mature, and highly intelligent. You're the voice of reason among your friends and have a strong sense of responsibility. With your level-headed approach to life, you often find yourself playing the "Yasu card" and saving the day. Remember, even a laid-back law student-turned-drummer needs some time to unwind. So, don't forget to kick back and enjoy the music!
You're Nobuo Terashima!

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Creative soul, meet Nobu! You're a laid-back individual with a unique sense of style and a love for all things artistic. You enjoy spending time with your hobbies and value your alone time. As a true Nobu, you're the hidden gem in your friend group, always there with a kind word or a fresh perspective. So, keep on strumming your guitar and remember that it's okay to step into the spotlight every now and then!

About our NANA Character Personality Quiz

This personality quiz is designed to celebrate the rich and diverse characters from the beloved manga and anime series, NANA. Created by Ai Yazawa, NANA explores themes of love, friendship, dreams, and music through the lives of its complex and relatable characters. Each character in the series has their own unique traits, strengths, and flaws that contribute to their personal growth and relationships with others.

The main characters, Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu (a.k.a Hachi), have contrasting personalities. Nana Osaki is a punk rock singer with a strong will and unwavering loyalty to her friends, while Hachi is a romantic optimist who dreams of finding love and has a passion for fashion. Other characters, like the wise and responsible Yasushi Takagi (a.k.a Yasu) and the creative and laid-back Nobuo Terashima (a.k.a Nobu), provide additional layers of depth and personality to the NANA universe.

In this quiz, we've crafted questions that touch upon various aspects of the characters' personalities, lifestyles, and values. By answering these questions, you will gain insight into which NANA character you resemble the most. We've made sure to include a touch of humor and NANA-related puns to make your experience even more enjoyable and engaging.

Whether you're a long-time fan of the series or new to the world of NANA, this quiz will help you connect with the characters on a deeper level and understand the intricate web of relationships that form the heart of the story. Share your results with friends and fellow NANA enthusiasts, and enjoy discussing the similarities and differences between your personalities and your favorite NANA characters!


What is the significance of the number "7" in NANA?

The number "7" in NANA symbolizes the connection and fate shared between the two main characters, Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu. The title "NANA" itself can be interpreted as the number "7" in Japanese since "nana" is one of the ways to say "seven." It appears in various instances, such as their train number (707) and their apartment number (707), reinforcing the bond between them.

How did Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu meet?

Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu first met on a train to Tokyo, where they were both heading to start new chapters in their lives. They struck up a conversation, and their connection grew stronger when they coincidentally found themselves looking for apartments together in the city. This chance encounter eventually led to them becoming roommates and forging a deep friendship despite their differing personalities and aspirations.

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