Who Is Your Jujutsu Kaisen Boyfriend?

What’s that? You want to date a Jujutsu sorcerer? You are aware that there’s a lot of dangerous Curses trying to kill these guys every day, right? Would you really risk your life to grab somebody like Gojo, Yuji, or Fushiguro as your boyfie?

Well, it was nice knowing you. But, to be fair, there is no shortage of hot characters over at Jujutsu High. They’re some of the most badass heroes to make their mark in the shonen genre this decade – and it’s not hard to realize you’re competing with a ton of other fans who are smitten by them.

If you happen to dig everything paranormal, there’s no better person to have as your date as one of these fearless sorcerers-in-training. Are you the type who dreams of going on a daredevil date inside an abandoned hospital? Do you find the eerie sound of shrine bells to perfectly set up the romantic mood? Then the Jujutsu life is for you!

Who is your Jujutsu Kaisen boyfriend? Tap into your own Cursed Energy and take our personality quiz to find out!

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Jujutsu Kaisen Boyfriend Quiz


Which is the hottest body type?

Do you prefer openness or mystery?

What hair style works best for men?

What is your favourite hair color for guys?

Which of these qualities do you value the most?

Which of these is your go-to activity for your first date together?

What’s the best part about being a Jujutsu sorcerer?

Which villain do you hate most?

In fiction, you usually fall for…

Do you prefer guys who act childish or mature?

What is your favourite Cursed Technique in the series?

What kind of girlfriend do you act like?

What is your love language?

Who would be your best female friend or sidekick?

Which business would you dream of starting together?

Who Is Your Jujutsu Kaisen Boyfriend?
Your Boyfriend is Megumi Fushiguro!

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Good luck cracking this guy’s tough and stoic exterior; Megumi just isn’t somebody who readily warms up to people, much less reveal anything about himself to give you an idea about what he likes. (Hint: He seems to prefer logical and mature-thinking people.) But if the guy himself comes around to liking you, prepare to receive the most hot-cold tsundere treatment of your life.
Your Boyfriend is Yuji Itadori!

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Good ol’ Yuji – a dashing and upbeat young lad who has never shied away from danger… and if you play your cards correctly, he won’t shy away from your advances, either. He’ll warm up to you as long as you’re fair to people and have a drive to experience life to the fullest. If you’re looking for someone who’ll happily share in all your fun but weird quirks, Yuji’s that guy.
Your Boyfriend is Satoru Gojo!

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From the back of our minds, we knew you’ve had your eyes on Gojo-sensei throughout this whole quiz. This dude is simply fantastic… but do you really think he’ll see you as anything other than his student or kouhai? Supposing you do get together… you better be good at handling his teasing side. (Pro tip: if the extras are telling the truth, he likes girls who are nice and have notable bangs)
Your Boyfriend is Aoi Todo!

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As Fushiguro and Yuji can attest, Todo is very picky when it comes to his companions. Far from being a muscular meathead, he is a true man of culture who hates being bored more than anything, and has little patience for those he considers dull. On the flip side, if you two have any chemistry between you, he’ll literally conjure up lovey-dovey scenarios of you two in his head and treasure you with his life. The glorious hunk we know and love as Todo might just be your… BESTO… BOYFRIENDO!
Your Boyfriend is Toge Inumaki!

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Tuna tuna tsunamayo bonito, mentaiko shake. Okaka tuna ikura tuna takana. Sujiko, ikura tuna bonito shake mayo tuna – tuna tsunamayo Toge Inumaki tuna shake. (Translated from Cursed Speech: For you, it doesn’t matter one bit that the only sweet nothings Inumaki can whisper into your ear are the ingredients for a rice ball. Actions speak louder than words, anyway. And Inumaki, quiet but observant, is among the cutest and most caring guys out there.)

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About our Jujutsu Kaisen Boyfriend Personality Test

It’s no small miracle how a bunch of young adults in Jujutsu Kaisen can bear the constant psychological terror of confronting Cursed Spirits all the time. Jujutsu sorcerers-in-training just seem to be made of sterner stuff than your average high-schooler or college student.

This combination of fearlessness in the face of threats like Mahito or the Cursed Finger Bearer, their skill in martial arts and Cursed Techniques, and ability to look like sheer badasses is enough to turn any casual viewer into a serial fan.

Naturally, badass male characters attract fans like Curses to one of Sukuna’s severed fingers, and if you’re among the thousands of viewers who seem to fall in love with fictional hotties, then this personality quiz is for you. Which Jujutsu Kaisen character would be most compatible as your boyfriend? We hope you’re matched with your favourite!


Why is Maki Zenin only a Grade 4 Sorcerer?

Grades are assigned to sorcerers based on their skill level, particularly in using Cursed Techniques and handling close-quarters combat. 
Despite her adept martial prowess and her reputation as the best user of Cursed Tools in her school, Maki Zenin has spent much of the series in Grade 4 – a tier for weak sorcerers, while other characters like Megumi, Todo and Nobara are in higher Grades.

Chapter 42 of the manga reveals that the reason for this is simply due to animosity from the rest of the Zenin Family, who have held back her promotion due to the belief that she has no potential as a sorcerer.

Why does Gojo cover his eyes?

Kakashi-surrogate Gojo Satoru makes it a point to conceal his eyes with a blindfold or dark shades at all times, only revealing them rarely at some of the pitched battles in the anime’s first season.

Gojo covers his eyes to conserve his energy, as his inherited Cursed Technique – Six Eyes – would otherwise tire him out all the time. Six Eyes is essentially an ultra-heightened sense of sight that lets Gojo observe every little ebb and flow of cursed energy. By covering them, he avoids sensory overload. Blindfolds or shades don’t seem to stop him from sensing things as if he had normal sight, either.

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