Who Is Your Demon Slayer Boyfriend?

When you find yourself facing off against a pack of demons, who would you rather have standing at your side?

Chances are you wouldn’t want to be with some average, weak-willed chump who couldn’t even hold a sword properly or master a Breathing Style – you’d want a capable Demon Slayer to help you drive the demons back to whence they came.

But the show has plenty of (single) Demon Slayers who are boyfriend material. The only question is which of them suits you best.

You have to be honest about who you like, too – are you someone who cares about the guy’s combat style, his special fighting techniques, and his rank in the Demon Slayer Corps, or would you just pick him because he’s the cutest one in the group?

Who is your Demon Slayer boyfriend? Don’t hold your breath and hope for an answer – just take our personality quiz and find out!

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Demon Slayer Boyfriend Test


Your love language is…

In fiction, you usually fall for…

What is your ideal location for a first date?

Do you prefer guys who exhibit maturity or have a childish side?

Which quality do you hold as the most valuable?

What would both of you do during your free time?

Which Breathing Style do you find the coolest?

You’d like a boyfriend who can give you good…

Are you introverted or extroverted?

Do you prefer guys who are mysterious or open about their emotions?

Which of these foods do you crave when you’re stressed?

Which hair color do you like most for guys?

Would you kill your friend if they turned into a Demon?

What kind of business do you imagine running together?

Which of these counts as boyfriend bonus points?

Who Is Your Demon Slayer Boyfriend?
Your Boyfriend is Zenitsu Agatsuma!

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You can be sure of one thing when you’re with Zenitsu: he’ll try his damndest to woo you. He’s bloody cute when he tries to play the charming womanizer, but the guy will only really have eyes on you alone. Matching with Zenitsu suggests that you’d like a BF who’s personally formidable, but shows a cute and jumpy side when you’re together.
Your Boyfriend is Inosuke Hashibira!

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Out of all the Demon Slayers, Inosuke’s the one who’s most in touch with his wild side. He’s not afraid to get down and dirty to keep you safe. Matching with Inosuke implies that you prefer guys who are an open book and proudly display their thoughts and feelings. He’s also the type to quickly follow through on his whims, making him a constant source of spontaneous fun.
Your Boyfriend is Kyoujurou Rengoku!

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We miss him as much as you do. But let’s just pretend best boi is still with us for now. Matching with Kyojuro suggests that you’d like a BF who can also act as your mentor – someone on whom you can depend for good advice, on top of love and affection. He has near-endless reserves of cheer and enthusiasm to keep you motivated even in your worst days.
Your Boyfriend is Tanjirou Kamado!

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Nobody could beat Nezuko for the overall number one spot in Tanjirou’s heart, but as far as romantic chemistry goes, you’re the undisputed victor. Matching with him implies that you’d like a BF who can intuitively understand how you feel – and Tanjirou’s one amazing empath. He’s the type who will go to any length to keep you safe and happy, and he’s one humble and mature bloke on top of all of that.
Your Boyfriend is Tomioka Giyuu!

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Might you actually be the one to defrost this Ice Prince’s heart? Matching with Giyuu suggests that you’d like a BF who’s strong and enigmatic, and lets his actions speak louder than words when it comes to showing you affection. You might also like guys who are a bit strict and disciplined, and have a strong sense of morals.

About our Demon Slayer Boyfriend Personality Quiz

The Demon Slayer series could teach us quite a handful of lessons, such as to invest time into practicing a martial art for self-defense, or to not wander off by yourself into the woods at the dead of night. It also teaches fans that the Demon Slayer Corps is filled with handsome lads.

There’s plenty to like about Demon Slayers, so why not try to grab one as your boyfriend? All that time training to hunt and kill monsters several times stronger than your average human has made these guys pretty fit and capable, and they might even teach you a thing or two about finding your own Breathing Style or crafting a Nichirin Sword.

As tireless protectors who patrol around Japan – from its bustling city districts to its serene countryside – they probably also have a ton of places to take you on dates.

Who is your Demon Slayer Boyfriend? Have you taken the test yet, or do we have to send you back to go through the Final Selection on Mount Fujikasane a second time?


What does Kyojuro Rengoku’s name mean?

As befitting the Flame Hashira, the name “Rengoku” (煉獄) directly translates to “purgatory”, which is the fiery and desolate place that souls go to in the afterlife. The name reflects both his burning-hot personality and the dark nature of his family’s calling as Demon Slayers.

The first name “Kyojuro” itself is a tad more complicated. It is formed by the kanji for – cutely enough – “apricot” (杏), “longevity” (寿) and “son” (郎), with each character forming one syllable creating the name “Kyojuro.”

Why does Inosuke wear a pig’s head?

Inosuke’s already quite the zany character – prideful, hyperactive and a little out of touch with the civilized world. To top that all off, he’s frequently seen wearing a boar’s head over his own.

The reason for why Inosuke wears a pig’s head is actually quite touching: it belonged to his wild boar mother who raised him as part of her pack when Inosuke’s mother was killed by a demon. The young Demon Slayer wears the head as a symbol of honor and pride of his upbringing.

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