Which Demon Slayer Breathing Style Do You Have?

To fight their immortal enemies on equal ground, Demon Slayers practice an unusual swordsmanship style that relies on the full control of their breathing to enhance their speed, strength, reaction time, and concentration to superhuman levels.

Once a Demon Slayer has mastery over both their blade and body, they unlock the capacity to strike at their foes by mimicking the forces of nature themselves. Their way of fighting transforms from mere swordplay to spectacles where a warrior appears to wield webs of lightning, hurricane-force winds, or even swarms of insects against demons.

The Breathing Style you use in battle is influenced by factors such as your skill level, physique, mobility, and combat doctrine. Your personality also plays a key part in whether you’re, say, a free-flowing Water Breathing user or a primal Beast Breathing combatant.

Are you skilled enough to protect Japan from Muzan and his minions? Which Demon Slayer Breathing Style do you have? Find out with our quiz. Enjoy!

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Demon Slayer Breathing Style Quiz


Your favourite Demon Slayer character is…

As a child, you enjoyed…

Which of these sleeping habits do you have?

In battle, one’s movements should be

In a hunting party, you’re better off as the…

You’re hunting a demon in the woods. What’s your plan of action?

There’s a festival in the village. What’s your favourite attraction?

You’ve always wanted to try…

When you’re not fighting demons, you’re…

Your weapon style largely consists of…

How would you unwind after a day of demon slaying?

What’s a trait you want to develop further?

Which Demon Slayer Breathing Style Do You Have?
Your Breathing Style is Thunder Breathing!

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Wielders of this Breathing Style prefer sudden, overwhelming attacks that leave their opponents no time to counter-attack or even react. Users focus most of their power into their lower limbs, allowing them to reach unstoppable momentum and instantly close with enemies.
Your Breathing Style is Water Breathing!

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Attacks that flow into one another like a river, movements that mimic the waves and currents of the sea – Water Breathing is a flexible style that can be adapted for any situation. Users train to master their arm and body movements to improvise against the enemy’s every move.
Your Breathing Style is Wind Breathing!

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Wind Breathing users subject their opponents to a never-ending barrage of attacks. This offense-oriented style fixates on a rampant assault of slashes and strikes from several directions, with the swordsman resembling a tornado with their spins and twists.
Your Breathing Style is Insect Breathing!

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Users of this cerebral style are masters of delivering death from a thousand cuts. Invented by the Hashira, Shinobu Kucho, to compensate for her physical weakness, Insect Breathing instead focuses on wounding opponents with sharp cuts and slashes to poison them with special blades.
Your Breathing Style is Flame Breathing!

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Flame Breathing users concentrate all their power to demolish their opponents with each devastating strike. Their bladework can become so deadly that their attacks actually ignite targets with intense heat. Its destructive potential reflects a straightforward way of fighting.

About our Demon Slayer Breathing Style Personality Quiz

As an organization made out of mere mortals, the Demon Slayer Corps had to develop measures for its forces to defeat demons in pitched combat. As a result, one of the major components in a Demon Slayer’s arsenal is their particular style of swordsmanship or Breathing Style.

A Breathing Style combines a warrior’s technical mastery over their sword with a disciplined form of breathing that maximizes their physical and mental capacity to superhuman degrees.

The powers afforded by a user’s Breathing Style are often visualized as elemental forces; their movements can seem to be charged with electricity or propelled by monsoon winds, or their strikes can leave behind trails of lingering flame, fragrant petals, or the fog of early dawn. As a fascinating footnote, attacks imbued with a Breathing Style seem to have extended range when compared to regular melee.

The basis of all Breathing Style lies in mastering Total Concentration Breathing. Aspiring Demon Hunters learn a precise pattern of breathing in which they fully fill their lungs with oxygen in each breath.

For advanced warriors such as the Hashira, this discipline can be advanced by studying the Total Concentration: Constant technique, which elevates the benefits of Total Concentration Breathing to astronomical heights.

Tanjiro Kamado and the Water Breathing Style

When Tanjiro was first inducted as a trainee of the Demon Slayer Corps, he studied under the tutelage of the former Water Hashira, Sakonji Urokodaki. As a result, he also picked up his mentor’s Water Breathing Style. Naturally athletic, Tanjiro uses the adaptable form of Water Breathing to great effect throughout the series before proceeding to Sun Breathing.

Water Breathing is reputed to be the easiest style to learn. Alongside Beast Breathing, it currently possesses the second largest number of techniques with eleven forms and a host of modifications. Some of Tanjiro’s modified form versions include Second Form: Lateral Water Wheel, which has a horizontal spin; and Twisting Whirlpool: Flowing Water, a powerful whirling attack made by combining the Third and Sixth Forms.

FAQ Demon Slayer

Why did Zenitsu get a sparrow?

Each Demon Slayer owns a Kasugai Crow, a special crow that allows communication among the Corps’ members. These birds are able to speak and relay messages, and are often used to issue assignments to Demon Slayers on stand-by.

Upon becoming Demon Slayers, Zenitsu instead received a sparrow that he named Chuntaro. This was never explained in the setting, although culturally, sparrows are symbols of tranquillity and peace, which the Corps might have deliberately chosen to raise Zenitsu’s morale due to his chronic cowardice.

Why is Rengoku’s hair yellow?

The beloved Flame Hashira is notable for having striking yellow hair that resembles a roaring fire. Kyujuro himself explained that his whole family had such strange hair because one of their ancestors ate an unreasonably large number of tempura in their lifetimes. It is unknown if this anecdote actually tells the truth.

Tempura dishes are battered and deep-fried, and have a distinctly yellow color with a crunchy texture that resembles fire, and by extension, Rengoku’s hair.

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  1. Wow I actually got Insect breathing! This is pretty cool, I guess I get to murder Douma! (not really (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) )

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