Which Demon Slayer Hashira Are You?

In the pursuit to hunt demons, you will be distinguished by your valor.

We all have role models to aspire to. Some of them can be athletes or daredevils who train their physical form to be near-perfect specimens of the human body. Others exemplify themselves through their creative or intellectual magnificence, translating the richness of their thoughts into the arts, sciences or humanities.

And then we have the Hashira, whom young kids should totally emulate for their unparalleled skill in bringing wanton suffering and destruction to demonkind.

Being considered a Pillar of the Demon Slayer Corps means becoming fully attuned to your mind and body, and dispelling all fear against the strongest of humanity’s predators.

While a Hashira is renowned for their Breathing Style, this quiz will strictly evaluate which of the Pillars your personality resonates with the most.

Which Demon Slayer Hashira are you? Are you even worthy of bearing the title? Slice through our personality quiz now and find out!

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Demon Slayer Pillar Quiz


Your hatred for demons…

Your Nichirin Blade is the color of…

What do you want people to feel when you smile?

Which demon is at the top of your kill list?

What is the dominant emotion you feel in slaying a demon?

Which hair color do you prefer as a Hashira?

Who’s one character you want to bring back?

How would you describe your fighting style?

Which sight would be the most beautiful to behold?

What meal would you celebrate a successful mission with?

Which of these quirks best suits you?

What do you feel is the primary role of a Hashira?

If you had a choice to protect your own region, you’d pick…

Which moniker appeals to you the best?

Which part of the Demon Slayer training program would you oversee?

Which Demon Slayer Hashira Are You?
You are The Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku!

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As sure as flame burns bright, so too did Rengoku’s blood run hot. He did justice to his title as the Flame Hashira by being a lively, energetic and vigorous individual, whose strength in battle was only matched by the warmth of his companionship. Your sanguine qualities reflect his own personality, and it’s easy for people to feel protected and confident in your care.
You are The Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa!

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Sanemi is a bit out there, but as you can likely relate with, it takes a certain level of crazy to be insanely powerful. You do not shy away from fights – you seek them. Life finds its meaning in the battlefield. You disdain false pretenses and want to cut straight into the heart of the action, and you have a tolerance for pain that lets you take as much as you give.
You are The Water Hashira, Giyu Tomioka!

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You and Giyu share a propensity for being tranquil and ominous – thunderclouds that loom quietly in the distance, until they bring a merciless downpour of rain when they have to. Like him, you prefer being serious and pragmatic – emotion is little more than a liability in battle – and you’re far from letting a thing as petty as ego cloud your judgement.
You are The Insect Hashira, Shinobu Kocho!

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You resemble Shinobu’s outwardly gentle and easygoing nature… and inward ruthlessness, for what better place to hide thorns than below the blossoms in a garden? You can be quite cold and brutal, but only to those you feel deserve it. Shinobu is one of the most technically proficient Hashira, and you supplement your skills with a lethal mix of creativity and cunning.
You are The Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji!

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Mitsuri is kind and protective; as the Love Hashira, she is effusive in giving affection, even if she easily gets shy. Always one to see the good in people, she is also rather selective of who she lets inside her inner circle, but her immensely caring nature becomes readily apparent if she considers you a loved one.

About our Demon Slayer Hashira (Pillar) Personality Test

The Hashira (Pillars) of the Demon Slayer Corps represent an elite cadre of warriors who have proven themselves as veritable banes to all demonkind.

The process of being recognized as one of the Pillars is very stringent – to be a Hashira, you must either have a confirmed kill count of at least fifty demons, or permanently defeat one of the Twelve Kizuki – the special clade of powerful demons who have sworn fealty directly to Muzan, the Demon Lord.

Although it’s commonly said that Demon Slayers can reach the skill required to be a Hashira within two to five years, in practice, the process is far more difficult due to how dangerous the field may be. Many a promising hunter has met a grisly fate before they can even rack up the minimum of fifty kills, and plenty of other young heroes have fallen to the Kizuki.

Your results in this Demon Slayer Hashira personality quiz are designed to reflect those values and interests in your real-life character that closely remind us of one of the existing Hashira. We hope the results you get will be illuminating for you!

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