Which Jujutsu Kaisen Character Are You?

Are you brave enough to withstand curses, demonic possession, and vengeful spirits?

If you think that belief in the occult and supernatural no longer has a place in modern-day Japan, you’re sorely mistaken. And likely dead. Thanks to bullies at school, economic troubles, tensions among family members, and the nation’s own cutthroat corporate culture, people continuously give off negative energies, thus creating all sorts of curses and demons.

These spirits can kill in a variety of gruesome ways – each deserving their own horror film – and are completely invisible to most humans. The few who can see these cursed spirits are Japan’s last hope at protecting humanity from these unseen terrors. Many of them are scouted to study at secret academies to become jujutsu sorcerers.

At these schools, classes could have as few as three students. When you’re fighting otherworldly beings, not everybody makes it out alive.
Which Jujutsu Kaisen character are you? Take our talisman-protected quiz and find out!

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What JJK Character Are You?


Which snack would you take on a long mission?

What stresses you out the most?

It’s your day off from jujutsu work! You spend it by…

Which cursed equipment are you adding to your kit?

Aside from your jujutsu, what is your special skill?

Which facial expression do you usually have?

Choose your favourite cursed technique

Your primary goal is to…

Which hair color would you like to have?

Who among these side characters do you like most?

Do you prefer working alone or in a team?

Would you try to save lives while fighting a Special-Grade?

Which Jujutsu Kaisen Character Are You?
You are Satoru Gojo!

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With confidence in spades and the skills to back it up, Satoru is one formidable sorcerer. This zany mentor can be teasing and playful even in the heat of combat, but very few things can stand up to him when he gets serious.
You are Yuji Itadori!

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A youthful and hot-blooded trainee sorcerer, Itadori dared to fight cursed spirits even before merging with Sukuna. He’s quite energetic and vibrant, valuing everyone’s life to the fullest. He’s always willing to make sacrifices to save other people.
You are Megumi Fushiguro!

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Megumi maintains a stoic and impassive attitude for most occasions, analysing and finding solutions while his teammates are panicking like mad. He secretly holds strong, noble ideals about treating innocent people fairly, but is otherwise too secretive to tell anyone.
You are Nobara Kugisaki!

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Self-assured and strong-willed, Nobara isn’t one to ever let go of her ideals or convictions. She can be outspoken, sometimes to the point of abrasiveness. She takes her duties seriously and doesn’t shy away from taking charge when things turn chaotic.

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About our Jujutsu Kaisen Character Personality Quiz

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of anime’s latest hits in the supernatural action genre. It explores the concept of people naturally releasing Cursed Energy from their own negative emotions. When enough of this Cursed Energy is released, it spawns horrific, demon-like beings called Curses that actively seek to attack humanity.

Naturally, places that harbour a lot of negative emotions – such as hospitals, morgues, prisons, universities or graveyards – end up becoming hotbeds for all sorts of creepy and dangerous Curses. Additionally, just from the fact that urban centers have way more people to give off Cursed Energy, cities can harbour some of the strongest and most hostile Curses out there.

To protect humanity from these troubling spirits and prevent more from being released, a secretive organization of jujutsu sorcerers constantly patrol Japan. These individuals are able to control and harness their Cursed Energy into a variety of deadly techniques that can hurt or destroy other Curses.

The plot is based around a freakishly strong teenager, Yuji Itadori, who winds up as a student of Tokyo Jujutsu High – a clandestine school for training new jujutsu sorcerers – after swallowing a cursed finger once possessed by the King of Curses, Ryomen Sukuna.

What is Domain Expansion?

Domain Expansion is among the most devastating abilities that can be wielded by Curses or jujutsu users. It acts like an upgraded version of a barrier technique that traps the user and their enemies within a pocket dimension formed from the user’s own mind.

This ability throttles the power level of the user’s jujutsu to staggering new levels, and any attack they throw is virtually guaranteed to connect. The drawback is that Domain Expansion requires vast amounts of Cursed Energy to properly manifest, and thus, only a handful of sorcerers and Curses are capable of it.

Other users can activate their Domain Expansion while currently inside an enemy’s Domain. The user with more control and mastery wins by overpowering the other user, bringing them to their own Domain. Sometimes, it also causes a tear through which sorcerers can exit a Domain.


Why does Inumaki cover his mouth?

Toge is a member of the respected Inumaki family of sorcerers. He inherited the family technique of Cursed Speech, manifesting as a snake-like seal on his tongue and cheeks. Cursed Speech allows him to force people and Curses to follow his commands. His commands can range from harmless – like Don’t Move or Sleep – to downright deadly – like Blast Away or Get Crushed.

Due to Cursed Speech being always active, Toge has to exercise caution when he speaks, and has resorted to using random rice ball ingredients to express simple ideas – Salmon for yes, or Bonito Flakes for no.

How do curses in Jujutsu Kaisen work?

Curses form from the miasma of negative energy generated by humans. They can use their energy to harm humans or “attack” them with claws, fangs, or other body parts. Many Curses are capable of regenerating bodily damage and working together in packs, although not all of them can be considered intelligent. In modern Japan, Curses kill or abduct roughly 10,000 people yearly.

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