Who’s Your Hunter x Hunter Boyfriend?

When romantic urges are in full swing, we believe that even Hunters can become the hunted.

Hunters are dreamy, aren’t they? If a man can concentrate his own will and spiritual energies to gain uncanny abilities over the supernatural forces of the world, then he’s more than likely to be an intense fellow – someone who can enwrap you in so much love that it’d feel like you had an Aura of your own.

If your boyfriend were a Hunter like Killua or Leorio, we’d imagine that you’d enjoy a ton of perks that us ordinary humans would ever get to experience – the salaries alone that these guys get is astronomical, and you’d have unparalleled freedom to see the whole world.

And if you’d like to be a Hunter yourself? Then, by golly, wouldn’t that make you two one hell of a power couple? If the power of love could boost your Nen control, you might even be capable of taking on those pesky Chimera Ants by yourselves!

Who is your Hunter x Hunter boyfriend? Come, let us divine your ideal match – take this personality quiz and find out! (As always, all characters are 18 and above for the purposes of this test.)

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HxH Boyfriend Test


Which comes first?

What do you like doing in your free time?

You think guys are irresistible when they’re…

Your preferred love language is…

If you had a Nen aura type, it would likely be…

How would you react if your BF walked home looking like he got into a fight?

You’re the type to get your BF turned one by wearing…

The best desserts have…

Is it better if you can tell what your BF is thinking, or if they’re unpredictable?

You like boys who are…

What are you looking for in a guy?

Which would be your favourite date location?

You’re the type of girlfriend that easily gets…

In fictional stories, the character that draws you in the most is the…

Which hair color is the most attractive?

Who’s Your Hunter x Hunter Boyfriend?
Your Boyfriend is Killua!

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Killua is casually hyper-competent; he could cook breakfast, walk the dog, hunt a couple of monsters, and finish his studies for the day in the time it takes for you to exit the shower. And yet, he might not do any of those because he’s also a mischievous little gremlin who does what he wants. He might play it cool with you but he’s genuinely warm to his loved ones… and fatally cold to the people who annoy him.
Your Boyfriend is Kurapika!

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Kurapika has a good head on his shoulders; mature, focused, and quick to take charge, all traits which make him quite attractive. Despite his tragic past and aloof nature, he’s always mindful of his goals, and you can’t help but root for the guy. Make sure you’re well-stocked with hugs, kind words and plenty of attention to shower upon this gentle soul.
Your Boyfriend is Gon!

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A simple, no-frills guy: loyal, humble and handy with any type of work that comes his way – in short, a good young lad who’s destined to do great things. Gon is the protagonist, so expect to always be in a whirlwind of new adventures when you’re dating him. He is quite familiar with the feeling of abandonment due to his father, Ging, so he’ll always make an effort to be there for you.
Your Boyfriend is Hisoka!

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Ah, so you must either be into hot villains or hot crazy people. Or both. If this sociopath is your type, take note: he’ll likely give you his undivided attention when you’re together, as long as you do the same. Although he can be selfish, he’s always concerned with delivering an amazing performance – whether it’s on the battlefield, or… elsewhere. If you can keep up with his antics, you two could give Joker and Harley Quinn a run for their money.
Your Boyfriend is Leorio!

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A tall, broad-shouldered bloke who is keenly driven by the need to earn money, with aspirations to become a doctor, to boot. Leorio, at first glance, acts like an unbearable narcissist, but it’s amazing how much of a tender-hearted cream puff he actually is. He’s courageous, never shying away from any hardship, and doesn’t hesitate from telling people the truth.

About our Hunter x Hunter Boyfriend Personality Quiz

Hunter x Hunter has supernatural elements, but it’s not exactly a horror anime. Overall, it’s an adventure series with a healthy amount of comedy and action, with plenty of main and side characters that are pretty lovable.

Maybe… a little too lovable.

As in, daydreaming and thinking “I wonder what my life would be like if this fictional character were my boyfriend” kind of lovable.

We won’t lie, a Hunter BF sounds like a sweet deal. He’s likely incredibly powerful, gets paid in the millions, and travels wherever he pleases.

Plus, nothing gets people in a romantic mood faster than an adrenaline rush, and if your boyfriend’s a Hunter who constantly makes incursions into enemy territory, beats up wild monsters and chases supernatural villains across the entire world, odds are that he’ll often be in the mood. Just saying.

Did you get the result you want from this Hunter x Hunter boyfriend personality quiz? Feel free to try again if you didn’t; there’s always a chance you could end up with someone better. Or Hisoka, if you’re so inclined.


When is Hunter x Hunter returning?

Series creator Yoshihiro Togashi teased a comeback of Hunter x Hunter on Twitter last May 2022 with photos suggesting that he was working on the rough drafts of new updates to the hit manga.

Earlier this July, Togashi followed this up by announcing that he was only “one chapter away” from finishing the latest manga releases.

Although there is no current confirmed release date, fans are expecting the new Hunter x Hunter updates to be available as early as late 2022, or early 2023.

What is Hunter x Hunter’s Dark Continent?

The Dark Continent stands out among HxH’s other locales due to its mysterious reputation as a treacherous land inhabited by dangerous creatures.

During the long-awaited reunion between father and son, Ging expressed his intent to explore the Dark Continent, although he would first need to cross Lake Mobius, a body of water engulfing the entirety of the story’s Known World. The lake itself, fittingly, is also dangerous.
Many rumors persist about the Dark Continent – some claim it is the origin of humanity, and that the average survival rate of people visiting the place is 0.04%.

Chillingly, the Chimera Ant Queen is said to have come from the Dark Continent, although even its incredible power is dwarfed by the Five Threats – specimens taken from successful voyages to the continent that are believed to be the most dangerous risks to humanity in the series so far.

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