Which JoJo Villain Are You?

To be able to face off against one of the Joestars as a worthy adversary, you’ll need to be quite formidable in both your powers and personality.

Evil exists in an endless variety of forms in the Jojo universe – from megalomaniacal vampires to your average, middle-class employee who just wants to live a boring but peaceful life. As such, you’re free to choose from plenty of options in becoming the perfect villain against people like Giornio, Joseph or Jotaro – just as long as you remember to be fabulous while doing so.

The best villains do a little soul-searching before they go on their mad quests for power, or vengeance, or other, more twisted desires. That’s why you might enjoy taking this Jojo villain personality quiz – to help you understand how you can become a truly S-class antagonist instead of a nameless mook killed off in the span of an episode.

Could you be the one to destroy the Joestars’ powerful bloodline once and for all? Which Jojo villain are you? Come a little closer, beat the crap out of this quiz, and find out!

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Which JJBA Antogonist Are You?


How do you view humanity?

Describe your villainous outfit

Which Joestar will you eventually battle with?

Do you use minions to carry out your evil schemes?

You’ve finally manifested your Stand! It’s…

What does your villain theme sound like?

Share a part of your daily routine

In which time period do you want to live?

Would you like to rule the world?

What’s something mundane that you could use as a deadly weapon?

Which of these would you rather have?

How should you kill a Joestar?

Which Jojo Villain Are You?
You are Dio Brando!

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Domineering and heartless, DIO is defined by his overwhelming ambition – which led him to seek power and immortality through becoming a vampire and a Stand user. For DIO, only the strongest wills have a right to succeed in our cruel and unfair world.
You are Yoshikage Kira!

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The greatest joy for someone like Kira is in living an undisturbed life – in sleeping on time, in eating and exercising healthily, staying in the background, and occasionally indulging his murderous urges. Indeed, like many introverts, he is prone to acting on flashes of inspiration from time to time.
You are Kars!

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Coming from a race of vastly powerful and near-immortal beings, Kars cultivates an air of natural superiority. He is stern and patient, preferring to think in the long-term while staying calm during stressful scenarios, although this coldness only hides his enjoyment for watching humans panic and suffer.
You are Diavolo!

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Diavolo despises the past – considering it as full of regrets and failures, and a burden limiting people from growing in their lives. Just like his enigmatic gang, Passione, he values his secrecy highly. For him, it’s best to keep a low profile, work through others, and destroy anyone unfairly invading his privacy.

About our JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Villain Personality Quiz

Where would the Jojo series be without its unforgettable cast of villains to keep the Joestars awake at night? Indeed, people like Jotaro, Giorno and Josuke need suitably powerful and nefarious enemies to truly shine as heroes – although, for many fans, it’s usually the case that JJBA’s villains outshine the actual protagonists in more ways than one.

The Jojo franchise is iconic for many things – and villains like Dio, Kars, Enrico Pucci and Kira all contribute to this reputation with idiosyncratic elements such as their quotes, music, and fashion. For many new weebs, blurting out Dio’s lines can be a call to attract fellow anime fans. And who could resist rocking a dominant pose once someone plays the Pillar Men’s theme, Awaken?

Although their goals may be dubious at best, and downright genocidal or insane at worst, the villains of JJBA all earn points from fans thanks to their ability to combine flair and style with a formidable will to resist the Joestars and change the world for their own ends. After all, it takes quite a load of guts – literally or figuratively - to do things like become a vampire or repopulate your dying race.

The Villains of Jojo

No Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure instalment is complete without a capable and dedicated antagonist lurking in the shadows.

By far, the most iconic enemy to the Joestars is the megalomanical Dio Brando – who later christened himself as simply ‘DIO.’ Starring in Phantom Blood and Stardust Crusaders, he used his vampiric strength and time-stopping Stand to cow almost everyone he meets into submission.

Following Dio were the Pillar Men from Battle Tendency, a race of well-oiled, muscular beings led by the cold-blooded Kars. The similarly calm and composed serial killer, Yoshikage Kira, followed suit in the 4th instalment – Diamond is Unbreakable. Both Kars and Kira saw their music themes, quotes, fashion, and poses reach memetic status.

The shut-in, Diavolo, headlined as the lead villain of Vento Aureo. He will be followed in the anime series by Enrico Pucci for Stone Ocean, and Funny Valentine for Steel Ball Run.

FAQ JoJo Antagonists

Can Kars use Hamon?

Being one of the Pillar Men, Kars was actually quite vulnerable to the power of the Hamon or Ripple. That is, until he became the Ultimate Life Form – by absorbing the essences of all living things, including Hamon users, Kars could harness the Hamon at levels hundreds of times stronger than even Joseph’s.

His Ripple powers could disintegrate living tissue with a simple touch, and even caused a volcanic eruption when combined with the Red Stone.

Why is Kira obsessed with hands?

Leonardo da Vinci ultimately sowed the seeds for turning Yoshikage Kira into the greatest menace in Morioh. That’s because Kira happened to see the Mona Lisa’s hands as a wee child, and developed an erotic complex that soon expanded to a love of “beautiful” in general. It is also apparent that Kira is no longer interested in other people; his obsession is limited only to romancing hands, and he would gladly kill to take only his favourite body parts with him.

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