Which Red Flag Anime Character Do You Kin?

Everybody loves their anime icons a little broken. After all, true-good paragons that haven’t had even a tiny breakdown or mingled with their inner shadow are utterly boring.

Red flag characters in anime. You know they’re objectively hazardous to be around, and could probably come up with thousands of ways to screw you over, but - much like potato chips – their allure can be undeniable.

Too many shows can feel sanitized, so any anime series that isn’t afraid to delve into the darker aspects of human nature with flawed characters can be exhilarating. Psycho student presidents or wealthy scions indulging in the ugly side of power. Genius anti-heroes who could topple a government as easily as they can stomp down rebellions. People with terrible upbringings, lashing out from their inner torment in creative and destructive ways.

From a certain perspective, these characters offer a peculiar way for fans to discover the shadow sides of their own personalities… as well as enjoy their own power fantasies in anime.

Which red flag anime character is your kin? Take our personality quiz to find out.

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Red Flag Anime Character Kin Test


Are you introverted or extroverted?

What’s the best way to ruin your enemy’s life?

How would you confess your feelings to someone you love?

What would upset you the most?

Which of these qualities suits you best?

When you lose a game against somebody, you’d most likely react by…

Your first impression of someone is usually based on…

Which best describes your evil laugh?

What can lift your spirits up from a bad mood the quickest?

You’re often chided for being…

Are you a thrill seeker?

Which temperament do you possess?

Your ultimate goal is…

Which Red Flag Anime Character Do You Kin?
Midari Ikishima

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Ever felt so empty in your everyday life that nothing else triggers an emotional response but an adrenaline rush? Midari feels the same way. She masks this dissatisfaction with casual sadism and recklessness, but the only time she feels truly alive is when she’s staring down the barrel of a gun… which we don’t recommend, by the way.
Shinji Ikari

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Emotionally distant father? Hedgehog dilemma patient? That’s Shinji! The fourteen-year-old that’s found himself fighting for Humanity’s survival using a giant robot. He tries his best to please people, fearing abandonment, but he also falls into the habit of shutting off from the world. This guy’s the poster child for people who chronically need a hug.
Light Yagami

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Hubris? Think bigger: megalomania. Superiority complex? When it comes to Light, try a God complex. Light is ambitious and ruthless to a fault, coupling his natural talents with hard work to dominate his competition and change the world. For chuunibyous… er, I mean honor students, control freaks, and spiritual siblings to Machiavelli, this guy’s story is an almost ideal power fantasy.
Nagito Komaeda

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“Smile, even though your heart is breaking.” Nagito probably spawned from the same abyss as the Joker - a Stepford Smiler who can be unnervingly chipper even while committing third-degree murder. He’s well-versed in using cuteness and innocence to disarm suspicions while committing World War IV.
Nanami Mami

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Mami can be a cheery, social and helpful lass, but she’s mostly disgusted by the people around her. This façade hides her knack for reading people’s feelings and manipulating them like mere objects. Make no mistake, Mami is a psychological vampire, and will habitually feed off of other people’s feelings to sate her spite and vengeance.

About our Red Flag Anime Character Test

There are flawed characters… and there are characters with personalities and ideas so twisted that they give off red flags wherever they go – hence the term “red flag characters.”

Such characters can become some of the most popular figures in an anime because people relate to their flaws, if not because their antics or way with dealing with the world are quite fun to watch. Their attitudes can also act as a mirror for viewers to examine their own darker identities – the Id, in Freudian terms, or the Shadow, according to Carl Jung.

This personality quiz is designed to find a red flag anime character whose personality is compatible with yours. They can match your temperament, coping mechanisms, sociability, energy level, or personal ambitions. Naturally, this quiz doesn’t encourage you to follow in the morally dubious footsteps of any character here.

While the results may not be as you expected, consider if the character you got shares some qualities with you of which you may not have been aware.

What are Red Flag Characters in Anime?

The term “red flag” refers to clues that somebody is prone to exhibiting sociopathic and manipulative behaviour.

Consequently, while no official meaning to the noun exists, a “red flag character” in an anime is usually defined as someone who is potentially manipulative or psychotic - and is likely to be mentally troubled – but is more or less very attractive to fans due to their appearance or personality.

Red flag anime characters are often, but not always, villains. They can even be sympathetic to varying degrees. Many, however, have no qualms over harming others, especially those they feel have wronged them.

This term can pop up in romantic contexts; as in real life, entering a relationship with one of these characters can be very harmful.


Why does Shinji strangle Asuka?

End of Evangelion has a puzzling ending to fit the show’s multiple layers of themes and ideas. The final scene has Shinji choking Asuka, seemingly in a fit of rage, but without any context.

One possible interpretation is that after initiating Instrumentality – an event which caused all human beings to return to a single consciousness and embrace each other as one entity – Shinji decided that he would rather retain his individuality and be able to accept or reject others.

The theory posits that Shinji wanted to test this agency by strangling Asuka, seeing if she had the free will to reject him.

Why does Nagito have Junko’s hand?

As someone obsessed with hope, Nagito initially wished to test the strength of his ideals by plotting to kill Junko.

His brainwashing led to a strange cocktail of love and hate, compounding with the fact that Hope could not exist without Despair – something that Junko embodies.

It is believed that Nagito took Junko’s severed hand to replace his own due to these contradicting feelings – he hated Enoshima and wished to gain her essence figuratively through her hand, and he also obsessed over her and wanted a keepsake.

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