Which Hunter x Hunter Character Are You?

A person requires intense concentration and will to control their Auras and become Hunters, but if a bunch of twelve-year olds can do it, surely you can as well. We hope.

Standing among humanity’s most elite members are the Hunters, people who have power over their own latent supernatural energies. As part of a secret organization, they use their powers to embark on thrilling and potentially life-threatening quests to hunt everything, from rare plants and animals and ancient ruins, to runaway criminals and dangerous forces that threaten society.

Being the distilled essence of one’s life energy, a person’s own aura can tell a lot about their inner self and affect how they turn out as Hunters. Factors such as the intensity of your emotions, your goals and ideals in life, your affinity to nature, your creative tendencies and even your sense of style can augment your aura and influence the kind of Nen techniques you can use.

Which Hunter x Hunter character are you? Channel your aura into this personality quiz and find out!

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Hunter x Hunter Character Test


What do you think of having small talk with strangers?

If you were allowed to punch someone from the show, who would it be?

What kind of Nen ability would be the strongest?

Which goal is the most fulfilling for you?

What is your favourite Nen aura type?

Which of these traits are you sometimes guilty of having?

Describe your preferred fashion sense

If you were a Hunter, you’d specialize in finding…

You believe that anything is possible as long as you’re…

How would you act if a hated enemy surrenders to you?

If you weren’t a Hunter, in which profession would you like to be?

In your friend group, you are well-suited as…

Which Hunter x Hunter Character Are You?
You are Gon Freecss!

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Gon is the main guy of the series, so congratulations on having his protagonist energy. He’s an approachable fellow – rugged, simplistic, and not afraid to get his hands soiled to help people out. His unshakeable drive to reach his goals and stick to his ideals earn him respect from friends and foes alike, although he should mind his impulsive nature to avoid making serious mistakes.
You are Killua Zoldyck!

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Killua is naturally kind; despite dealing with a difficult past, he has no trouble being cheeky and upbeat to his friends. He shows a high level of emotional maturity and has demonstrated his level-headed and quick-thinking nature even during difficult situations. When his loved ones are imperilled, however, his bottled-up ruthlessness and cunning can be terrifying to behold.
You are Hisoka Morow!

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If crazy equals genius, Hisoka is up there with the likes of Newton or Hawking. A flamboyant and wholly self-centered villain, Hisoka knows how to have fun and will happily toy with people to achieve his own ends. Sociopathy aside, he’s always committed to giving his very best, pushing through pain to deliver a mind-blowing performance to any audience.
You are Kurapika!

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Brilliant, but reserved and sometimes mistrustful, Kurapika is used to pursuing his goals without needing any help. While he has more than enough warmth for loved ones, strangers can usually find him impenetrable to befriend. Although he’s a level-headed and goal-oriented individual, he must learn to fend off his inner melancholy and destructive urges.
You are Leorio Paradinight!

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Leorio puts up a front as a cynical narcissist who’s only interested in money, but deep down, he desires wealth to afford helping the poor as a doctor. He is unwavering in his struggle to reach his dreams, even if the odds are seriously stacked against him. Full of big-brother energy, he is one of the most loyal, reliable and practical-minded characters in the series.

About our Hunter x Hunter Character Personality Quiz

Hunter x Hunter is a classic supernatural anime, most recently made prominent thanks to its television adaptation which ran from 2011 to 2014, as well as its continuing manga run.

The protagonists of the series are notably younger than most of their contemporaries, with Gon and Killua both being twelve by the time the main story begins. Kurapika and Leorio, two other starring characters, are a little older at 17 and 19, respectively, but have no issues relating to their younger teammates.

The series is, in general, light-hearted and filled with good morals that befit other shonen-type shows, although it has its share of intensely violent action and other heavy subject matter.

Fans and casual viewers alike enjoy how the characters in Hunter x Hunter have complex and realistic personalities – with initially cold characters like Leorio and Kurapika having warm and gentle sides. Even Hisoka and Meruem, two major antagonists, have redeemable and even sympathetic qualities to them.

We hope you find this Hunter x Hunter personality quiz better at discerning what kind of person you are than the Water Divination test the cast uses to detect a person’s aura type. Enjoy!

What is the Phantom Troupe?

If there’s one group of people that Blacklist Hunter Kurapika despises most in the world, it’s the Phantom Troupe. An organization of thieves and criminals, its members are responsible for exterminating Kurapika’s entire family and clan.

Thirteen Phantom Troupe members have been identified in the series. Each member is a highly-skilled Nen user. The image of a spider with a different number is tattooed on every member to distinguish them as part of the Troupe.

Chrollo Lucilfer takes the helm as the Troupe’s leader, with other prominent members being Feitan, Nobunaga Hazama, Pakunoda, Machi and Shalnark. Hisoka and Illumi Zoldyck, both powerful villains in their own right, have also temporarily lent their services to the Troupe in pursuit of a common goal.


Why did Ging leave Gon?

Ging left his then-two-year-old son Gon with his grandmother before resuming his duties as a Hunter. While the identity of Gon’s mother remains unknown, the boy eventually ended up in the custody of Ging’s cousin Mito.

Upon becoming a Hunter, Ging reveals in a tape to Gon that he didn’t want to reunite with his son because he decided to pursue his ambitions as a successful Ruins Hunter.

Ging would eventually spend time with his son after the latter shows him his Double-Star Hunter License, at which point Ging reveals his desire to see more of the world and travel to the dangerous Dark Continent.

How are the Chimera Ants so strong?

The Chimera Ant Queen, while appearing as a normal ant, can assimilate the traits of other organisms into her young through Phagogenesis.

The ants grew exponentially in strength by eating humans and Nen users, granting them high intelligence and the power to harness Nen techniques of their own. The resulting hybrids also picked up the ability to speak, think rationally, and adopt a human’s bipedal stance.

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