JoJo Stand Test: What Stand Do You Have?

I can sense your menacing aura from here. How odd. To see someone as unintimidating as you having a Stand is laughable, to say the least, but perhaps you will put up a good fight.

Uh… what? You don’t know your own Stand? Are you seriously incompetent? Or are you one of those beings who can live in this world without a working brain? A Stand is such a fantastically powerful weapon. All beings who are blessed enough to have one should do their best to learn its power and become its master.

I expected you to be a worthy opponent, but I regret having to say that our match should be postponed for now. It’s unethical to fight toddlers; by the same logic, you should learn your own Stand before facing me.

Your next move will be to read on, which is great. You’re doing fantastic. I prepared a few questions for you below. If you answer them truthfully, we can properly identify the nature and strength of your Stand. Use such information wisely, and perhaps someday, we shall finally have our fight.

What Stand do you have? Discover your hidden power by taking this test. Enjoy!

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What's Your Stand?


What kind of pastime gives you inner peace?

Which snack do you enjoy most?

Are you willing to solve problems with violence?

You run into a crook who wants to fight you. You…

Which battle cry would you prefer?

Pick your preferred color

Are you good with animals?

Which Stand parameter is the most important?

In combat, do you prefer close or long range?

What does your default expression look like?

If you had a time machine, which period would you visit?

Your favourite catchphrase is…

Jojo Stand Test: What Stand Do You Have?
Your Stand is Star Platinum!

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A truly iconic Stand. Star Platinum manifests as a menacing purple man. Although devastating in power and speed, it simply can’t beat the shit out of its enemies without getting close. Much like its user, Jotaro, it often maintains a stern, sour face.
Your Stand is The World!

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The World is the megalomaniac’s Stand of choice. Its best-known ability is stopping time for everything but its user. Combined with super strength and speed, it leaves you plenty of time to play pastry chef and turn your enemies into donuts.
Your Stand is Crazy Diamond!

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Like many close-range Stands, Crazy Diamond is skilled in committing physical violence. What sets it apart, however, is its uncanny ability to repair objects through a gentle caress. It reflects its user, Josuke, who is brutal to his foes and tender to friends and loved ones.
Your Stand is Gold Experience!

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To wield Gold Experience is like having the Midas touch, only instead of gold, you can turn objects into plants or animals and change the tide of combat in creative ways. Giorno, the Stand user, can also wield life energy to detect living things and rapidly age organisms.

About our JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stand Personality Quiz

The Jojo franchise is an epic thrill ride across different locales and time periods. You can tag along with the bois as they stir up trouble in Egypt in the nineties, or go on a Gothic-style adventure to Britain in the Victorian period. By the time of its third instalment, Stardust Crusaders, the series also introduces the concept of “Stands,” powerful, supernatural abilities that are unperceivable to regular people.

Stands come in many shapes and forms, and while this means that the world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure will always be fraught with danger, as Stand users with cruel and sadistic streaks can lurk in the least menacing of places, it also means that the series always has new, exciting battles and scenes in store.

Many Stands resemble their users, both by taking roughly humanoid forms and reflecting their users’ personalities or backgrounds. Polnareff, one of Jotaro’s companions, is a braggadocious yet gallant Frenchman. His Stand, Silver Chariot, seems to be inspired by French martial arts, being clad in a strong suit of steel armor and unrivalled in swordsmanship with a rapier.

Why are they called Stands?

For such powerful abilities, it can be considered rather odd that they are called Stands. Nobody in the series has explicitly given an origin for such a name, although some characters have shared various interpretations of the term. Jotaro in Part 3, for example, says that they’re called Stands because humanoid Stands typically appear beside their user, “standing” ready to act.

Not everybody calls them Stands in the series, so the term isn’t universally known. One of the most common fan theories suggests that a particular Stand user long ago happened to come up with the name and mentioned it to another user until the name caught on.

Hirohiko Araki drew on a variety of influences in making Stands, from telekinesis and stories of psychic powers, to the concept of ancestral spirits and demons in Japanese folklore. These influences likely contributed to the nature of humanoid Stands manifesting beside their users, and in turn to their name.


Why is Josuke so conscious about his hair?

The main man of Part 4 is rather protective of his hairstyle. He gets especially upset when someone tries to insult it, or worse, ruin it.
As a young child, Josuke fell ill due to the effect of DIO’s presence in the world, and his mom decided to take him to the hospital. On the way, however, their car became stuck in a snowstorm. It was only due to the help of a stranger with the same odd hairstyle that Josuke and his mom made it safely to the hospital. Josuke actually adopted this hairstyle to pay homage to his childhood savior.

What does Jotaro do for a living?

After finishing his dangerous adventure in Stardust Crusaders, Jotaro decided to pursue his interests outside of violence and fulfil his goal of becoming a marine biologist to get closer to the sea. This is clearly evident in his cameos in the succeeding instalments, which has him done a white coat, much like a researcher. His quarters also show various sea-related memorabilia, like his collection of starfish.

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