Nen Type Quiz: Which Nen Type Do I Have?

Sun Tzu, an ancient Chinese strategist and suspected Hunter, once stated: “If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

This maxim holds especially true for Nen users. The way with which you handle your Aura can spell the difference between being predator or prey in the Hunter x Hunter series. To be a successful Hunter, you won’t only need to be decent at controlling your own Nen, but you’ll have to use your abilities to determine the Nen of your opponent and counter their attacks.

Of course, you might feel a little smug knowing you have any Nen at all, since that generally marks you among the elite of humanity. Nen doesn’t manifest in the same manner for everyone, though. You’ll need to determine the type of Nen you’re capable of wielding – can you conjure things from thin air? Manipulate matter? Maybe even enhance your own physical prowess?

If you’re stuck wondering to yourself – “what type of Nen User am I?” – then hop on over to the questions in this quiz and find out for yourself!

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Nen Type Quiz


You’ve tapped into your Nen for the first time. What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

A Hunter is trying to stop a villain from destroying your village, but the villain seems too strong. What do you do?

Do you get flustered or emotional easily?

What would motivate you to join the ranks of the Hunters’ Association?

What chess piece appeals to you the most?

Complete the sentence. “Water…”

Which trait of yours would matter the most when fighting a dangerous opponent?

Which animal resonates the most with you?

Which character from the series do you idolize most?

Which superpower would you prefer?

Are you a planner or an improviser?

When forced to make difficult choices, you usually follow your…

Which Nen Type Do I Have?
You are a Conjurer!

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Conjurers are able to condense their auras into actual objects. They have a knack at solving problems, employing their natural resourcefulness to make and use tools to suit each need. Conjurers tend to approach concerns in a logical and methodical manner, analysing situations thoroughly before acting and staying calm under pressure.
You are a Manipulator!

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With the power to bend objects – or even people – to their whim, Manipulators are strategic thinkers who prefer acting on their own terms and taking control of the initiative. Users of this type enjoy exercising reason and logic to plot complex schemes or win arguments. It’s no surprise that they may harbor control freak tendencies as well.
You are an Emitter!

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Experts at wielding their aura into concentrated energy, Emitters are masters at striking from range. The ability to punish enemies the moment they see them plays well into most Emitters’ quick, instinctive and sometimes-impulsive nature. Their potent aura is also a reflection of the intensity of their emotions, although they are effective at keeping said emotions under control.
You are a Transmuter!

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Transmuters are whimsical beings, adaptive and unpredictable. With the ability to mimic other elements and substances with their aura, these folks are naturally skilled at trickery, mischief and deception. They enjoy being a step or two ahead of everyone else, keeping people guessing about their true intentions or personality. In the same vein, Transmuters can have quite the flair for the theatrical.
You are an Enhancer!

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Enhancers are austere and down-to-earth individuals. People can mistake them for being naïve, but they actually just hold strong ideals and are fervently committed to achieving their goals. They often wear their hearts on their sleeves, but much like their ability, they can harness their feelings to push themselves further as a situation demands.

About our Nen Type Personality Quiz

Living things in the Hunter x Hunter series possess life energy. This spiritual force, or Aura, constantly leaks away from one’s body through the Aura Nodes.

A rare breed of human beings are able to control these Nodes through a technique called Nen, allowing them to harness their aura to wield potent supernatural abilities, which mainly fall under six distinct categories – Enhancement, Conjuration, Manipulation, Transmutation, Emission and Specialization.

Nen is further diversified into various aura-controlling techniques. Its four primary principles are Ten, the power to contain and collect one’s aura; Zetsu, concealing one’s aura by sealing all Nodes; Ren, focusing large amounts of aura to fuel one’s techniques; and Hatsu, the use of advanced and personalized Nen abilities.

Based on the series, the only certified way for people to discern their Nen category in-universe is through the water divination test – in which users focus their aura into a cup of water and check how the liquid changes. Another interesting test is used by Hisoka, which matches certain personalities to the most likely categories.

Nen doesn’t exist in real life – or so we currently believe. However, the type of Nen user you are according to this personality quiz can still tell you a little bit about your very own “aura” by analyzing your behaviour, attitude and tendencies.

What Are The Strongest Nen Abilities?

As the concentrated essence of life itself, the Aura harnessed through Nen can be used to devastating effect through numerous abilities.

The potential for Nen power varies with each character, although it seems to be partly dependent on genetics, as Gon and Killua are both exemplary Nen users from similarly-gifted bloodlines. Killua’s Godspeed and Gon’s adapative Rock-Paper-Scissors abilities are strong stand-outs in the series.

Other formidable techniques include Kurapika’s lifespan-shortening but terrifying Emperor Time, allowing him to maximize his power in all six Nen categories; Aura Synthesis, the Chimera Ant Prince’s vampiric ability to harness fallen opponents’ energies; Hisoka’s chaotic Bungee Gum transmutation skills; and Isaac Netero’s 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, summoning a giant creature whose attacks are near-unblockable.


Is the Hunter x Hunter manga finished?

Despite being around since the 1990’s, Hunter x Hunter remains an ongoing series as of January 2022, with Chapter 390 – released in November 2018 as part of the Succession Contest arc - being the most recent instalment.

The manga is well-known for entering long periods of hiatus that usually lasts several months. However, author Yoshihiro Togashi’s most recent break is currently the most extensive in the series’ history.

In the meantime, preceding chapter of the manga have been compiled into a current total of 36 tankobon volumes, with the last entry ending at Chapter 380. The second TV series adaptation isn’t far behind; its 148th and final episode is roughly concurrent with Chapters 338 and 339.

What is the Water Divination test?

Divination through a glass of water is currently the most reliable and popular method for discerning a Nen initiate’s aura type. By holding the glass and concentrating aura into the hands, the type can be inspected through changes to the water.

The appearance of dust, sand or other particles in the glass marks the student as a Conjurer. 

Any changes to the water’s color is a tell-tale sign of an Emitter.

The addition of more water recognizes the student as an Enhancer.

If a leaf placed on the water begins to move unnaturally, the student is distinguished as a Manipulator.

If the water tastes strange, it indicates that the student is a Transmuter.

Finally, unpredictable or unique changes to the water suggest the presence of a Specialist.

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