Which Demon Slayer Character Are You?

Day falls into night in early 20th century Japan, and demons haunt the countryside like a plague. If you’re wise, you would seek shelter, only coming outside at first light. But perhaps you weren’t meant to cower in the shadows. Maybe you could stand in the dark to keep the demons at bay.

For untold generations, the stalwart souls of the Demon Slayer Corps have stood guard in the night to protect Mankind from bloodthirsty, merciless creatures known as Demons. Skilled in battle and strategy, the members of the Corps train in Breathing Styles to enhance their swordsmanship with various elemental powers, allowing them to fight at par with Demons and permanently destroy them.

Yet it takes a formidable kind of person to pass the Final Selection and become a Demon Slayer. Many recruits simply die off, becoming fodder for the demons lurking in Fujikasane Mountain. If you have the will to survive, however, then perhaps you can walk out alive.

Do you truly think you have what it takes to be a Demon Slayer? Or when the sun sets, would you better off hiding in the corner, forever at the mercy of these supernatural predators? Which Demon Slayer character are you? Take our quiz to find out.

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Which Kimetsu No Yaiba Character Are You?


Do you find it easy to break into a smile?

Which activity are you the best at?

You come home to find a loved one has become a demon. You…

The Demon Slayer Corps found you worthy to be trained, mostly due to your…

During a sparring match, your partner messes up a lot. You…

Entering the Final Selection, you focus on…

As a Demon Slayer, choose the color of your Nichirin katana

What words would you engrave on the blade?

Which Breathing Style would you prefer in combat?

When not in battle, you usually look…

Your greatest weakness is…

For you, the most important goal would be to…

Which Demon Slayer Character Are You?
You are Tanjiro Kamado!

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Tanjiro is naturally empathetic and selfless, not hesitating to make sacrifices so that his family and loved ones can live well. He also possesses quite a strong heart, which can be seen in his dauntless work ethic and the courage he shows when facing enemies stronger than him.
You are Nezuko Kamado!

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As an elder sister to her little siblings, Nezuko could be seen as a kind, demure and responsible young lady. Becoming a demon hasn’t changed her caring and protective nature, either. Even the temptation of human blood has failed to make her feral thanks to her strong willpower.
You are Zenitsu Agatsuma!

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Zenitsu is usually full of fear and self-doubt, and yet even when he’s terrified, he won’t give up on serving the Corps and reaching his goals. He’s respectful and charming when he needs to be, and his dreams help erase his cowardice to keep him focused and motivated when things are rough.
You are Shinobu Kochou!

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Shinobu is outwardly easy-going, although her pleasantness is a clever mask. She’s quite perceptive and knows what makes people around her tick, making her quite shrewd and sharp. She’s good at teasing others effectively and manipulating them to get what she wants.
You are Giyuu Tomoika!

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Stoic but protective, Giyuu isn’t one to mess around. He prefers keeping to himself, even to the point of avoiding conversations, but he won’t tolerate having his loved ones harmed on his watch. He abides by his morals and expects people to do the same.

About our Demon Slayer Character Personality Quiz

Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) is a dramatic and moving series. Its cast of main characters has found millions of admirers across the world, thanks to their deep and realistic personalities and arcs, as well as their realistic depictions of grief, suffering, loss, determination and the will to survive.

Although the demons that plague the series are far stronger and more resilient than ordinary people, an exceptional breed of people has risen to stand against them. Cultivating a secret art called “Total Concentration Breathing” to harness their body’s innate power, these skilled guardians of humanity formed the Demon Slayer Corps, taking their vigil when the sun sets on Japan to ward off demons.

When demons attack Tanjiro’s family, turning his little sister Nezuko into a demon herself, the young lad sets out on a journey to become a Demon Slayer and find a cure to return Nezuko to human form. To proceed along this journey, however, will take Tanjiro to the heart of the demonic underworld.

Which Demon Slayer Breathing Style Is Right For Me?

Every Breathing Style builds upon Total Concentration Breathing to enhance a Demon Slayer’s swordsmanship and skill in combat. The techniques one performs as part of a Breathing Style resemble concepts in nature, from the flowing, shapeless slashes of Water Breathing to the direct, powerful strikes of Flame Breathing. The original Breathing Style took the form of Sun Breathing, which several generations of Demon Slayers have adapted to better suit their own styles. Your own Breathing Style can depend on your physical ability, as well as your approach in confronting and combatting enemies. If you prefer being straightforward and direct in life, you’ll like Flame or Thunder Breathing. For a little more subtlety and precision, you’d enjoy Mist and Wind Breathing. If you really enjoy improvisation and adaptability, go for Water Breathing. And if you’re cerebral and analytical, Flower or Insect Breathing could be your perfect match.

FAQ Kimetsu No Yaiba

Why can’t Nezuko talk?

People who are turned into demons often lose much of their human personality, memories, and intellect. Many become feral altogether, abandoning speech and acting like savage creatures in their thirst for blood. However, perhaps through her willpower, Nezuko remains conscious, and is still able to express herself to a degree.
No official explanation exists for why she no longer talks regularly, although there are some possible factors. Her skill at speaking could be atrophied due to having to restrain her urge to feed with a bamboo gag. During the rare times that she does speak, she also seems to stutter due to not having the need to speak often.

Why is Tanjiro’s sword black?

New Nichirin blades change color when they are first wielded by their owner, often reflecting their user’s Breathing Style. It remains a mystery as to why Tanjiro’s turned black, although it neatly links to his past, as charcoal is black, and he used to sell charcoal to provide for his family.
When inks of several colors are combined, they produce the color black. Likewise, Tanjiro later learns the Sun Breathing style, from which all other Breathing Styles are adapted.

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